Zhang Dayu, are the backbone of the current Chinese basketball. This year's campers also no lack of talented rising star, noble and Yang Meng two National Youth Team teenager from Guangdong Hongyuan youth team because the its outstanding performance by the parties concerned. At the end of training after June 8, three players went together Tianhe Nike basketball park for small grassroots players for air jordan 6 guidance. Since then, they also visited the Grandview Plaza Guangzhou Nike brand experience stores and store experience three basketball autograph area. It is reported that, in line with the arrival of the London Olympics, so that more consumers to enjoy the fun of sports, Nike will continue to organize the summer sports season in the summer,

including a wide variety of colorful sports activities, covering basketball, football, running and other popular sports. At 8:00 on June 10, 2012 Lanzhou International Marathon start firing, consisting of more than 30,000 people in the crowd started running Dongfanghong time. As a partner of Islamabad, Jordan sports with a "dream ยท combustion across new" brand philosophy and experience a variety of carefully crafted activity again with many players at home and abroad gathered in Lanzhou, meet the wonderful events, sharing the spirit of the marathon with to the "new" smell. "Jordan Sports" phalanx: banner fluttering "Crossing new" Marathon Day, Lanzhou Dongfanghong held a grand style performances, performances by local people and teams

composed of enthusiastic college students to show the world as Maryland public spirit. Hundreds of people from Jordan sports phalanx demonstrated by the vitality and confidence beckons "self-challenge, across new" spirit of the brand, inspired all participants who insisted on not giving up, no end without stopping. Hold up the banner of the square is a symbol of Jordan sports and the common aspiration of Lanzhou air jordan 3 Marathon - called fitness, will run to everyone's life. The marathon is over the limit, a typical representative of the spirit beyond the self. Whether it is the award-winning athletes or contestants in the final run, as long as the stick is victory. Jordan Sports Co. brand Tao, head of marketing, said: "Jordan sports for years advocated the idea of ?