Sunday May 27th, 2018

Major World Series countdown – #4 Demarini/Dirty/3n2/ATWLDesigns

#4 Demarini/Dirty/3n2/ATWLDesigns

Orlando, Florida

Dirty as they are known, had a great season.  Back in May they were ranked #1 in the computer rankings and they won 3 Conference tournaments (all on 300 foot fields).  They were 4-6 on the baseball fields, 2-3 vs the major division, and 1-3 vs 'A'.  They averaged 18.7 runs per game while giving up 20.5 on the big fields.  Late season injuries hurt Dirty as they dropped to 4th in the points.
Demarini/Dirty is led by their second baseman Adam Rockoff who's consistent linedrive hitting and power has been contagious on this team which features young athletic players all from Florida who burst on the scene this season.  Players to watch are SS Steve Loyd, center fielder Nick Santana, and outfielder Andrew Collins who is coming back from a hand injury.   
Outlook: Dirty opens with Taylormade.  The teams are similar in their youthful exuberance and it should be a good one to open the Major at 5:30 PM on Wednesday.  Dirty needs to stay within themselves, adapt to the conditions (whatever those are), and hustle every play.  Take nothing for grant it.  Remember about 40% of the players that played in the Conference last year, did not play in the Conference this year. 

Player's to watch

2B Adam Rockoff


SS Steve Loyd


CF Nick Santana

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