to create a help athletes in the grass on the field. "fly "up shoes. Almost all athletes quickly soles of the shoes are concerned about the foot, which means lighter, more to the force. This Tony Bignell (Tony Bignell) fully understood, he was vice president (Nike) Nike footwear innovation, 17 years ago, is a footwear designer. "Let the athletes run faster" is Bignell team is trying to do. To this end, Nike designers frequent contact athletes, athletics consulting experts and coaches, Nike has also been supported by the laboratory. Michael (Michael stores) Johnson (Michael Johnson) was swept with the Olympic Games men's 200 meters and nike free 3.0 400 meters race gold medals, as one of Nike's consulting coach, he told Bignell pointed out: "Hey, you can make a pair running shoes on the grass to make it as fast track shoes like it? "" He's a big shot, but track and field. "Bignell told the" Global (Global shop) entrepreneurs ", when Johnson made this suggestion

, from rookie training camp just seven months. In the usual shoe program, designers must first listen to the needs of athletes, then design, etc. After making out tests to try to give the players, if not achieve the desired (ideal store) effect, it means that all processes again . This process often makes people exhausted, Bignell said to produce an entirely consistent with the design concept of the shoes, you may want to try on hundreds or thousands of times. "Design, modeling, do shoes, it takes a long time to go, but we have too little time." Bignell recalls. Nike has thought of 3D printing technology used in model design, and product design and development stage designer help speed a lot, Bignell said: "! OK, we try to make shoes with new technology now," rookie in NFL training camp, 40 yard dash is the way scouts observe explosive rookie. For a 40-yard dash, the start of the most critical first three steps. Shoes not only to generate grip push

forward the athletes must also be just right to force. If the grip is too large, resulting in too much friction will reduce the starting speed; the grip is too small, it may slip soles. Nike, the key factors that could bring the right forces placed on the outsole of the shoe. Through high-speed camera, Nike athletes running the action decomposition observed traction, grip, and then analyze a lot of shoes, look for the relationship between performance and the sole until the athletes said:. "Ah, this really makes me run faster." that balance between friction and may fall found. 3D printing allows the production of Nike's design team nike free 4.0 to more frequent adjustments and improve the product. To make Vapor Laser Talon soles light to the extreme in order to run faster, designers