uppers stitched in the production. 3D printing can solve this problem, it is able to print out soles and uppers time to achieve a product of a shape, reduce costs and improve efficiency. 3D printing has the advantage of a larger complex processes. Although the existing traditional footwear technology advanced, but still difficult to design programs to restore some particular shape and structure. For example, make a hole through nature, there is a bronze cast of fine wax applied using wax to make complex patterns, which are difficult to achieve in the traditional mold. Bignell said: "The high-precision 3D printing, and help us to try engineering design movement more difficult, more complex structures." 3D printing material costs at this stage is very high, not all materials

are suitable for 3D printing, such as cotton. 3D printing is the scientific name of "increasing material manufacturing" (material additive manufacturing), refers to a one-time agglomerating material molding manufacturing methods. In this process needs to continue to add materials to improve the performance of 3D printing, such as strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility key is not in the high-tech components, but in the material. Last June, a man named Lucci. nike roshe run Fusa Luo (Luc Fusaro) of young French designers to produce a print of a 3D short running shoes, running shoes section looks very beautiful, but also through a real test, but it is the material extremely hard, only for less than 400 meters sprint, and life is not long. American "Wiki weapon" had people with a free 3D printing firearms design, but a 3D print of AR-15 assault rifle was in the sixth when launching bullets broke in two. Laser into the (light into the store) shape technology

biggest problem is thermal stress. Materials when subjected to laser irradiation temperatures up to over 2000 degrees, remove the laser after dropping to below 200 degrees. Material withstand such a large temperature difference, there will be cracking or nike free 5.0 deformation. So not only is a 3D printing technology, it is also about the material. International top 3D printing materials up to one kilogram cost tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Shanghai New Workshop founder David Lee believes that if carefully deployment for 3D printing materials and traditional materials can get the same performance. 3D printing has been applied to titanium aircraft, the cost of a kilogram of hundreds of thousands, but compared to the traditional craft supplies, titanium