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2017 USSSA “Hoosier Classic” Columbus, Indiana Major tournament preview!






"Hoosier Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


May 13-14


Tournament Preview


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2017 Hoosier Classic bracket link


The Hoosier Classic returns to Columbus, Indiana's Lincoln Park for the first time since 2012.  The tournament replaces the Columbus, Ohio B.A.T.S Major which was moved to August.  This is also the park that saved the Indy Major two weeks ago when all the rain hit and that tournament was moved to Lincoln Park.  The tournament features 19 teams including 13 from Nationwide Conference USSSA.  Backman is in the bracket because they folded after the bracket came out and won't be there.  There is a pretty solid contingent of 'AA' teams that will try to gang up on Resmondo who is the favorite.  Resmondo has not won a tournament this year in Conference play and the Worth Astros are the #1 seeded team for this tournament and should give Resmondo a run.  If Astros can get any help from one of the other 'AA' teams it could get interesting.

Lincoln Park has 4 nice and symmetrical 300 foot fields that they will use.  The rain should be gone by Saturday and the field of teams has some good quality.  Livestream should be up around the time of the first game as I drive in early Saturday morning to set up.  Remember these fields have tall Green screens on each backstop so I have to stick the cameras in a small wind hole cutout on the upper right on each field.  Here is a picture:


USSSALive.com livestream link! 

No one knows how the streams will work.  

Any issues have to do with internet strength and not equipment.


I will have the chat room up for both the Conference events.


Don't forget to make your pickem picks


Here is the team breakdown:
20 Total Teams
14 Are Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
 2 Major teams
5 'AA' teams 
1 'A' team
7 'B' teams  5 'C' teams



Weather should be better than recent tournaments



I went with Worth Astros to win.  Thats my pickem pick, most likely thinking everyone else will go with Resmondo who will probably prove me wrong and figure out a way to come through on the small fields.  But I'm going with Astros the way they have been playing.  I went with Precision 3rd, TG/HDLNS 4th, and I went with OA Apparel and JBL Tailgaters tied for 5th.  I think Premier will be the highest finishing A/B team.

There should be some good games throughout but from 4:30 PM on through the finals Sunday are some great matchups.

Oldscout Pollers going with the safe bet Resmondo



2501 Lincoln Park Dr, Columbus, IN 47201

Fences are all 300 feet



Past Winner's


2012 winner – Demarini/Dirty/3n2/ATWLdesigns

2012 Columbus, Indiana Report


2011 – 4 teams tied after rainout

2011 Indiana Major Report


2010 Winner – Pipac/TCP/Easton 6-0

2010 Indiana Major Report

2009 Columbus, Indiana Report


Past Results

2012 Results
1 FL-B Demarini/Dirty/3n2/ATWLdesigns 6-1
2 TN-A Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite 9-2
3 OH-A Blitz/Weller/Watanabe/K&G/Easton 4-2
4 NY-M Laservision/Anni/Supr/D2E/Easton 3-2

2011 Results
4 way tie for first as rain cancelled tournament
 – Resmondo, Linedrive, Suncoast, Shoppe

2010 Results
1 IA-B Pipac/TCP/Easton 6-0
2 IL-B EWS/Shirts and Logos 5-2
3 MO-B Hub's Pub 5-2
4 WA-A Team Combat/Laser vision 4-2

2009 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-Specialty Tank-Worth 5-0
2 MN-M Long Haul/Miken/Phonemasters 5-2
3 OH-B Blitz/Watanabe/Weller/Minges/Easton 5-2
4 MI-B Linedrive/TripleSSS/Pipe/Easton 5-2


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