like a good marketing idea. "These views are wrong, Filial shoe recycling converse pro star enterprise culture results are the product of the people's piety Hunter values fell." Ji-Wan said. Culture is not selling shoes Ji-Wan said is true. Since 2010, the face of the winter after the financial crisis, many companies at a loss to deal with the mess, Hunter has set off a vigorous learning, practicing traditional Chinese culture activities. The company from top to bottom, from the "filial piety" start promoting the "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust" to create a unique family culture Hunter.

In order to form a long-term mechanism, has also developed a "hunter shares practicing traditional Chinese culture Five-Year Plan" to develop plans for cultural development, but also created a precedent for private enterprise. Culture is not a castle in the air. The essence of traditional culture inspired goodness Hunter employees, companies up and down the formation of an unprecedented consensus identity and values. Data show that the annual Spring Festival Hou Hengda 5600 employees, Depot highest rate reached 99.3%, the minimum to 97%. Compared to the manufacturing sector recruitment difficulties, work hard to stay, Depot rates are generally less than 80% of the status quo, Hunter practicing traditional culture has created a steel team. Of course,

Hunter has not eased technological innovation, technological innovation, design innovation. Recently, Hunter Enterprise Technology Center has been recognized as the shoe industry's first "State Enterprise Technology Center", and became associated with Haier, Qingdao Hisense par Simmel's first "Shandong Province Industrial Design Center." Good material, good technology, good people do shoes. Hunter got the idea of consumer womens converse all star recognition and echoes. Business from the inside out, from production to market, embarked on a virtuous circle. 11 million people visit the sales 11,360,000 yuan Fashion Week series of exhibition opening three days significantly effective yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fashion Week Organizing Committee,