value, the proportion of tax accounting profits and industrial output growth, etc. composite score, only focus on enterprise-scale level, but both corporate profitability, a comprehensive indicator of value creation capabilities, social contribution and growth, etc., emphasizes the balanced development of enterprises, ANTA become hundred indeed deserved! According to reports from the 1994 founding date, ANTA Sports Products Limited has become One of the largest integrated sporting goods company, in 2011 annual report, the turnover increased by 20.2 percent year on year to 8.904 billion yuan, toms shoes mens net profit of 1.73 billion yuan, one stroke ahead of Li Ning, riding on the first of the local sports brand turnover and profits chair. Have such success, Anta not relax,

because the market is actually still facing fierce competition. Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANTA Shizhong said distance to create "China and the world public like Anta," there is still a long way to go! Inaugural Futsal Adidas (Adidas Extreme Power 5's) Singapore district tournament, will be held tomorrow and Sunday (10th) held at Tampines military readiness Association. The Adidas by fragrant body and body care products franchisees and local dealers Coty Asia Liaison Office Cup, the first stage of the preliminary round points in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, three arenas. Singapore District race attracted nearly

80 teams participated, was very well received. Three division heads will be 23 this month, two teams in the regional finals held at Ngee Ann City, and decide the championship. Championship team can win 7000 yuan in cash, and free to Madrid, the cheap toms shoes site to watch Real Madrid (Real Madrid) the game, and with Real Madrid trainers conduct a private training. There are two days of the 2012 European Football Championship kicked off going with a message uproar from the sports world are proud to ignite the UK. Umbro is the national football team official sportswear supplier, which was founded in 1924 in the United Kingdom Cheshire. Nike announced plans last week before the May 2013 sale of its brand Umbro and Cole Haan. Nike in 2008 to 285 million pounds to buy