Sunday May 27th, 2018

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1 Article about the Powers brothers in the local Herald DW
2 Cincinnati Major bracket is out! DW
3 Added EVEN MORE PICTURES LINK —> Resmondo wins 5th Smoky Mountain Classic in a row! DW
4 Arkansas home run derby videos from Popeye Video Sports DW
5 The Scene goes undefeated to win the 33rd Annual Busch/Pepsi Classic! DW
6 Smoky Mountain Classic Bracket! DW
7 sets a new record for website traffic in June! DW
8 Arkansas Major bracket link DW
9 Team USA, Futures, and Canada play exhibitions on Friday DW
10 Team USA, Future Stars, and Team Canada update DW
11 Re-posting —> 2012 Border Battle Roster for Team Canada DW
12 2012 Battle of the Titans! DW
13 Added updated pictures to the Future Stars team – ASA DW
14 Bracket link to the Carolina Shootout – South Carolina Major DW
15 Bracket is out for the "Battle in the West" Major in Riverside, California DW
16 2012 McQuades tournament pictures DW
17 Brett Helmer interview from a local Bismarck website DW
18 Team USA, Future Stars, and big crowds at the 37th Annual McQuades! DW
19 Worth adds Andy Purcell to Slowpitch Advisory Staff DW
20 SoftballCenters "Game of the week" from the Dudley DW
21 Connecticut Major bracket link DW
22 Remaining SoftballCenter schedule and a note about broadcasting DW
23 Added Photos —> Resmondo "mercies" a top heavy field at the 30th Annual Dudley Budweiser Classic! DW
24 Press release for the 30th Annual Dudley DW
25 The 30th Annual Dudley Bracket is out! DW
26 Team 454/Emerald/Worth "double dips" Laservision at the "Windy City" Classic! DW
27 sets a new website traffic record in May! DW
28 (Updated 06/07/2012) Stats Progress DW
29 Chicago "Windy City" Major bracket link DW
30 Added Pictures Album –> Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton and Team Combat/PacificHeadwear win Seattle Duals DW
31 Don't forget! – Gordie "The Old Scout" Heagle fundraiser! DW
32 Houston "Space City Classic" Major bracket is out! DW
33 Combat Major – Seattle "Duals" tournament brackets are out! DW
34 Atlanta Major pictures and game video links DW
35 Demarini/Dirty/3N2/atwldesigns takes the "Peach State Shootout" Championship! DW
36 Dennis Turner joins Louisville Slugger! DW
37 Peach State Shootout – Atlanta Major bracket link DW
38 Jeff Halls walk off run rule homer to beat Laser Vision in the winners final DW
39 2012 Music City Classic pictures link DW
40 Resmondo wins the Music City Classic! DW
41 sites are all working DW
42 Music City Bracket Link DW
43 Some more highlites from Texas including the triple play DW
44 (Added pictures slideshow) – Demarini/ holds off Shoppe to win Indiana! DW
45 The bracket is out for the Columbus, Indiana major! DW
46 Team 454/Emerald/Worth "double dips" Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton to win "Texas Legends"! DW
47 sets new website traffic records again in April! DW
48 Battle in the West men's Major – June 29 – July 1st DW
49 12th Annual Texas Legends bracket is out! DW
50 (Updated 5/1/2012) Recent player movement DW
51 Phoenix pictures link DW
52 West Coast Doerflinger scores 21 in 7th to win Phoenix Major! DW
53 photos from the HOF tourny #1 DW
54 Kansas City and Phoenix tournament brackets are up! DW
55 Team Pictures and Video Highlites from the Hall of Fame Classic DW
56 Nordkap and Resmondo split HOF Dual, Laser Vision two 2nd place finishes! (Picture Links) DW
57 Hall of Fame Classic broadcast schedule DW
58 Las Vegas Stats DW
59 Hall of Fame Dual Event #2 Bracket is out! DW
60 USSSA has their Conference site up to date – check it out DW
61 Announcing the all new website! DW
62 March breaks all website traffic records for! DW
63 Updated: Aaron Cunningham, brother of Sonny's infielder Charles Cunningham makes the show with my Indians! DW
64 2012 Corky's Bracket DW
65 2012 Conference Stats update DW
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