Saturday May 26th, 2018

2017 Nationwide Conference USSSA Computer Rankings!

2017 Computer rankings after 22 tournaments, 'A' Worlds, and Conf Championships
Teams have to have at least 19 games against a 'B' or higher opponent to be listed.'s


2017 Nationwide Conference USSSA


Computer Rankings


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SoftballCenter's Overall Nationwide Conference USSSA Computer Rankings



Computer Rankings by Classification



The minimum number of Conference 'B' and above games to be eligible for the Computer Rankings is currently 19.    

The computer rankings rules have been unchanged since its beginning in 2008.

SOS stand for "Strength of Schedule"
Rankings Formula explained:         
Each team receives:          
 8 points for defeating a Major class team        
 5 points for defeating an AA class team        
 2 points for defeating a A class team        
 1 points for defeating a B class team        
Each team receives an additional:        
 8 points for winning a tournament        
 6 points for finishing 2nd         
 4 points for finishing 3rd         
 2 points for finishing 4th         
And finally each team has their point total reduced by:       
 1 point for each time they lose to a major team       
 2 points for losing to an AA team         
 3 points for losing to an A team         
 4 points for losing to a B team         
 5 points for losing to a C team         
 6 points for losing to a D team         
 8 points for losing to an E team.         
Each teams total points are then divided by the number of games they have played against upper level (Major, A, and B) teams.
So the formula in mathmatical terms would be:        
AveragePointsPerGame =          
/ (total games vs M, AA, A, B)         
In short the formula is:
AveragePointsPerGame =         
((weighted wins against upper teams)        
+ (weighted top 4 in tournament finishes)        
– (weighted losses))          
/ (# of upper games)          
The average points per game is then sorted highest to lowest and those are the rankings.











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