Wednesday October 18th, 2017

Updated 10/17 —> 2018 Free Agents list


Here are the free agents for 2018 that have sent me a request so far. Anyone who doesn't have a free agent page on I will be creating theirs soon. 

Here is the free agent interview form anyone can fill out. Or let me know if you just want me to update your existing page: for any questions 


Terry Baggs TDB/TMSports Major List 1B, C, EH FL 

Thomas Bloom Dan Smith Major P MD  

Chris Costantino SIS/Thunder Major 1B, 3B RI 

Brian Logan SIS/Thunder Major CF 804-548-3635 VA 

Brandon Jonas Classic/Pure Watch P NC 

Brian Lipman Classic Glass Watch 3B, 2B, 1B, C CA  

Jeff Bloomer TDB/TMSports AA OF FL 

Eddie Bolden TDB/TMSports AA CF

Rick Cornu Bay Area AA OF NV Interview coming soon 

Kyler Kirkland TDB/TMSports AA GA 

Seth Ricketson TDB/TMSports AA OF GA Interview coming soon 

Mike Snyder SIS/Thunder AA 1B, RF, C 860-938-0736 CT 

Tre Campbell AllOut A OF, 1B, C, EH VA 

Kyndrich Doggett AllOut A OF, 1B FL 

Denis Fisher Eurotech 16' A IF Interview coming soon 

Paul Winner Bad Draw A P VA 

John Huffman Bay Area A 3B, 1B CA 

Craig Rodriguez Steel A P/1B/EH/C TX Interview coming soon 

David Bare Bad Draw A and C P 828-448-5181 SC 

Evan Jarman Bad Draw A OF 912-656-4868 

Bradley Scott Pure Sports A CF, IF NC Interview coming soon 

Mark Cridland Steel A 2B, IF TX Interview coming soon 

Robby Stinton One Payment A/B P, C, 1B FL Interview coming soon 

Dustin Arruda South Shore B P FL 

Mark Hershberger HB Softball B P, 1B, C 5742263675 or

Bryce Johnson CTC B Manager FL 

Nick Hill Worsham B OF SC Interview coming soon 

Del Hornesbuger CRC B OF 501-541-5120 GA 

Matt Adams FBI B OF FL 

Roderick Armour CTC B P GA Interview coming soon 

Josh Collins Cookies B P, C, EH NC 

Scott Hartling Cornerstone B/C CF, OF 845-264-4459 NY 

Shaul Illidge B 1B Aruba 

Frankie Longello B Utility 

Cody Pack Worsham/Killb B OF TN 

Kevin Raisor Rebel B OF IN 

Jake Rushing B P 

Richard Salazar Worsham B SS, MI, 2B 210-548-7399 TX 

Ricky Smith B 

Brian Spenn HB Softball B CF 260-415-6507 IN 

Chris Waterman Swats/Rebels B SS, MI FL Interview coming soon 

Logan Wysong Insidious B C/EH/1B (913) 940-2118 KS 

Robbie Fow Crunchtime C/Mil/BSC CF, OF SC Interview coming soon 

Adam Barberi BC FL 

Kyle Hamilton C/D 2B, P, MI FL Interview coming soon 

James Gilliam SC Air C 2B, 1B, 3B SC Interview coming soon 

Tyler Martin C 2B, 3B, P MS 

Conner Murray Gorillas C CF MO Interview coming soon 

Anthony Shockley Homebridge C OF 719-310-1003 AZ Interview coming soon 

Jeremy Whaley C UT, P IA 

Jeff Bobyack 50 Major P TN 

Matt York SS, MI GA Interview coming soon 

Cedrick Johnson P TX 

Tim Hanrahan 2B, MI, 1B, RF, LF MO Interview coming soon 

Joey Ramos Rayz D UT, 2B CA 

Paul Ty Johnston Backman UT Check facebook NC

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  1. Scott12 says:

    Great teammate great dude plays hard an hits the piss out of a great addition to any team in the conference

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