2013 The 13th China (Qingdao) International Fashion Week series of exhibition opening three days, live trading and visitors unprecedented popular, especially on Saturdays and Sundays visitors soared, participating merchants rewarding. According to incomplete statistics, three days cumulative audience of more than 110,000 participants, field sales reached 11.36 million yuan, 481 million yuan reached intent to purchase. The active participation of nike flyknit lunar 2 domestic and foreign buyers purchase negotiations to become the focus of the show's content Fashion Week series and achieved positive results. For three days, were held multinational procurement, e-commerce enterprise procurement, corporate special procurement negotiations Carrefour, Wal-Mart and wikis,

and other major malls Likelai Purchasing Procurement Fair Game 4. There are a total of 24 domestic and international buyers and focus on the city's intent to purchase more than 270 enterprises reached 80.77 million yuan, 16 million yuan signed the purchase contract. Wal-Mart, Carrefour, the world's top retailers participating contract negotiations, international buyers from Germany, Canada, Italy, Mexico and other 12 countries participating negotiate. Wiki and other local businesses by focusing attention to the exhibitors to participate in matchmaking business stream. During the meeting, participating merchants Qingdao famous brand highly. In late February, when the US state of Indiana Lucas Oil Stadium (Lucas Oil Stadium) organizes the annual NFL rookie

training camp (NFL Scouting Combine). More than 300 adidas running shoes major universities in the top football player in the shuttle 20 yards here, jump jump and other tests, the leader will have the opportunity to participate in the NFL draft, which is expected to enter the United States Football League career, has become the focus of much attention. NFL training camp by coach each team, manager, and a keen sense of smell scouts close attention, they do not want to miss every good seedling may become future stars. Nike experts arrived at the scene 25 players staring at his shoes. This is called "Vapor Laser Talon" shoes, craft unique, Nike shoe to abandon the traditional process, the use of 3D printing manufacturing, because it was possible to break out in a short time,