Sunday April 22nd, 2018
TEXT_SIZE is a new advertiser on SoftballCenter!


Check Out bats and gear! and their latest line of bats!

One and Two piece bats!

The highest performance softball bats on the planet!

5 responses to “ is a new advertiser on SoftballCenter!”

  1. RiderSoCal says:

    there only ASA bats..& they suck

    • C'mon guy says:

      Really? You can’t find anyone out there who will honestly say they suck. Are they the best out there, nope. Do they have a Utrip bat coming out, yup. You sound like one of those guys that came around with their hands out looking for freebies and got sent away empty handed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who are the guys on the ad banner?

    • C'mon guy says:

      Just that, anonymous! Now next year for their ASA Super team, their will be plenty of guys that everyone will recognize.

  3. Indiana Guy says:

    That’s Ryan Dacko and John Eshleman I think…

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