Saturday May 26th, 2018

November Oldscout and update


Note: TheOldScout message board is currently down.  I have contacted the hosting company but have not received a reply but it looks like they are having problems.

I decided to take the weekend off from softball as I travelled back from the USSSA Convention.  So I will be catching up on texts, emails, and facebook messages if you have sent them.

Today I am working on a USSSA Hall of Fame article which will be up soon.  This week I will finish the remainder of the requested free agent pages and next week I will start posting interviews of the new Major and Major Watch List players.

Also this week or next week the USSSA automatic and NCC (National) bump list will be complete and that will be posted as well.

Also check out our advertisers black Friday and cyber Monday sales which will be posted periodically on the websites.

And thank you for your support, and have a great Thanksgiving!


One response to “November Oldscout and update”

  1. R. Everett says:

    Thanks very much DW for all you do! I wish you and your family a very happy thanksgiving too!

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