?a marathon across the nascent spirit of high hopes wonderful fit marathon can attract more people to participate, this is less than the end, never. abandon the spirit should let more people known to love life. "leap newborn sleep to wake up from the beginning of the next generation of Maryland today" from the "too early, bustling crowd, went Dongfanghong. Many of whom are lovely children, they are very excited to participate in this event. Jordan was a lovely child up stick firmly in hand, innocent bright smile is the best encouragement to Islamabad athletes. Span of life, from the nike mercurial vapor ix innocent child begins today Islamabad and Jordan to bring their best memories. "Jordan sports" interactive zone: Experience the joy of running track athletes sweat,

the same crowded outside the stadium. Among them, Jordan sports interactive display area, is attracting a large audience eager to participate. Reporters noted that in a live demonstration area, stocked with carefully prepared Jordan sports treadmill and running equipment, the people who cheer for the athletes, but also can come to the display area, put Jordan running equipment, a share sports fun. Such a carefully designed, naturally many people have been favored display area of ??crowds, it is universal Jordan sports body, looking for the best interpretation of the people involved.

"Jordan" Product: Sports Quality of life quality is reported that Jordan sports experience for all the people who offer to try on, Jordan sports light through the series in 2012 launched a new "popular" running shoes, nike hypervenom phantom the shoes with swaying bamboo design inspiration, light, through the two performance characteristics to the extreme, MonoMesh spun thin upper mesh surface, delicate process the weight of the shoe to a minimum, on the upper seamless process, effectively reducing the weight of running shoes so running exercise becomes more stretch more easily. Meanwhile in the