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ASA So Cal for 2016

ASA SO CAL is ready to offer you a great 2016 season with plenty of dates, tournaments with the best prize packages in So Cal, as well as the men's "D" National Championships. I would like to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself. I am Gary Berouty (ASA SO CAL ADULT COMMISSIONER) and have been working with ASA since 1991. Back in 1991, I started the ASA Adult program in So Cal with many exciting tournaments and National Championships and continued to build the program to the point where I stepped back to allow our slow-pitch commissioners to take over.  With the departure of our  Men's slow Pitch Commissioner, I will be taking an active roll in reestablishing ASA SO CAL as the premier place to play Adult Softball in So Cal.  

We are pleased to announce that the Men's  "D" National Championships will be played here is SO CAL at BLD Perris on Aug 26th – 28th 2016. This was in response to many teams wanting to cut the cost of travel but still compete in the Nationals. Since 1991, SO CAL ASA has had over 55 teams place in the top 3 in Nationals in all levels. As a matter of fact, So Cal  teams have won ASA Nationals over 20 times.  We are looking forward to watching another So Cal Team take the "D" Nationals here at home. (There will be 2 Berths for Nationals in each division in the Bang for Bucks as well 4 off of points for playing in an SO CAL ASA tournament)

We will have the Men's and Women's ASA SO CAL STATE Championships in E Novice, E, D, and C at BLD Riverside on Aug 6th and 7th 2016.  You will not only be able to tell everyone you won but prove it with the CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS that will be awarded in all levels (based on 14 teams per level).

The Men's, Women's and Senior's BANG FOR BUCKS will continue on Aug 20th and 21st at BLD Perris, with the largest cash payout in all of So Cal Softball. There will be 6 qualifiers with 2 berths in each qualifier as well as 4 berths awarded on the point system for playing in any ASA SO CAL tournaments as well as order of finish in each qualifier. The prize package is based on 16 teams per division in the finals. 

The BANG FOR BUCKS is funded as follows:  

In each qualifier in each division, $25.00 per team is set aside to accumulate the final prize package. 

For example in the 6 qualifiers we had 100 teams total play in a division, we take $25.00 per team and ASA puts in $2,000.00 – in this example the payout would be 4,500.00.

1st Place  50% 

2nd Place 20%

3rd & 4th Place 10%

5th & 6th Place 5%

Each month the SO CAL ASA SITE will have the total amount of teams that have played and the total POT! Watch it GROW!


The ASA SO CAL Opener will be Feb 6, 2016 in Lancaster. The prize package will be $3,500.00 CASH (based on 16 teams)  !st =  $1,200

2nd = $800.00   3rd and 4th = $500.00  5th and 6th = $250.00 

The full 2016 schedule will be released at the end of the year, check out the SO CAL ASA website for the dates.

We look forward to seeing you all out at the fields and thanks for the support.




Gary Berouty

GARY BEROUTY Southern California ASA Adult Commissioner ASA Executive Board Member 310-901-0200 (Phone) 310-798-5390 (Fax) 

3 responses to “ASA So Cal for 2016”

  1. Bill Shimels says:

    Thank you DW

  2. So Cal says:

    Can’t wait to see all the rerates this year and wonder how B and C guys are dropping down a whole chip.

  3. Bill Shimels says:

    so Cal , with the your question I can address rerates are addressed by a panel that has to have agree on a rating , as far as dropping a full chip count I would say player is reviewed and in the past there has been a few that were dropped but is based on player skill or talent alone . there is actually a panel that rerates go to and voted on before any rerates happen and then commissioner must approve then the national office .i can say the rerate process in place is fair and constant with the ASA standards which is the governing body of softball , we will review every rerate through the process to make certain standards are held into place and fair and constant softball happens. Any questions that some has can be answered by the commissioner or the local directors on staff . Nate Hines, Mario Perez , big Jay and Bill Shimels can address Mensa , Seritha coed and Berta can address women’s .

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