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2017 USSSA Demarini Classic – North Carolina Major tournament preview!





1st Annual "Demarini Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


Gastonia, NC


July 29-30


Tournament Preview



2017 Demarini Classic Bracket and Teams Link


The Nationwide Conference USSSA returns to North Carolina for the first time in a few years.  There are 19 teams with 8 from the Conference and all 8 want to improve their position in the points standings.  There are 165 + (8 x3) = 189 points to the winner.  If Nightmare were to win they would jump all the way to 8th in the standings.  If TDB/TMSports, Bad Draw, Seminoles, or Pure Sports were to win they would move into or solidify their spot in the top 16.  This is an important tournament which will paint the final picture for the "Last Chance" Columbus Major August 4-6 and the points scenarios going into that event which I am hearing has as many as 29 Conference teams in it.  I will not be in attendance but there should be some great competition in this tournament as most of the top teams are of fairly equal ability.

There is a livestream camera at the tournament but I don't know when it will be put up or if it will work.

Players from North Carolina tell me there is no AT&T data reception at the park which would mean it won't work.

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Team Info from Mike Cornell:  

Team info the Conference USSSA DeMarini Classic in Gastonia, NC this weekend (July 28-30).

Complex address: George Poston Park, 101 Lowell Spencer Mountain Rd., Gastonia, NC 28056 
4 fields 300' 

-The managers meeting will be Friday night (July 28) at 6pm at the NC USSSA office. The address is: 1115 E. Ozark Ave., Gastonia, NC 28054 
-Managers/Sponsors can pick up their welcome packs at the meeting. 

-Any additional questions please contact Jeff Hall (704)616-6278, or Mike Cornell (704)490-7375. 

Travel safe and Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend! 

Team Breakdown:
19 Teams Overall
 8 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
 2 'AA' Team
 5 'A' Teams
2 'B' Teams




Shea Nations picks

This weekend the Demarini Classic major will take place in Gastonia, North Carolina with no representation from any teams swinging Demarini.  All the major teams are off again this weekend so only 8 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams will be in attendance looking to improve their seeding for the Major World Series with 2 AA, 5 A, 1 B and 12 local teams looking to win.  The overwhelming favorite is Nightmare/Miken.  The other teams looking to upset the favorite are: TDB/TMSports/Midwestwhitetailadv/Mi; Pure Sports/HB and Bad Draw/B&B/Broughton.

Predictions:  The final 4 undefeated should be: TMSports versus Bad Draw and Nightmare versus Pure Sports.  I predict Nightmare to beat Pure Sports and the winner of TMSports/Bad Draw in the undefeated game.

My sleeper pick has to be Cookies/Terry’s/Worth/Miken because they were able to win a couple games in the mini Major World Series “Smokey Mountain Classic”.  Although Cookies doesn't have the same team they had at the Smoky.

It will be exciting tournament to watch in anticipation of which teams will get upset.

Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your jerseys for your USSSA World tournaments.  Meet with the owner of local Gastonia, North Carolina apparel company Athlon Sports, Brandon Roberts this weekend.  He will make sure you look the best on the field at your respective world tournament.

Shea's Final Picks are:
1. Nightmare/Miken
2. TDB/TMSports/Midwestwhitetailadv/Mi
3. Pure Sports/HB
4. Bad Draw/B&B/Broughton
5. Cookies/Terry’s/Worth Miken

Oldscout pollers went with TDB/TMSports 31% to 21% over Nightmare



George Poston Park fences are 300 feet

101 Lowell Spencer Mountain Rd., Gastonia, NC 28056



Weekend Weather



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