Friday December 15th, 2017

# Article Title Author Hits
1 Bill Wax went in the Illinois Softball Hall of Fame DW
2 Fred Budnarowski has passed DW
3 Worshams/BF Cattle/ Athlon/Worth Miken’s Todd Boothe DW
4 An interview with Hall of Fame sponsor/manager Herb Price! DW
5 Added link to video —> 2016 USSSA Hall of Fame inductions DW
6 2017 Free Agent manager Jeff Whitman DW
7 Added Obituary —> Softball Historian Bill Plummer has passed DW
8 Resmondo manager Frank Webb has passed DW
9 An interview with sponsor Jerry Backman! DW
10 An interview with sponsor J.J. Backman! DW
11 An interview with Newbreed/GTS/Beus Excavation/ manager Ryan Lekness! DW
12 3rd Street Financial/Bull Dawg/Louisville Slugger coach Mike Cruea! DW
13 An interview with Nightmare manager Bob Ellis! DW
14 Softball great Andrew Beloli has passed DW
15 An interview with VTS/S&S Landscaping sponsor/manager Scott Sunderland! DW
16 Anthony DiCoio tribute page! DW
17 Coy Honeycutt – USSSA Hall of Fame sponsor has passed DW
18 An interview with Travis Taylor! DW
19 Bob Hortenbach DW
20 Donnie Munford DW
21 An interview with player/manager Dan Goldberg DW
22 Gordie "The Old Scout" Heagle tribute page! DW
23 In memory of the late Richard Amato DW
24 Former Howard's manager Bobby Lutz has passed. DW
25 An interview with Down2EarthSports/SBC/Worth manager Tommy Eller DW
26 An interview with The Scene Manager/Sponsor Tony Albicocco DW
27 An interview with Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton's Mark Meersman DW
28 An interview with USSSA Texas Softball Director Greg Huchingson DW
29 An interview with Team Combat/Laser Vision/D2E/Supreme manager/sponsor Don Cooper DW
30 An interview with manager Shawn Long of Team Combat/AML25 (Columbus, Ohio) DW
31 An interview with Doerflinger Software/TSC/Pro-Coat/Combat manager Strojan Kennison DW
32 An interview with Down2EarthSports/Worth manager Drew Dubberly DW
33 An interview with Gas It manager Joshua Fisher DW
34 An interview with Pipac Manager Rob Humphrey DW
35 An interview with Jean Shoppe manager Larry Quartuccio DW