Wednesday July 18th, 2018

Hall of Famer Elby Bushong has passed


Arizona softball legend and Hall of Famer Elby Bushong has passed away.

Link to Elby's obituary

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  1. Richard (Dickie) Leonard says:

    One of the hardest things for me to do in this life is to say my last good-byes to a close friends, and it is really hard when that friend is a HERO. I was lucky to have known Elby (Boom Boom) Bushong Jr for over 47 years. It was a thrill to watch him grow and become the Hall Of Fame’er he was. I remember the 1st game of Slo Pitch I saw Ebly play, now remember this guy was a All state at QB, and Short stop, And All American in college. We were playing Elby’s team at the Ellsworth Park in Mesa, when I saw this guy wearing #25 behind the stands throwing-up, I thought he was drunk wrong Elby was just all fired up to play. He is the 1st catcher I ever saw run down the line and back up throws to 1st he did it all the time. Over the years we played against each other and at the end of my softball days we played to gather, he the player and me the manager. I can still remember in 1983 when I asked Elby if he would be my lead-off hitter his words (Son I’ve always hit 3rd or 4th and I’m a Hall of Fame Player but your the manager so do what you think Son) I told him that he had once told me that if he didn’t try and hit home runs every time up to bat that he could get a hit almost every time, well he hit over .900 that year, my Hero. Elby was one of the most happiest and Proud of J&R Roofing for winning the 1983 USSSA “A” World from Arizona, everyone of one us were from Arizona. I miss Elby so badly as I could call him anytime even if it had been over months. Rest in Peace my HERO!

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