Tuesday June 19th, 2018

Major World Series countdown – #8 R&M Metals/Troupe

#8 R&M Metals/Troupe/Pipac/S&R/Easton

Waterloo, Iowa

R&M has played a lot of ball on the big fields, most recently forcing an "if" game in the championship of the Conference finals.  They are 14-7 on the year on baseball fields, averaging just 16.4 runs per game and allowing 17.3.  So as you can see, when they lose on baseball fields they lose big.  They are 4-4 against the Major division and 5-3 vs the 'A' division on the big fields which means they can go deep into the winner's or loser's bracket at the World Series.
R&M is led by power hitter Keith Anderson, leadoff man Joe Gordon, the consistent linedrive hitting of two hitter Kyle Yerkes, and their late season pitching addition Brendt Newbill.  They have a great center fielder in Brandon DIllon and a makeshift infield of free agent pickups that get the job done without a lot of flash.  They also have Reggie Schulte who burst onto the softball scene back in 2010 when he was picked up by FBI at the major and put on a homerun hitting show.
Outlook: R&M is about average on stadium power but they make up for this with chemistry and the R&M team is working on a tradition of always playing better as the season goes on.  Look for them to be the favorite against Combat in their 8/9 seed opener on Thursday morning and should play 7 innings against Resmondo who they have yet to beat on the baseball fields (lost 10-18).

Player's to watch


Keith Anderson

CF Brandon Dillon and pitcher Brendt Newbill


Leadoff and 3B Joe Gordon

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