Thursday January 18th, 2018

Toys for Tots – Chat Room and bracket links!

58 responses to “Toys for Tots – Chat Room and bracket links!”

  1. Would ya says:

    Where is the voice of the great great Mike Cornell???

  2. DJ says:

    We lost the Stadium Feed

  3. Cb says:

    Fortune road 1 camera is sideways.

  4. hopper says:

    What field is 4tf on? Trying to get the stream over here in afghanistan

  5. Flight17 says:

    Anyone know the score on field 2

  6. Cb says:

    did they take down the feeds for fields 2 and 3 or are they just not working?

  7. Lefty10 says:

    Heritage Park Field 5 feed not working.

  8. Cb says:

    Stadium is the only feed working.

  9. Scout says:

    Are they going to put the feeds back up on the outer fields for these next games?

  10. Cb says:

    Can you please put up the field 3 live stream please.

  11. USSSA Live says:

    F1, F2, F3, F4 & F5 at Osceola Heritage Park are currently offline due to slow cell network connection at the entire facility making streaming impossible. There is a large fair event with several thousand people in the complex which is restricting bandwidth. If speeds improve to the level where we can stream we will set back up.

  12. RF says:

    No live feed on Sunday REALLY are you kidding me?

  13. TS says:

    Why am I not able to get the Chat to work on my iPhone 6 Plus?? All I get is a black box and hourglass where the chat should be.

  14. Ho hum says:

    Just realized how boring it is to watch men play softball. Definitely not a spectator sports. Zzzzzzzzx

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  16. guest says:

    whats up with the feed on stadium?????

  17. #26 says:

    What a shame live stream acting up again. You’d think by now they could have it RIGHT. Just missed another great game. Thanks

  18. Hop-SKS#11 says:

    Yeah, was really hoping to be able to watch the local guys on Reds. Completely cut out in the 3rd inning.

    But the fact that they even try to livestream them, is way better than any other organization. Hope they can get it fixed.

  19. Vitiligo elliott says:

    We will finish at hooters and meet up at diablos ? 25.00 bucks wrist band all you can drink….

  20. Vitiligo elliott says:

    Sorry about that…. Wrong copy and paste. I was wondering where cox, sansone, oliveira and lipman are for combat?

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  22. Wayne says:

    Did that pick up player have 20 rbi’s in that game? Was he like Willie Mays in the outfield or Brooks Robinson at third? Was it Purcell in disguise?

  23. kimster says:

    If they are going to live stream, they need to have guaranteed bandwidth available!

  24. So Cal says:

    Take care of your own house first Kimster.

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  26. Timmy T says:

    No Chat line today DW?

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  30. Dustin Doerflinger says:

    I see no login for the chat room

  31. Tim Mattons says:

    Yankee Feed is down.

  32. Teri Gilliland says:

    34-29 classic top 6

  33. TG says:

    34-29 classic top 6

  34. Ron says:

    Hey does anybody know what the bats that were the hottest ones for the weekend in Houston

  35. Donna Hildebran says:

    Hey Someone needs to fix the bracket. Worsham beat FBI and it has them loosing. Worsham is now playing Bachman

  36. Jo says:

    No live stream in Columbus?

  37. Shawn says:

    Will we be getting the Tennessee feed up anytime today?

  38. Mike says:

    Is there a link to watch the main field?

  39. Matt says:

    Will there be any feeds today?

  40. Wegner says:

    What is with field 2

  41. KMM says:

    Feed on field 1 is blurry and pretty bad ..

  42. Guest says:

    Field 4 down, Field 3 working fine

  43. ALF says:

    Field 3 down

  44. jake says:

    field 3 down

  45. Kadie says:

    Field 2 not working

  46. Cal Ford says:

    Softball is fun go play and have fun

  47. Curious says:

    Who’s winning premier game?

  48. Jake9 says:

    Feed isn’t working

  49. Porforio Gonzales Jr says:

    What happened to Jimmy Salas

  50. Porforio Gonzales Jr says:

    They mentioned on the broadcast about the height limit changing next year? Going to 12′?

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