Monday February 27th, 2017

# Article Title Author Hits
1 An interview with Pure Sports Frankie Longello DW
2 New Team —> TDB/TMSports/Midwest Whitetail Adv/Miken pitcher Kevin Johnson DW
3 2017 Free Agent 3B/1B Taylor Lobb DW
4 Chris Terry DW
5 Jerblonski Jennings DW
6 An interview with Thunder/Smash It Sports/’s Mike Snyder DW
7 New Team —> Killbombers/Demarini pitcher Stephen Cooper DW
8 2017 Free Agent infielder Zach Ross DW
9 2017 Free Agent infielder Jeremy Guess DW
10 New Team —> Seminoles Trey Gothard DW
11 David Miller DW
12 New Team —> Precision’s Tom Paturzo DW
13 Eliseo Aguilar DW
14 2017 Free Agent pitcher Tony Elrod DW
15 2017 Free Agent OF/IF Jack Richardson DW
16 2017 Free Agent infielder Ethan Maresh DW
17 2017 Free Agent pitcher Shawn Jones DW
18 2017 Free Agent infielder Richard Salazar DW
19 2017 Free Agent outfielder Jeff Bloomer DW
20 2017 Free Agent Nate Holcomb DW
21 New Team —> AllOuts – Kyndrich Doggett DW
22 2017 Free Agent outfielder John Zorich! DW
23 2017 Free Agent pitcher/outfielder Vito Messina DW
24 2017 Free Agent Clay Smitherman DW
25 New Team —> Team Racks/Mikens Argen Dodds DW
26 2017 Free Agent MASHER! Paul “Hosscat” Johnston! DW
27 2017 Free Agent infielder Jack Chapman DW
28 2017 Free Agent Jermaine Flythe DW
29 2017 Free Agent center fielder Michael Williams! DW
30 Keith Martin DW
31 2016 Free Agent Joe Dorton DW
32 New team —> Smash It Sports center fielder Westy Guill DW
33 2016 Free Agent infielder Aaron Sandoval DW
34 An interview with Bad Draw’s Freddie Bynum Jr. DW
35 2016 Free Agent Trey Gilliland DW
36 An interview with Eurotech/Elite Media Design outfielder Mark Harvanko DW
37 An interview with Eurotech/Elite Media Design/Easton pitcher Allan Ouellette! DW
38 An interview with Eurotech/Elite media/Easton third baseman Joe Ehnstrom! DW
39 New Team —> Tailgaters Charles Cunningham DW
40 Service hours link added as well as college fund —> Dave Eberflus tribute page DW
41 Ryan Goodman – added oldscout interview questions! DW
42 2016 Free Agent pitcher TJ Thompson (multi time USSSA Champion A and B) DW
43 An interview with Low Bobs/Louisville Slugger outfielder Jessi Griffin! DW
44 An interview with Derby Girls Combats Amanda Pantley! DW
45 An interview with Newbreed/GTS/BeusExcavation/Worth’s Rolando Rodriguez! DW
46 New Team —> Vivid/Worths Matt Fox DW
47 An interview with Newbreed/GTS/BeusExcavation/Worth pitcher Cole Patterson! DW
48 An interview with Lowbob’s Louisville Slugger shortstop Terri Ellingsworth! DW
49 An interview with Bad Draw/Broughton/Worth outfielder Evan Jarman! DW
50 An interview with Combat pitcher Jason Wilkins! DW
51 An interview with Combat outfielder Brad Lunda! DW
52 An interview with Combat pitcher Tommie Baugh! DW
53 Canadian great Olivier Moreau has passed DW
54 An interview with Combat infielder John Williams! DW
55 An interview with Combat infielder Zachary Messer! DW
56 An interview with infielder Chris Bauer DW
57 Dan Bean DW
58 Cameron Cox DW
59 New Team —> Albicoccos Kyler Kirkland DW
60 Jeff Graus DW
61 Landon Helm DW
62 New team —> Taylormade infielder Clif Williamson DW
63 Chris Smith DW
64 2015 Free Agent Tim Mickey DW
65 2015 Free Agent shortstop Marcus Thornton DW
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