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Final 2016 All Star OldScout reader votes for top players!


2016 All Star Oldscout Fan Vote!

Here are the final results of the fan poll over on message board for Player of the Year at each position.

This is similar to the NBA voting where fans vote the starters for the All Star game.





A virtual tie in the voting for pitcher, the popular Justin Mucciarell won the USSSA 'AA' Worlds with Precision this past season and rarely needed to be relieved.  He held many teams down throughout the year especially at Worlds.  At 'AA' Worlds opponents averaged just 15 runs a game.  "Mooch" as he is known actually led Precision in onbase percentage through the first couple of tournaments of 2016.

Andy Purcell finished a close second in the voting and is the greatest pitcher possibly in slowpitch history and was Conference Co-MVP as he had an onbase percentage over .800 while batting behind Greg Connell the triple crown winner.

Travis Clark who pitched Smash It Sports to the Major World Series title was 3rd in the voting.




Ryan Harvey from Backman edged out Resmondo's BJ Fulk in the fan vote for top catcher/EH.  Harvey in his 3rd full season launched 107 homers and knocked in 270 runs including 16 homers at the Smoky Mountain Classic tournament.

BJ Fulk carried a big .750 onbase percentage and is known for being one of the best base hitters in the game eventhough he also hit on the Long Haul Bombers tour.

Lefty Kevin Filby from Smash It Sports and rookie sensation Erik Kanaby from Albicocco were tied for 3rd with 12% of the vote.

It was tough to pick 10 players between Catcher and EH.  I realize I could have put any of about 6 or 7 other players in the poll but the poll software only allows for 10 slots.




Kyle Pearson in his first year at the Major level with Smash It Sports garnered more than 50% of the vote at 1st base.  Pearson was the Major World Series MVP and led his team in onbase .789, homers 90, and RBI 227.

Resmondos Bubba Mack was 2nd in the voting .730, 122 HR, 292 RBI in 400 plate appearances!  

Newbreeds Victor Cordova and Backmans Kevin Kennington were 3rd and 4th in the voting.




Resmondos Greg Connell dominated the voting at second base with 63% of the vote.  At over .800 with 137 HR and 331 RBI he won his second Triple Crown in a row and is the leagues most dominating offensive player with an underrated glove at second base.

Steven Lloyd is known as the best defensive second baseman in the game and his range and 108 extra base hits helped him to 2nd in the vote.

Steve Edwards from TG/Reds Astros and Ryan Goodman of Newbreed were a distant 3rd and 4th in the voting.




Resmondos Luis Reyna won the voting at middle infield as his defense led him to another league Defensive MVP and he was 4th on the team in onbase percentage at .755 and knocked in over 200 RBI.

Bryson Baker played a number of different positions but wound up at middle infield at the end of the season.  He was the leadoff hitter for Smash It Sports and had a .728 onbase percentage.

Steve Whaley from Albicocco was 3rd and Jeff Flood from Newbreed was 4th.




AJ Montano from Racks gets the vote at shortstop with a great glove and a .646 onbase percentage.  Montano played all 3 middle infield positions but is definitely a popular player.  Someone got out the vote.

Kevin Bazat from Smash It Sports was 2nd and 2nd year player Ryan Stovall from Backman who had a monster season .705 with 80 HR was 3rd.




Jason Branch from Albicocco won easily in the third base voting.  Branch chased Greg Connell for the batting title all the way to the last day of the regular season in Michigan and was in the discussion for league MVP and was voted Conference Offensive Player of the Year.

2nd in the voting for third base was Backmans Lee Powers who batted leadoff and quietly put up a .763 onbase percentage while being among the league leaders in walks (56) and pretty much every offensive category.

3rd was Resmondos Jimmy Salas who was hurt the second half of the season and 4th was big Shannon Smith from Xtreme.




I have a feeling the Canadian fans has some influence over the voting for left field as Canadian Steele Lewis from Taylormade won the voting.  Steele was a conference rookie this year and put up a .673 onbase percentage while playing a fearless left field.  

Meanwhile Jeremy Yates from Backman .760, 104 HR, 248 RBI who was the Conference Co-MVP finished 2nd in the fan voting.

Filip Washington from Combat and Brian Wegman from Smash It Sports who both had good seasons eventhough they had injuries finished 3rd and 4th with over 100 votes each.  Left field may be the deepest position in the Conference when you look at all of the great players listed there.




Combats Brian Zirkle received 32% of the vote in center field.  Zirkle has always had that infectious hustle and attacks every at bat like it is his last.  

Nic Santana from Resmondo was 2nd as he had 111 extra base hits including 46 doubles and covers center field as good as anyone in the game.

Jon Gastineau from Newbreed and Brian Logan from Backman were 3rd and 4th.



Backmans Neil Haglund 75 HR, 223 RBI grabbed the 1st place voting for Left Field.  Neil had 14 HR and 35 RBI at the Smoky Mountain Classic.

Smash It Sports left fielder Buddy Wolf got hot in the midseason tournaments in Chicago and Minnesota and wound up .754, 61 HR, 162 RBI and finished 2nd in the voting.

3rd was Combats Kyle Pearson who also played infield positions and 4th was Jeremy Isenhower from Resmondo who was slowed by a should injury.


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