need between its light and sturdy find the critical point. They repeatedly tried to let the athletes shoe soles if too thick, thin it will try its system until it is worn thin athlete, Zaiwang Hui to make a little thick, several tests in order to find and can support both light enough best nike free run 2 quality athlete forces. Eventually, a Vapor Laser Talon shoe weighs only 5.6 ounces (158.7 grams), the equivalent of three egg weight, and it's all completed within seven months. Bignell think, when you need to try to do in order to be satisfied when hundreds of thousands of pairs of shoes, 3D printing is necessary. "This technique was perfect, it was soon to make any new ideas to test athletes." Bignell said. Cheers for the new material 3D printing also helps reduce errors shoemaking process.

In the traditional shoe law, need to go through graphic design, 3D modeling, mold making entities, as well as the process of making real shoes. From 2D to 3D, from the mold to every aspect of the physical, may lead to errors. "I believe that any one designer is immune to avoid errors, not only sports shoes, all products of the designers are faced with this situation." Beijing Olympic, director of research for the "Global Entrepreneur" said. Design and development of the past are two different modes of thinking, and now designers using 3D printing for the final results will improve ability

to control and reduce communication errors. Error also exists in the production of foam soles EV material, although this material as a wear layer to make contact with the ground has the sole cushioning, flexibility and other characteristics, but will be made after experiencing secondary foam soles EV process, leading to minor changes to the performance of the shoe. The traditional system of law essential to die, will give a lot of trouble making sports shoes. Designer shoes from the drawing to achieve out of the bottom and face were developed because the high cost of mold, a mold is usually the size of the shoes on 10000-100000 nike free run 3 yuan, a mold total cost several million dollars, even thousands of yuan . Currently designer wooden mold is commonly used in a resin sculpture. After carving out to do the uppers and wooden mold put together to be modified. This mold texture than real soles should be hard, not fully simulate the real effect of the soles and