Friday June 22nd, 2018

Major World Series countdown – #5 Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite

#5 Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite

McKenzie, Tennesse

Shoppe has had an interesting year.  They have had four runner up finishes and some memorable games against the top teams.  They are 8-9 on baseball fields, 2-5 vs major teams, and 4-2 vs 'A' teams.  Shoppe averages an impressive 22.6 runs per game on baseball fields and only gives up 17.8.  Good numbers.
Shoppe is led by their power hitter Tim Cocco who led the league in home runs and rbi and set a conference record for home runs in a season.  They also have leadoff man Lee Powers who flirted with the .800 onbase mark and two hitter Eric Thompson who is one of the best base hitters in the game.  At times their defense can be the best in softball for a given stretch of games with middle man Tony Mack turning DP's and center fielder Kyle Cowart running down balls, Shoppe can beat anyone.  Unfortunately they lost Robert Blackburn to injury mid season. 
Outlook: Shoppe earned a nice spot in the bracket and has as good a chance of any of the 4 teams in their quarter of the bracket to come out of it.  Shoppe should be there on Sunday or late Saturday night for a top 5 finish.

Player's to watch


Chente and Tmack make for a tough infield

Lead off hitter Lee Powers

Can Tim Cocco win his 3rd? straight Major Home Run Derby championship?

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