Tuesday January 24th, 2017

2017 TDB/TMSports/Miken team


2017 TDB/TMSports/Miken
Kyler Kirkland
Brian Titus
Jason Martel
Scotty Langford
Tyler Wilson
Jablonski Jennings(JB)
Brad Sheffield
Nick Sansone
Eddie Bolden
Jeff Bloomer
Seth Ricketson
Dan Norquist
Seth Hines

TIM FRANKS(TDB)-Tarheel Drilling and Blasting

Cheyenne Brooks
Chris Calcutt

16 responses to “2017 TDB/TMSports/Miken team”

  1. Moody says:

    Good to see my good friend Seth Ricketson get his first shot. Also good to see Donnie Managing this group. Good Luck Fellas!

  2. KELLY CAMBLY says:

    seem to be missing some OF and big bats. leader of TM last year Steele Lewis not playing??

  3. Don Munford says:

    Thx, Moody.

  4. Don Munford says:

    Thx for your concern Kelly, not sure who you are but we are happy with what we will put on the field. Steele is with Kilbombers, have a great season!!

  5. B Dunn says:

    Looks like a good squad with good guys on and off the field and a good manager.

  6. Seth says:

    Thanks brother!

  7. A.Mill says:

    Best of Luck

  8. Don Munford says:

    Thx, Dunner!!

  9. Chad Loudon says:

    Looks like a great squad!! Excellent coach! GL, see yall on the field!

  10. PT34 says:

    No Cliff Willaimson??

  11. Billy Register says:

    Good Luck Fellas !

  12. Brandon Murray says:

    Donnie, I see you have cutter, and chey with you, these two are outstanding people, good luck with your team, remember night games at Disney the ball flys. cutter and chey know this.

  13. bunn18 says:

    Great group of guys here good luck next year taylormade always puts a good classy team on the field every season. and a good group of coaches got get em donnie.

  14. donald munford says:

    Thx, Chad.

  15. donald munford says:

    Thx Brandon, happy to have them both!!

  16. donald munford says:

    Thx Billy and Matt.

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