Olympic Games to create a platform to become the market leader in the UK regions. Hainer, Adidas Group also announced that 2016 will not be held in Rio de Janeiro Olympics investments of the same size. It is reported that Adidas adidas Group has adidas predator instinct fg decided not to apply for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic sponsors, because the Brazilian market in 2013 will be ahead of the Confederations Cup and World Cup 2014 to be held at the local occupation. Adidas adidas during the British occupation of the market has made tremendous progress. Data show that: in the first quarter sales in the UK increased by 19%, sales in the rest of Europe increased by only 10%. adidas relevant leaders said: As a sponsor of the London Organising Committee of the 2012 will appear in the London

Olympic Games, in addition to adidas also become France, Germany and other 10 countries BOCOG sponsors, as well as 70 000 Olympic volunteer uniforms were provided. Hainer said Adidas adidas will provide athletic footwear, apparel and equipment for the 26 25 sports, which does not include horse riding sport. Recently, in order to "Fun Route" as the theme of Xtep running club was formally established, Kwai Lun Mei and Gatling instantly became one of the club first and second members. Meanwhile, Xtep running club official microblogging sync on the line, and to collect all the runners Xtep club name and ICON (shortlisted finalists will have the opportunity to visit a friend in London to witness the scene with the legendary Gatlin moment). Meanwhile, running "fun

" activities Xtep London partnered with Tencent network will be adidas 11pro trx fg officially launched, runners also available through online "Fun Run" won the special steps to prepare for the London tour company awards. Recently, ANTA Sports Products Limited in China Light Industry hundred companies release and enhance the international competitiveness of the Forum, was awarded the title of China Light Industry hundred enterprises.It is reported that the China Light Industry hundred companies ranked select main business income, five indicators gross profit margin and production