Friday December 15th, 2017

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1 An interview with Dan Smith slugger Argen Dodds! DW
2 New Team —> Nightmare’s Brian Logan DW
3 An interview with Conference Rookie of the Year Jordan Spaulding DW
4 A salute to softball veterans! DW
5 2018 USSSA Men’s Major Player’s and Watch List is out! DW
6 2018 Free Agent Terry Baggs DW
7 2018 Free Agent Chris Costantino DW
8 Andy Purcell Story by Jeff Potts DW
9 USA Softball announces 2017 Team USA and Future Stars Border Battle Rosters! DW
10 Retirement interview with Jeff McGavin (thanks for all the great years) DW
11 New Team —> Killbombers/Demarinis Donovan Pokraka DW
12 Final 2016 All Star OldScout reader votes for top players! DW
13 Vote for 2016 Players of the Year at each position! DW
14 Cory Briggs DW
15 Erik Kanaby DW
16 Updated USSSA Women’s Major Players List DW
17 Chad Durick DW
18 An interview with Resmondo pitcher Dan “Dirty” Sanchez! DW
19 Brandon Dillon DW
20 An interview with Miken’s Denny Crine! DW
21 Andrew Collins DW
22 An interview with Derby Girls/Combat pitcher Tara Salcedo! DW
23 An interview with Team Racks outfielder Daniel Kirkwood! DW
24 2016 Free Agent infielder Brett McCollum! DW
25 Frank Yeilding DW
26 2015 SoftballCenter “Most Popular Player” contest is over! Check out who won! DW
27 Mark Martin softball website! DW
28 Updated player pages for the 2015 USSSA Major Players List! DW
29 Softball legend and one of its great power hitters Craig Elliot has passed DW
30 Lives in Florida —> 2015 Free Agent outfielder Steve Allen DW
31 Kyle Pearson DW
32 Hall of Famer Tom Beall has passed DW
33 An interview with Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger’s Ryan Harvey! DW
34 Chris Geron DW
35 2014 USSSA Hall of Famer Bobby Hughes! DW
36 Eric Thompson DW
37 Scott Zaciewski! DW
38 Adam Rockoff DW
39 Jeff Flood DW
40 Cory Boothe DW
41 JD Genter! DW
42 An interview with 2013 USSSA Hall of Famer Scott Striebel! DW
43 Scott Kirby! DW
44 Steve Edwards DW
45 Brian Zirkle! DW
46 Dustin Roberts DW
47 Rusty Bumgardner DW
48 Brian Rainwater DW
49 Kevin Kennington DW
50 Greg Hartwick DW
51 Victor Cordova DW
52 Jeff Hall DW
53 An interview with Combat Derby Girls Christan Dowling DW
54 Orlando Castillo DW
55 Billy Messina DW
56 Manager of the Year – The 2012 All Star Team DW
57 Ryan Robbins tribute page DW
58 New Team —> Shoppe's Hoss Cat, the myth unveiled! DW
59 Nic Santana DW
60 Seth Stephens DW
61 Dale Brungardt DW
62 Ken Loeri tribute page! DW
63 Brian Justice DW
64 Mike Rhines DW
65 2012 "Most Popular Major Player" Contest is over…The winner is…Shocking! DW
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