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2017 Free Agent infielder Anthony “Antz” Mastrogiovanni



Anthony "Antz" Mastrogiovanni

USSSA Playing History


Interview conducted on 12/22/2016

Who are you playing with in 2017?
Free agent at the moment –

What positions do you play and what is your best position?
I play infield. Mainly shortstop and middle but I can play third and second. I feel the most comfortable at shortstop but have been playing a lot of middle lately.

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?
I've seen and played with a few of the big name pros on the Black circuit but I'd have to say the best I've seen is GBaby Alston from GTF and now plays for one payment. Filthy in The middle and gets really good reads on the ball.

Why do you like the game of softball?
I played baseball growing up and absolutely loved everything about it. Softball gives me that same high and rush baseball did. It feeds my competitiveness and is just an outlet from the normal everyday life.

Who is the best up and coming player in softball and why?
Again I'm going to have to say GBaby. Now he's on the conference and will really get to showcase his abilities. Quick fast sure hands, great reaction to the ball, has a great approach at the plate and rarely makes outs.

What is your nickname in softball and how did you get it?
Antz. It's a nickname I had way before softball but I have had a few people say my playing style does resemble pedoria.

What is your height and weight?
5ft 7in 160lbs

Where do you call home?
Originally from Jacksonville Fl but I am currently stationed in Savannah Ga

What's your favorite way to spend an off weekend?
Off weekends are usually spent workings on cars or riding my motorcycle, hanging out with a few buddies watching sports drinking some cold beer.

What do you do for a living?
I am enlisted in the United States Army and I am a crew chief on UH60 Blackhawk helicopters.

Did you play sports in High School / College / Pro?
4 years of high school baseball and basketball.

How did you get your start in softball and how did you get to the upper level?
Playing coed softball in a back woods league. Got picked up there by a really solid D team and played D for a few years and a little C. Still working on trying to get to that next level

What was the most surprising difference between Conference play and non-Conference play when you made the jump?
I haven't played conference yet but I have played against many conference players and the biggest difference playing against them is they don't miss hit to many balls. So just about every ball hit is hit well and gets to you a lot quicker.

Is there a player that you would compare your game to?
I don't like to compare my self to anyone I try to be humble and just say that I play the game to my best abilities.

What would you say is your career highlight to this point? Maybe one play or game that sticks out to you in particular?
Probably a few years back when I began, we were playing a freedom state tournament and it was one of the best defensive tournaments I've ever had, turned countless double plays along with many diving plays. Batted well over .800

In your career was there a single person (player/manager/coach) who had the most significant impact on your approach to the game? Why?
I try to learn from everyone that I meet in this game because everyone has different styles and excell in different aspects. However over the past 5 months I've been working with Tre Campbell in my hitting approach and it has vastly helped. I feel I hit the ball a lot harder and more in the face. Tre is also a service member so his experiences in life help on and off the field as well.

What advice can you give a young player trying to break into the upper level?
Listen and learn. Pick up every good habit and piece of advice you can. Stay humble no matter how good you are always stay humble.

What type of batting grip do you use and what ounce bat?
26oz with a 1oz end load. I use the over lap grip and drop a pinky off the knob. I feel it gives me more whip.

What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the next softball season?
Batting practice 2-3 times a week and hit with a purpose. Every swing should have a directive. Then on the weekends play pickup tournaments but go with the intentions of working on something.

What is your favorite sports team and your favorite sport other than softball?
Favorite sports team is the Miami Hurricanes. Favorite sport outside of softball is any college sport, they play with the drive and heart to make it to the next level they aren't just playing for a paycheck.

Do you have any superstitions and if so, what are they?
Yes. I tap the plate twice with the bat in between each pitch and I sing in my head to stay relaxed.

What would be your "at bat" music selection?
Beast from the movie southpaw.

What is your favorite non-World tournament and why?
Boones. There's always a bunch of big names and when the lights come up they always put on a show with the sticks.

What is the best softball field/complex you have played at and why?
Ocesola in Orlando. Really smooth infields nice outfields with good grass. Batter boxes are never chewed up or have holes.

Where is the best place to eat on the road after a game?
Buffalo Wild Wings!

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on a softball field?
Watched someone crawl to the plate (drunk) set their beer on home plate and hit a bomb then laughed and crawled back to the dugout.

Tell us something about you that most would never know about you?
I'm actually a shy and quiet person.

What was your favorite sports related gift you have ever given or received?
I'd have to say an original Sean Taylor Miami Hurricane jersey I received.




2 responses to “2017 Free Agent infielder Anthony “Antz” Mastrogiovanni”

  1. Jamie says:

    Very good ball player with an even better attitude. As you can tell by his profile he’s very positive and wants to learn the game. Any team would be lucky to have him.

  2. Tre Campbell says:

    My dude! My kind of player. Young dude plays with a chip on his shoulder. Against everyone who told him no. Plays that way every play. Great attitude and not afraid to be uncomfortable while learning new things. My favorite young player. Completely humbled ballplayer. I wish him the best and someone needs a guy like this one. Good luck bro

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