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2017 USSSA Chattanooga Choo Major tournament preview!






3rd Annual "Choo Choo Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


May 5-7


Tournament Preview


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The actual address to the park is 

8646 La Collina Way 
Ooltewah, TN 37363 

It's off of Apison Pike.

Field Dimensions
Fences are 300 feet


2017 Chattanooga men's and Women's bracket link


2017 Team Lists


Chattanooga, Tennessee is the host of the "Choo" Classic for the 3rd year.  The park is one of the most scenic on the tour but cooler May temperatures, normally hard infields, and 300 foot fences that play 270 make for hard hitting smash mouth games that are ordinarily decided by which team can manage homers better from the first pitch and are will to field those nasty hard shots before they get to the 2nd or 3rd hop.  Pitchers also have to protect themselves up the middle and stamina comes into play when your still on the field at 1 AM in the morning.  It looks like there are some showers in the forecast for Friday night but this park is equipped with tarps and any storms that pop up before the tournament shouldn't be an issue.  

This is the 6th Nationwide Conference USSSA tournament of the year.  So far in 5 events we have had 4 different winners (SIS/Albicocco, Racks, Dan Smith, and Worth Astros).  

The women's major bracket which plays at the same park this weekend continues this years streak of quality women's Majors with an awesome collection of talent.

The tournament starts on Friday at 7 PM eastern and I hope to have the livestream up on 7 fields but we will see how it goes.  The livestream has worked well every other weekend it seems. livestream link!  (No one knows how the streams will work)

I will have the chat room up for both the Conference events.

Don't forget to fill out your 'pickem'


Here is the team breakdown:
 – 31 Total Teams
 – 23 Are Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams which means 242 points to the winner!
 – The teams are from 17 different states!
 – 3 Major teams
 – 11 'AA' teams 
 – 4 'A' teams
 – 6 'B' teams



Cool weather means high scores, long games, and late nights



I believe Smash It/Albicocco is the best 300 foot field team in the game.  They won in Las Vegas and proved they could win on the baseball fields at the Hall of Fame Classic Dual #2.  They are on a roll, seem healthy, and have the #1 seed.  They also field the hard shots well and have some of the best base hitters in the game like Branch, Rulli, Reyna, Santana, and Dedonatis.   The rest of the team for the most part "plays the game" so they will be tough to beat in this one.  Who will be playing for second is the better question.  Backman is the logical choice but last we watched 3rd Street beat Backman to make the finals.  I think a 'AA' team has an even chance to win 2nd and there should be at least two 'AA' teams in the final 4 if not 3 'AA' teams.  My picks are SIS/Albicocco to win, Backman 2nd, Worth Astros 3rd, and SIS/Thunder 4th.  Thunder last year had that 3 game streak in Chattanooga where they scored over 150 runs.  Tied for 5th I have OA Apparel and Xtreme.  Pure Sports should be the highest finishing 'A' team and Premier the highest finishing 'B' team.  Look for plenty of upsets though.  Remember last year JBL/Tailgaters upset Smash It Sports (Helmers team) early and 3rd Street made that huge upset run to 2nd place.


Oldscout Pollers going with the safe bet of SIS/Albicocco to win the men's tournament

Oldscout Pollers going with Bryant Express to win the loaded women's tournament



Past Winner's


2016 Winner – Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth (FL-M)

2016 Chattanooga Major Tournament Report


2015 Winner – Albicocco/The Scene/Easton (NY-A)

2015 Chattanooga Major Tournament Report

Past Results

2016 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth
2 OH-AA 3rd Street/Louisville Slugger
3 NY-M Scene/Albicocco/Worth/Miken/Monsts
4 IN-M Backman Shoppe Louisville Slugger

2015 Results
1 NY-A Albicocco/The Scene/Easton
2 IN-A Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
3 GA-B OI Livingston/TNT Hauling/Brother's
4 NC-B Broughton Pharmacy/Bad Draw/Worth


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