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John Glidewell tribute page

John Glidewell passed away in his sleep early on the morning of December 7th, 2011.

I did not know John well but he did take the time to email me this past April (2010) and express how much he enjoyed this website.   In 2010, John had one of the best seasons a player could have offensively and defensively as he led Fence Broker's (a 'B' team) to a 5th place finish in the national rankings.    He definitely could have been in the discussion for Conference player of the year in 2010. 

John had a long career including stints with Resmondo, Combat, Dan Smith, and many of the top Arkansas teams like FBI, Arkansas Reebok, and Team Arkansas among others.   John was one of the greatest softball players of all time and had planned on playing for GTL in 2011.  

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Posted by Daniel Glidewell on December 7, 2010, 7:08 pm

To all you guys that got to share the field with John I appreciate the kind words.   I am Johns first cousin, but to be honest we were brothers, we basically lived together all thru school growing up.   He was by far the kindest, gentlest soul anyone would ever meet.   This is the hardest day of my life, no one wants to lose their best friend but I know that he lived his life to the fullest, the only way he knew how.   He will be GREATLY missed and I will have a hole in my heart for the rest of my life, I love you John, you are who we all should strive to be like.   God Speed my brother!

Daniel Glidewell 

Who was Johnny the Glide..If you knew him you should read this
Posted by Mike Lowrey on December 7, 2010, 1:05 pm

If you didn't know him you missed out.   John was one of my best friends and it had nothing to do with softball, as a matter of fact that probably detered our friendship during the 7 years when he did nothing but want me to hit with him everyday.   My dad played in the NFL and shot free throws granny style, John used to make fun of him when we were kids and I used to get mad at him.   His dad and mine had played softball together since before we were born so I guess our ties began there.

G once told me he was Boris Beckers cousin and we still laugh about it all the time.   G's laughing in heaven right now I guarantee. Everybody says heaven got a good one, I can tell u they did and there is no doubt in my mind, G wasn't perfect but he loved Jesus and strived to to live the best he could as well as anyone I know, he is in a better place.   You won't meet someone who cares for his friends like johnny G, always sorry for askin for anything or sorry even though he didn't do anything wrong.   The one thing he was guilty of was being to nice to people, time after time, I would tell John not to help someone or do something because someone didn't deserve his help, but he never listened to me.   He wasn't made that way, he couldn't say no because God put him here to serve people and that is what he did.

As far as softball goes he was one of if not the best I've ever seen and those of you who played with him know that.   What set him apart was consistency "Being a big time softballer didn't change G" he would still sit down or befriend anyone he saw at the park whether you were 6'5" 250, or in a wheel chair.   There is a young man named Andy who is in a wheelchair here in Arkansas who loves softball and loved Johnny.   What Andy didn't know is that G talked as much about Andy as Andy asked me about where Dan Smith is playing, or how Johnny's hittin or whatever.   Glide never looked at himself above anyone in any aspect of life, you were equals no matter what.

My wife just shot me some pics of Johnny and my little girl(Riley) from when she was little, he was there the day she was born.   He called her Riley Farms after a nearby subdivision in Fort Smith, and he always thought that was funny, so did she.   She also just sent me a text, she asked my daughter who are daddy's best friends…Brent and John, she said..I guess she's trying to make me cry.   No she's just loved G too.

Johnny thought Larry the cable guy was the funniest person alive, he said "I don't care who you are, that right there's funny" for about 5 years straight.   If you had the fortune of playing with john you were blessed to have a great teammate.   Calm cool and collected off the field and usually on it until he got mad, most guys outside serious softball never saw him mad.   One time when I was young and firey, 1997 I was on 2nd against Hooters in KC NIT and Johnny tried to base hit instead of bombing and popped up, so I went nuts on him and he snapped, Lowrey shut expletative up etc etc or I'll whoop ur "A" guess he forgot about all the stuff he said before that, he said "A" a lot to keep from cussing, I always found it funny…it was just a part of Johnny.

I thought for a second I'd drop a few names of guys both far and near that G talked of cause if I knew what he said about me it would be special to me.

He always talked highly of all his teammates that's how G was, I honestly never heard him talk bad about one of them even when I knew he might not like them a lot and I was telling him I couldn't stand them.   Just so you know he defended all of you even if you didn't like him.   If you don't like me I guarantee you he defended you, cause I probably talked to him about you.

Dennis Chumley – never a bad word, you were the greatest to him and helped him through some tough times.

Paulie Shepard.   He thought you were one of the funniest guys on earth, lord the stories he told me before you and I got to know each other.

Bryson Baker – He always talked about you taking him in and being a friend when he was in a new situation.   He really liked you.

Helmer and Wallace – G would talk about a .400 D player being a great stick but he always said you 2 were 2 of the best.

RJ, Kelly, Demars, Hughes, Rusty, Brownie all you guys who played with him know who you are and where you stood.

Jim Bryan, Phil Cheshire and Big Al – Johnny loved you guys as coaches and sponsors and always said you were awesome.

Foster, Riggs, Prock, Willy, Dog, Lovell, Cory, Greg, Brown, O and all his local teamates (you all know who you are) all you guys were the most important to G.   Johnny loved all of you and we had conversations about everyone of you.

Billy Barret, Gator and all the Mountain top guys, he thought you guys were awesome and that was one of his favorite teams, all of u Ricky Rob, and Shaun too.

I can't name everyone cause he talked about you all but know he thought highly of you.

I sit here sick and kind of a basket case knowing I have lost a dear friend, wondering and confused a little.   I don't however believe in fate. Myself and John have been talking about playing together again since 1998 the year after the last time we both played together(other than league), after years of traveling big time.   Two years after I started Johnny retired, but in a twist John decided to play again as I went back to play with FBI, even though hurt so I could play with G. for the first time in 12 years, I got to play and travel with one of my best friends.   I coach HS football, I haven't seen G in a while because I've been so busy with ball.   It just so happened that we got beat out of the playoffs 2 weeks ago and last weekend me and G got to go to a game together and visit.   Also in Euless this year Paullie who hadn't seen G in some time got to sit with him and I at the park and shoot the bull. I don't believe these were coincidence.   The lord gave me some time with G before he left.

I know this, John Glidewell was a great human being who God, any parent, friend, loved one or anyone who knew would be proud of the way he lived and treated people.   I and many others will miss you G, I ask all of you to remember and pray for G's family and all of his friends, I will do the same with you.

Hit a bomb for me in Heaven Glide, and give a little "Meow" for good measure.

More Friends of G.
My wife said I needed to add some more and I agree.

Vince Bisbee – She said I don't even know who he is but John talked to about him all the time, that is a testiment in itself.

Tim Bowser-We talked more about you than you talked to G about how to hit, said your potential was endless.

Roland Pennington – Johnny loved you and thats all you need to know, he was always excited heading to tourneys this year because he was gonna get to see you.

Don D. Jr. – He thought you were a great player and always talked about what a great teammate you were.

Jason Bridges – Histarical

Ronnie Moore – you were one of Johns best friends and that is something to cherish

Hank Garris – you were right there with Wallace and Helmer in discussions of the hardest hitters in the game

Timmy Howard, Bob Hughes and Greg Guess – G always talked about you guys being 2 of the best outfielders he had played with

Eddie Rosado – When with Smith he always talked to us about how you were one of his favorite guys

Dennis Ruli – he talked about your ability as a player to no end, thought you were awesome.

As I said before if you have ever been a teamate of G he has spoke highly of you, yes everyone of you. He loved the game but loved the people he played it with more.

More Stories about G:
Has G ever held an "O" up below his waist and tried to get you to look at it, G thought that was the funniest crap ever.

Some of the Fort Smith Boys got together tonight to talk about G.   Brent Lovell talked about the first time he met G, when he started playing softball and came out to take BP with dooly, did, foster and some of us and went out to shag.   He ran out and stood in left field when G came up to hit.   He said he watched the first ten balls sail 150 ft over his head and promptly trotted out behind the fence realizing he was in the wrong spot.

We talked about G wanting to work on hitting the middle without a net, and how many times our lives have flashed before our eyes.   G would say his classic shoot before the ball even left his bat and start apologizing to you if he hit one to close.

Willie Cannon told of a time G made him move toward first so he could hit the gut before promptly blowing him up on the move.

Guess talked about a time at the major WS when G got rung up looking and turned couldn't think of what to say to the ump and pulled a stick of chapstick out of his pocket and threw it at him.

My favorites both involve hotel rooms one with brockman which I can't go into detail about and one when he was laying in bed, heard a wooosh sound over and over, opened his eyes to see it was 2 am.   When he looked up he saw that Pauly Shepard was standing between the beds taking full cuts over his body and head, when G asked what are you doing he said working on my swing..

Everyone has a story about G or something you remember him for, I would encourage you to cherish them.   I am sorry to rant about john but he was that important a friend to me and many of you.   I know many of you weren't around G on a regular basis and wanted you to know you were always on his mind.

Love You



I know John to be a very liked person that would take his time to show other player how to play the game.   I have played with John and have know him since 1997.   I had the opportunity to Coach John with FBI this past September in OKC.   He always spoke highly about his family and that he missed them when he was playing softball.   He will be missed by many and has touched the heart of everyone he has came in contact with.   My condolence go out to his family.
David Lewis
Coach of Wood LawMikensport

I came to know John over the years up at mercy fitness center.   I was good friends with Layne and Issac Smith, his step children.   John was one of those guys who always had a smile on his face and would put one on yours, if you didn't have one by the time you walked up to him, well you would by the time you left.   He would always stop his workouts and come play basketball if we were short on a player, just so he could allow us kids to have a game.   John was a hell of a guy and will greatly be missed and certainly not forgotten.   He impacted me and taught me just to go with the flow and always keep a positive attitude and don't let the small things get to you.

R.I.P. Big John-pour your blessings upon us all and keep us safe.


Spencer McCurdy


Rick Baker is given the 2011 John Glidewell sportsmanship award from Don Dedonatis Jr.

2001 Advance/Quick Roofing/Nike
Bottom row: John Glidewell, Jebbie King, Rob Gundry, Matt Arlett, Casey MacLeod, Frankie Kubenka, Terry Fowler.
Top Row: Paul Sheppard, Vince Bisbee, Dennis Chumley (sponsor), Matt ?, Kirk Swuam, Wade Casey and Jeff Quick (sponsor) 



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