Sunday May 27th, 2018

2018 Conference Roster Moves as of 5/23/2018


2018 Conference Roster Moves from 4/4/2018 to 5/23/2018 at 11 PM if you see any mistakes

Date Add/Release First Name Last Name Tryout Team
5/23/2018 Add Nick Price   Bay Area Legends
5/23/2018 Add Dennis Rulli   Dan Smith
5/23/2018 Release Dennis Rulli   Resmondo
5/23/2018 Add Justin Boman   Vivid
5/23/2018 Release Justin Boman   Nally's
5/23/2018 Add Brian Dezern Tryout Pure Sports
5/22/2018 Add Josh Tallent   Tradesmen
5/22/2018 Release Jake Visser   Tradesmen
5/22/2018 Release Jason Legault   Tradesmen
5/22/2018 Release David Goulet   Tradesmen
5/22/2018 Release Cole Campbell   Vivid
5/22/2018 Release Doug Wenz   Stars
5/22/2018 Release Mike Snyder   Stars
5/22/2018 Release Jacob Sharpe   Smash It B team
5/22/2018 Release Zane Migues Tryout Newbreed
5/21/2018 Add Seth Ricketson   Sports Reach
5/17/2018 Add Cole Campbell   Vivid
5/17/2018 Add Kevin Ballard   Vivid
5/17/2018 Release Seth Schwindenhammer   Vivid
5/17/2018 Release Matt Vern   Vivid
5/17/2018 Release Brookes Howard   Vivid
5/17/2018 Add Adam Kainer   Olmito Heat
5/17/2018 Add Lee Dolan   Olmito Heat
5/17/2018 Add Joe Brown   Olmito Heat
5/17/2018 Add James Wooster   Olmito Heat
5/17/2018 Release Lawrence Rodriguez   Olmito Heat
5/17/2018 Release Paul Verveer   Olmito Heat
5/17/2018 Release Jodi Higginbotham   Olmito Heat
5/16/2018 Add Antwain Bates   Wood Law
5/16/2018 Add Jamie Simpson   All Out
5/16/2018 Release Shannen Green   All Out
5/15/2018 Add Zane Migues Tryout Newbreed
5/15/2018 Add Daunte Freeman   Cheap Suits
5/14/2018 Release Tristan Metcalf   Bay Area Legends
5/14/2018 Add Daxton Mamuyac   L&S Glass
5/14/2018 Release Corie Waldrep   L&S Glass
5/14/2018 Add Billy Waltrip   Nally's
5/14/2018 Release Josh Tallent   Nally's
5/14/2018 Release Curtis Cornett   Racks
5/10/2018 Release Travis Noor   Xtreme
5/10/2018 Add Curtis Stewart   Xtreme
5/10/2018 Add Thomas Bloom   TDB
5/10/2018 Release Curtis Stewart   TDB
5/10/2018 Release Daniel Homann   A&A
5/10/2018 Release Chris Lopez   A&A
5/10/2018 Release Joe Marquez   A&A
5/10/2018 Release Chris Robertson   A&A
5/10/2018 Release Josh Sylestine   A&A
5/10/2018 Release Jason White   A&A
5/10/2018 Add John Williams   Smash It Major
5/10/2018 Add Filip Washington   Smash It Major
5/10/2018 Add Jason Branch   Pure Sports
5/10/2018 Release Jason Branch   Smash It Major
5/9/2018 Release Michael Martinez   A&A
5/9/2018 Release Pedro Hernandez   A&A
5/9/2018 Add Nick Stark   Vivid
5/9/2018 Add Lee Payne   Pure Sports
5/9/2018 Release Tyler Zwosta   Pure Sports
5/9/2018 Release John Williams   Pure Sports
5/9/2018 Release Filip Washington   Pure Sports
5/9/2018 Release Lee Payne   Smash It Major
5/9/2018 Add Brandon Jonas   Rebel Sports
5/9/2018 Add Taylor Ericson Tryout Stars
5/8/2018 Release Corey Ricketts   Baugh Ford
5/8/2018 Add Chris Terry   All Out
5/8/2018 Add Brandon Bellamy   All Out
5/8/2018 Add Kyle Bullock   All Out
5/8/2018 Add Wes Campbell   All Out
5/8/2018 Add Rodney Fail   All Out
5/8/2018 Add Jason Ferguson   All Out
5/8/2018 Release Cole Campbell   All Out
5/8/2018 Release Jonathan Lenz   All Out
5/8/2018 Release Nick Stark   All Out
5/8/2018 Release Billy Waltrip   All Out
5/8/2018 Release Scott Hartling   Tradesmen
5/8/2018 Add Ryan Mullen   Sports Reach
5/7/2018 Release Steve Hildebran   Baugh Ford
5/7/2018 Release Shawn Jones   Baugh Ford
5/7/2018 Release Wes Campbell   A&A
5/7/2018 Release Kyle Bullock   A&A
5/7/2018 Release Brandon Bellamy   A&A
5/7/2018 Release Jason Ferguson   A&A
5/7/2018 Release Chris Terry   A&A
5/7/2018 Release Devin Luckett   Sports Reach
5/7/2018 Add Zackary Smith   Pauer Sports
5/4/2018 Add Brady Stewart   Pauer Sports
5/3/2018 Add JB Jennings   SNI
5/3/2018 Release JB Jennings   Rapid Fire
5/3/2018 Release Austin McCullough   Rapid Fire
5/3/2018 Add Jon Gastineau   Newbreed
5/2/2018 Add Tanai Alston   Smash It B
5/2/2018 Release Tanai Alston   La Famiglia
5/2/2018 Add Paul Garcia   Tradesmen
5/2/2018 Add Isaac Gonzalez   Vivid
5/2/2018 Release Michael Smith   Vivid
5/2/2018 Add Cody Stone   Smash It B
5/2/2018 Add Joseph Apostoli   Smash It B
5/2/2018 Add Shawn Jones   Baugh Ford
5/2/2018 Add Steve Hildebran   Baugh Ford
5/2/2018 Add Mason Foreman   Wileys
5/2/2018 Release Ryan Chavis   Wileys
5/2/2018 Add Jimmy Cobb   SNI
5/2/2018 Add Curtis Cornett   Racks
5/1/2018 Add Derrick Lamar   Nally's
5/1/2018 Add Chris Little   Primetime
5/1/2018 Release Chris Little   Nally's
5/1/2018 Release Lane Young   A&A
5/1/2018 Release Joshua Waltrich   A&A
5/1/2018 Add Austin Green   Xtreme
5/1/2018 Add Chris Stamper   Newbreed
5/1/2018 Release Chris Stamper   Sports Reach
5/1/2018 Add John Rector   Dan Smith
5/1/2018 Add Josh Moore   Dan Smith
5/1/2018 Release Josh Moore   Seminoles
5/1/2018 Add Branden Blake   Rebel Sports
5/1/2018 Release Chris Waterman   Rebel Sports
5/1/2018 Add Taylor Nichols Tryout Riot Sports
4/30/2018 Release Kevin Johnson   Tradesmen
4/30/2018 Release Corey Jaramillo   Tradesmen
4/30/2018 Add Alzavian Rush   Primetime
4/26/2018 Add Richard Carlson   Wileys
4/26/2018 Add Chris Greinert   Insane Sports
4/26/2018 Add Jeffrey Bloomer   Nightmare
4/26/2018 Add Cody Collins   La Famiglia
4/26/2018 Add Carl Blank   Racks
4/26/2018 Add Michael Adams   Wileys
4/26/2018 Release ALL PLAYERS   B&B
4/26/2018 Release Curtis Cornett   All Out
4/25/2018 Add Matt Bunn   Rapid Fire
4/25/2018 Add Evan Jarman   Rapid Fire
4/25/2018 Add Eric Bunn   Rapid Fire
4/25/2018 Add William Maloney   Rapid Fire
4/25/2018 Add Jacob Shiflett   Insane Sports
4/25/2018 Release Travis Tucker   Sports Reach
4/25/2018 Add Anthony Shockley   Nightmare
4/24/2018 Release Kyle McClain   Smash It B
4/24/2018 Release Branden Blake   Smash It B
4/24/2018 Release Kevin Johnson   Smash It B
4/24/2018 Release Garrett Baxley Tryout Nightmare
4/24/2018 Release Andrew Schorr Tryout Riot Sports
4/24/2018 Add Wes Campbell   A&A
4/23/2018 Add Yuri Higgins   SNI
4/18/2018 Add Richard Allen   All Out
4/18/2018 Add Andrew Schorr   Riot Sports
4/18/2018 Add Michael Smith   Vivid
4/18/2018 Add Austyn Dawe   La Famiglia
4/17/2018 Add Aaron Lewicki   TDB
4/17/2018 Add Aaron Sammons   Newbreed
4/17/2018 Add Corey Jaramillo   Tradesmen
4/17/2018 Add Garrett Baxley   Nightmare
4/17/2018 Add Jared Hunt   Pure Sports
4/16/2018 Add William Scott   Pure Sports
4/16/2018 Add Corey Gilbert   Bay Area Legends
4/13/2018 Add Kevin Joynes   SNI
4/11/2018 Add Hunter Platten   Pure Sports
4/11/2018 Add Travis Tucker   Sports Reach
4/11/2018 Add Robbie Fow   Sports Reach
4/11/2018 Add Richard Reeves   Wood Law
4/11/2018 Add Josh Eatherly   Wood Law
4/11/2018 Add Wade Gibson   Wood Law
4/10/2018 Release Jordan Poole   Nally's
4/10/2018 Release Ryan Ohare   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add John Chaisson   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add Trey Branscum   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add Conner Murray   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add Troy St.Clair   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add Andrew Miller   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add Josh Tallent   Nally's
4/10/2018 Add Kevin Johnson   Tradesmen
4/10/2018 Release Josh Bergeron   A&A
4/10/2018 Release Richard Salazar   A&A
4/10/2018 Add Tim Dorn   All Out
4/9/2018 Add John Sullivan   Baugh Ford
4/9/2018 Add Bruce Dady   Baugh Ford
4/6/2018 Release Justin Baxley   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Release Greg Drew   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Release Thomas Mills   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Add Travis Fields   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Add CJ Jacinto   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Add Freddie Bynum   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Add David Forbes   Rapid Fire
4/6/2018 Add TT Owens   Rapid Fire
4/5/2018 Add Floyd Seabron   Cheap Suits
4/5/2018 Add Devon Denholm   Cheap Suits
4/5/2018 Add Eric Sicso   Cheap Suits
4/4/2018 Add Kevin Miller   Insane Sports

10 responses to “2018 Conference Roster Moves as of 5/23/2018”

  1. Mike Huff says:

    Did B&B fold ?

  2. Bud says:

    Not sure why Hartling was released. Great talent. Would be a good pick up for a lot teams.

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Wow Branch and Payne released. Flip is a great pick up for smash it.

  4. Chad says:

    So are the teams not showing up for anyone else?

    • DW says:

      sorry about that. if you don’t see a column, it is because I forgot to copy it when I grabbed it out of the spreadsheet. It should be there now. thanks

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