Saturday May 26th, 2018

Enter the 2017 SoftballCenter pickem NCAA tournament bracket pool!


Link to enter the 2017 SoftballCenter group NCAA tournament bracket pool!

You have to sign up/sign in at the link for CBSSports if you have not already.

The NCAA pool is free to enter if you are a PAID Conference Miken/Worth Pickem and you can win a bat!

It is also free to anyone that wants to play along but only paid Pickem members can win the prize.

To sign up for the 2017 Miken/Worth Conference pickem game go here!

The Miken/Worth Conference pickem game is $25 a year which comes out to about $1 per week of the season, has weekly prizes, plus you get automatically entered in the SoftballCenter Super Bowl Squares, NCAA Basketball pool, and we hope to have an online poker tournament at some point during 2017!  Sign up now!




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