Saturday May 26th, 2018

Updated 8/8 —> 2017 Conference Roster Moves since start of season

Let me know if you see any mistakes.

I have to say this is unofficial as there have been so many roster moves I may have missed or made a mistake on one.

But I think these are all the roster moves that have been made.

Date Team Add/Release First Name Last Name
8/4/2017 Dan Smith Add Christian Cancio
8/4/2017 Fence Brokers Add Anthony Wehr
8/4/2017 Rebel Add Brad Marlette
8/4/2017 Rebel Add Chris Wilson
8/4/2017 Precision Release Bryan Porter
8/4/2017 Premier Add Jason White
8/4/2017 Premier Add Joseph Horsley
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Brian Therkildsen
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Logan Wysong
8/4/2017 Dan Smith Add Christian Cancio
8/4/2017 Bad Draw Add Toby Williams
8/4/2017 Tradesmen Add William Blue
8/4/2017 Tradesmen Release Carlos Cruz
8/4/2017 Tradesmen Release Tomas Martinez
8/4/2017 Tradesmen Release Kyle Hart
8/4/2017 Fence Brokers Release William Bradley
8/4/2017 Fence Brokers Release Danny Rodriguez
8/4/2017 Precision Add Roberto Pajon
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Trenzie Campbell
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Trenton Simms
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Brian Bohanon
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Trey Branscum
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Nate Brock
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Rodney Fail
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Jeremy Guess
8/4/2017 AllOut Add Donald Plaisance
8/4/2017 Precision Add Jason Magnum
8/3/2017 The Scene/HDLNS Add Jesse Solomon
8/3/2017 OA Apparel Add John Dutch
8/3/2017 OA Apparel Release Mike Powers
8/2/2017 Racks Add JD Genter
8/2/2017 Racks Add Reggie Schulte
8/1/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Billy Barrett
8/1/2017 Nightmare Release Andre Magallon
8/1/2017 Rebel Add Jeremiah Henry
8/1/2017 Rebel Add Branden Waterman
8/1/2017 Rebel Release Clint Miller
8/1/2017 Nightmare Add Marieo Foster
8/1/2017 Nightmare Release Jesse Solomon
8/1/2017 TDB/TMSports Release Kevin Johnson
8/1/2017 Nightmare Add Mike Williams
8/1/2017 Pure Sports Release Mike Williams
7/31/2017 TDB/TMSports Add Aaron Lewicki
7/31/2017 Fence Brokers Add Daniel Herren
7/31/2017 Worth Astros Add Jesse Young
7/31/2017 Insidious Release Jeremy Guess
7/31/2017 Precision Add Kyle Cowart
7/31/2017 Fence Brokers Add Chris Robertson
7/31/2017 AllOut Add Will Weakley
7/31/2017 AllOut Add Matt Michael
7/31/2017 AllOut Release Grant Grimmett
7/31/2017 Cornerstone Release Clayton Jackson
7/31/2017 Cornerstone Release Austin Jackson
7/31/2017 Nightmare Add Tommy Melton
7/28/2017 Pure Sports Add Brandon Jonas
7/28/2017 Classic Glass Release Brandon Jonas
7/28/2017 Racks Add Chris Terry
7/28/2017 Newbreed Release Chris Terry
7/28/2017 Cornerstone Add Phillip White
7/28/2017 Cornerstone Add Matt Bunn
7/28/2017 Cornerstone Add Clayton Jackson
7/28/2017 Cornerstone Release Corey Brizzee
7/27/2017 Tradesmen Add Mareceo Rutledge
7/27/2017 Classic Glass Add Tyson Steele
7/27/2017 Primetime Add Danarra Jackson
7/27/2017 Primetime Release Adam Baker
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Michael Babbs
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Anqanius Fraziers
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Dan Holcombs
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Derrick Jones
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Christopher Little
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Anthony McConnells
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Jeffrey Meadows
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Lance Riggs
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Ricky Smiths
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Justin Steelmons
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Billy Waltrips
7/27/2017 Insidious Release Jeremy Wellss
7/27/2017 The Scene/HDLNS Add Joey Formosa
7/26/2017 Classic Glass Add Clif Williamson
7/26/2017 Classic Glass Release Chris Smith
7/26/2017 Cornerstone Add Timothy Jackson
7/26/2017 Cornerstone Add Corey Brizzee
7/25/2017 Pure Sports Release Donald Plaisance
7/25/2017 Pure Sports Add Alzavian VenDarren Rush
7/25/2017 Pure Sports Add Jared Hunt
7/25/2017 Pure Sports Release Jovan Alston
7/25/2017 Insidious Release Logan Wysong
7/25/2017 Insidious Release Trey Branscum
7/25/2017 Worth Astros Release Josh Buckner
7/25/2017 Bay Area Legends Add Mario Granados
7/25/2017 Bad Draw Add Josh Brown
7/25/2017 Bad Draw Add David Bare
7/25/2017 Bad Draw Release Cory Hill
7/25/2017 Bad Draw Release Rich Racobaldo
7/25/2017 Bad Draw Release Anthony Chavis
7/25/2017 Bad Draw Release Cory Franklin
7/25/2017 Maroadi Release Clayton Farrar
7/25/2017 Racks Release Tyson Steel
7/24/2017 OA Apparel Add Steele Lewis
7/24/2017 OA Apparel Add Stephen Cooper
7/24/2017 OA Apparel Add John Sullivan
7/24/2017 OA Apparel Add Thomas Crump
7/24/2017 OA Apparel Add Jonathan Kilburn
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Robert Brantzeg
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Josh  Brown
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Stephen Cooper
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Thomas Crump
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Barry Fentiman
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release JD Genter
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Isaac Gonzalez
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Jonathan Kilburn
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Steele Lewis
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Keith Lynn
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Jason Magnum
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Dan O'Brien
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Donovan Pokraka
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Ike Rivers
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release John Sullivan
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Kenny Turlington
7/24/2017 Killbombers Release Jason White
7/22/2017 Cornerstone Release Hector Urebaneja
7/21/2017 Maroadi Release James Demarco
7/21/2017 Killbombers Release Robert Blackburn
7/20/2017 Newbreed Release Brian Atchison
7/20/2017 Thunder Add TJ Thompson
7/19/2017 AllOut Release Tyler Green
7/19/2017 AllOut Release Trenton Simms
7/18/2017 Rebel Release Josh Bergeron
7/18/2017 Newbreed Release TJ Thompson
7/18/2017 Racks Add Chad Loudon
7/18/2017 Killbombers Release Chad Loudon
7/18/2017 Killbombers Release Clif Williamson
7/14/2017 OA Apparel Release Ty Cobb
7/14/2017 Cornerstone Add Hector Urebaneja
7/13/2017 Maroadi Add Greg Hawkins
7/13/2017 Maroadi Add Jacob Shiflett
7/13/2017 Maroadi Add Kevin Martin
7/13/2017 Maroadi Release Kevin Dooley
7/13/2017 Tradesmen Add David Goulet
7/13/2017 Newbreed Add TJ Thompson
7/13/2017 Killbombers Add Keith Lynn
7/13/2017 Killbombers Add Jason White
7/13/2017 Killbombers Release Reggie Schulte
7/12/2017 OA Apparel Add Ryan Czyz
7/12/2017 Pure Sports Add Tony Rocha
7/12/2017 Pure Sports Add Jovan Alston
7/12/2017 Pure Sports Release Ryan Czyz
7/11/2017 TG Brand Add Brady Hightchew
7/11/2017 Bad Draw Add Rich Racobaldo
7/11/2017 TDB/TMSports Add Joseph Bennett
7/11/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Joseph Bennett
7/11/2017 AllOut Release John Huffman
7/6/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Artie Barcelo
7/6/2017 AllOut Release Artie Barcelo
7/11/2017 Pure Sports Release Jared Hunt
7/11/2017 Rebel Add Josh Bergeron
7/11/2017 Insidious Add Derrick Jones
7/11/2017 Insidious Add Ricky Smith
7/11/2017 Insidious Add Jeff Meadows
7/11/2017 Insidious Release Roberto Duran
7/11/2017 Insidious Release Manuel Acosta
7/11/2017 Insidious Release Ricky Reeves
7/11/2017 Insidious Release Dustin Baxter
7/11/2017 AllOut Release Tre Campbell
7/11/2017 Insidious Release Spency Selby
7/11/2017 Steel Release Addison Rayford
7/11/2017 Steel Release Nate Brock
7/11/2017 Xtreme Release Cory Hines
7/11/2017 Newbreed Add Richard Buck
7/6/2017 Cornerstone Release William Agney
7/5/2017 Classic Glass Add Karlan Andrews
7/5/2017 Bad Draw Add Cory Hill
7/5/2017 Steel Add Addison Rayford
7/5/2017 Seminoles Add Tony Sanchez
7/5/2017 OA Apparel Add Ty Cobb
7/5/2017 Tradesmen Release Jadin Bussio
7/4/2017 Racks Add David Johnson
7/3/2017 OA Apparel Release Justin Barber
7/3/2017 Classic Glass Add Chris Smith
7/3/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Kevin Filby
7/3/2017 JBL Add Mark Shaffer
6/30/2017 Newbreed Add Brian Atchison
6/30/2017 AllOut Add Curtis Day
6/30/2017 Steel Add Matt Kuehl
6/30/2017 Steel Release Casey Brown
6/30/2017 Insidious Add Anquanius Frazier
6/30/2017 Insidious Add Anthony McConnell
6/30/2017 Insidious Add Jeremy Wells
6/30/2017 Insidious Release George Harris
6/30/2017 Insidious Release Daniel Herron
6/29/2017 Worth Astros Add Dal Beggs
6/29/2017 OA Apparel Release Bo Andrews
6/29/2017 Steel Add Matt Kuehl
6/29/2017 Steel Release Casey Brown
6/28/2017 AllOut Add John Huffman
6/28/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Josh Riley
6/28/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Angelo Marsella
6/28/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Seth Green
6/28/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Mark McCorrison
6/28/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Scott Sunderland
6/28/2017 Worth Astros Release Josh Riley
6/28/2017 Killbombers Add Robert Blackburn
6/28/2017 OA Apparel Add Frank Yeilding
6/28/2017 Dan Smith Add Johnathon Williams
6/28/2017 OA Apparel Release Johnathon Williams
6/28/2017 Dan Smith Release Frank Yeilding
6/28/2017 Pure Sports Release Zane Migues
6/28/2017 Tradesmen Release Kade Christensen
6/27/2017 Fence Brokers Add Kevin Bryant
6/26/2017 Racks Release William Hickok Jr
6/26/2017 AllOut Release Daniel Del Hierro
6/26/2017 Bay Area Legends Add Adam Smylie
6/26/2017 AllOut Add Daniel Lopez
6/26/2017 AllOut Release Rodney Fail
6/26/2017 AllOut Release Richard Salazar
6/26/2017 Bay Area Legends Release John Huffman
6/23/2017 Maroadi Add James Demarco
6/21/2017 Classic Glass Release Chris Smith
6/20/2017 Pure Sports Add Joseph Apostoli
6/20/2017 Steel Add Matt Schrage
6/19/2017 AllOut Release Rashad Robinson
6/19/2017 AllOut Release Sean Derbes
6/19/2017 AllOut Add Richard Salazar
6/19/2017 AllOut Add Rodney Fail
6/19/2017 Bay Area Legends Add Marcus Thornton
6/19/2017 Classic Glass Release Ryan Goodman
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add William Bradley
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Zack Willoughby
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Scott Krutel
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Matt Adams
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Nick Dotson
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Daniel Homann
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Harley Page
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Michael Schofield
6/19/2017 Fence Brokers Add Danny Rodriguez
6/19/2017 Insidious Release John Chaisson
6/19/2017 Insidious Release Chris Munoz
6/19/2017 Insidious Release Angel Cabrera
6/19/2017 Insidious Add Manuel Acosta
6/19/2017 Insidious Add Roberto Duran
6/19/2017 Money Release Joshua Bergeron
6/19/2017 Money Release Joe Brown
6/19/2017 Money Release Ethan Guinn
6/19/2017 Money Release Larry Juarez
6/19/2017 Money Release William Sandifer
6/19/2017 Money Release Vincent Segura
6/19/2017 Racks Add William Hickok Jr
6/19/2017 Rebel Release Trent Sizemore
6/19/2017 Resmondo Add Ryan Goodman
6/16/2017 Precision Release Marcus Thornton
6/15/2017 Insidious Release Chris Robertson
6/15/2017 Killbombers Release Cody Leichman
6/15/2017 Maroadi Release Zach Ross
6/15/2017 Worth Astros Add Brandon Patzig
6/13/2017 AllOut Release Brandon Patzig
6/13/2017 Bad Draw Release Danny Lopez
6/13/2017 Newbreed Add Billy Messina
6/12/2017 Insidious Add Chris Little
6/12/2017 Insidious Add George Harris
6/12/2017 Insidious Release Eric Moore
6/12/2017 Maroadi Release Mark Schaeffer
6/12/2017 Money Release Mike Williams
6/12/2017 Pure Sports Add Mike Williams
6/12/2017 Worsham Release Josh Bierschenk
6/12/2017 Worsham Release Austin Green
6/8/2017 Cornerstone Release Rick Sills
6/8/2017 Cornerstone Release Anthony Mattix
6/8/2017 Cornerstone Release Red Moore
6/8/2017 Money Release Brian Bohanon
6/7/2017 Worsham Add Cody Pack
6/6/2017 Money Release Ethan Stuckly
6/6/2017 Money Release Matt Schrage
6/6/2017 Money Release Clay Smitherman
6/6/2017 Money Release Peter Hernandez
6/6/2017 Money Release David Miller
6/5/2017 Killbombers Release Cody Pack
6/5/2017 Precision Release Alex Abraham
6/5/2017 Pure Sports Release Josh Wright
6/5/2017 Racks Release Adam Smylie
6/5/2017 Worsham Add Curtis Cornett
6/5/2017 Worsham Release Richard Salazar
6/5/2017 Xtreme Add Daniel Evans
6/1/2017 Fence Brokers Release Lane Ballard
6/1/2017 Killbombers Add Kenny Turlington
6/1/2017 L&S Glass Release Kristofer Kelleher
6/1/2017 L&S Glass Release Brian Slaven
6/1/2017 L&S Glass Release Kevin Bishop
6/1/2017 L&S Glass Add Tyler Espland
6/1/2017 L&S Glass Add Rodee Anderson
5/31/2017 Precision Add Marcus Thornton
5/31/2017 Resmondo Add Paul Berndt
5/31/2017 SIS/Albicocco Release Kevin Filby
5/30/2017 Dan Smith Release Joey Formosa
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Ben Nelson
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Justin Holt
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Kevin Bryant
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release John Hughes
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Matt Buie
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Jason McCrary
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Ben Boyett
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Bubba Tuggle
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Matt Spradlin
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Carl West
5/30/2017 Fence Brokers Release Matt Smith
5/30/2017 Insidious Add Angel Cabrera
5/30/2017 Insidious Add Christopher Munoz
5/30/2017 Seminoles Release Mike Cirillo
5/29/2017 Classic Glass Release Tyler Espland
5/26/2017 Cornerstone Add Lou Mongelli
5/26/2017 JBL Release Clayton Shaw
5/26/2017 Pure Sports Add Tyler Zwosta
5/26/2017 Xtreme Add Cooper Vittitow
5/26/2017 Xtreme Release Curtis Cornett
5/25/2017 Nightmare Release Austin Peacock
5/25/2017 Tradesmen Add Kade Christensen
5/24/2017 Insidious Release Eric Pando
5/24/2017 Insidious Release Alex Pando
5/24/2017 JBL Add Tanai Alston
5/24/2017 Killbombers Add JD Genter
5/24/2017 Nightmare Add Troy St.Clair
5/23/2017 Money Release Marcus Thornton
5/23/2017 Rebel Add William Block
5/23/2017 Seminoles Release Greg Guess
5/23/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Mike Snyder
5/23/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Cooper Vittitow
5/22/2017 Cornerstone Add Brandon Scott
5/22/2017 Cornerstone Add Cody Gaskill
5/22/2017 Rebel Add Chris Waterman
5/22/2017 Rebel Add Tony Elrod
5/22/2017 Rebel Release Joe Horvath
5/22/2017 Rebel Release Joe Vance
5/22/2017 Rebel Release Danny Evans
5/22/2017 Seminoles Release Terrin Thrash
5/22/2017 Steel Release Rodney Fail
5/18/2017 AllOut Release Mark Corey
5/18/2017 AllOut Add Grant Grimmett
5/18/2017 L&S Glass Add Kris Kelleher
5/18/2017 Maroadi Release Khristian Geraci
5/18/2017 Money Release Grant Grimmett
5/18/2017 Pure Sports Release Tanai Alston
5/18/2017 Worsham Add Tim Barberi
5/16/2017 Bad Draw Add Paul Winner
5/16/2017 Baugh Ford Add Adam Tennyson
5/16/2017 Seminoles Add Corey Tapp
5/16/2017 Seminoles Add Justin Hall
5/16/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Adam Tennyson
5/15/2017 AllOut Add Trenton Simms
5/15/2017 HB Softball Release Justin Pierce
5/15/2017 Money Add Marcus Thornton
5/15/2017 OC Swats Release Bryce Oliviera
5/15/2017 Pure Sports Add Bryce Oliviera
5/15/2017 Steel Release Donte Lapoint
5/15/2017 Worsham Release Tony Flores
5/15/2017 Xtreme Add Cole Campbell
5/15/2017 Xtreme Add Brandon Roberts
5/14/2017 AllOut Add Artie Barcelo
5/14/2017 HB Softball Release Nick Bishop
5/14/2017 Precision Add Lossen White
5/14/2017 Racks Add Brett Rettenmeier
5/14/2017 Racks Release Tim Howard
5/14/2017 Seminoles Add Greg Guess
5/14/2017 Worsham Add Mike Mallory
5/12/2017 AllOut Add Trey Campbell
5/12/2017 Bay Area Legends Release Cal Ford
5/12/2017 Classic Glass Add Pilar Amaya
5/12/2017 Cornerstone Add Chris Stamper
5/12/2017 Dan Smith Release Marcus Thornton
5/12/2017 Killbombers Add Josh Brown
5/12/2017 Killbombers Add Isaiah Rivers
5/12/2017 Money Add Vincent Segura
5/12/2017 Money Release Joe Marquez
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Robert Blackburn
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Josh Brown
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Pilar Amaya
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Chris Wilson
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Chris Stamper
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Paul Winner
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release JD Genter
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Chuck Koone
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Trenton Simms
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Tre Campbell
5/12/2017 OC Swats Release Mike Mallory
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Ryan Stovall
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Jeremy Yates
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Andrew Vitcak
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Brian Logan
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Neil Haglund
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Kevin Kennington
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Add Joseph Bennett
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Artie Barcelo
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Mike Cervantes
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Tyler Garretson
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Chris Goyette
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Jake Kessler
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Micah Schnurstein
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Jason White
5/12/2017 SIS/Thunder Release Lossen White
5/12/2017 Worsham Release Matthew York
5/11/2017 Backman Release Steven Lloyd
5/11/2017 Dan Smith Add Steven Lloyd
5/11/2017 HB Softball Add Nick Bishop
5/11/2017 Newbreed Add Lee Powers
5/11/2017 Rebel Add Joe Horvath
5/11/2017 Steel Add Dustin Roberts
5/11/2017 Steel Add Berk Cook
5/10/2017 Cornerstone Release Scott Hartling
5/10/2017 Cornerstone Release   Smith
5/10/2017 Cornerstone Release Kyle Whitlock
5/10/2017 Killbombers Add Reggie Schulte
5/10/2017 Rebel Add Clinton Miller
5/10/2017 Rebel Add Josh Smith
5/10/2017 Rebel Add Joe Vance
5/9/2017 AllOut Release Don Thompson
5/9/2017 Backman Release Jeff Lahair
5/9/2017 Backman Release Brett Rettenmeier
5/9/2017 Backman Release Dal Beggs
5/9/2017 Backman Release Scott Sunderland
5/9/2017 Backman Release Aaron Lewicki
5/9/2017 Backman Release Billy Register
5/9/2017 Backman Release Billy Moran
5/9/2017 Backman Release Orlando Castillo
5/9/2017 Backman Release Lee Powers
5/9/2017 HB Softball Add Terry Patesel
5/9/2017 HB Softball Release Guy McComas
5/9/2017 HB Softball Release Justin Harrison
5/9/2017 HB Softball Release Kenny Mitz
5/9/2017 Insidious Add Dustin Baxter
5/9/2017 Insidious Add Daniel Herren
5/9/2017 Insidious Add James Delagarza
5/9/2017 OC Swats/Semper Release Dustin Roberts
5/9/2017 Tradesmen Add Olivier Blier
5/9/2017 Tradesmen Release Mack Lee
5/9/2017 Tradesmen Release Trey Neri
5/8/2017 Backman Release Reggie Schulte
5/8/2017 Killbombers Release Adam Barberi
5/8/2017 Maroadi Add Douglas Phillips
5/7/2017 TDB Release Dan Norquist
5/7/2017 TDB Release Nick Sansone
5/4/2017 HB Softball Add Matt Needham
5/4/2017 HB Softball Release Josh Greer
5/4/2017 HB Softball Release Terry Patesel
5/4/2017 Killbombers Add Cody Leichman
5/4/2017 OC Swats Release Matt Adams
5/4/2017 Primetime Add Anthony Mastrogiovanni
5/4/2017 Primetime Release David Morrow
5/3/2017 Cornerstone Add Kyle Whitlock
5/3/2017 HB Softball Add Justin Harrison
5/3/2017 HB Softball Add Kenny Mitz
5/3/2017 HB Softball Add Guy Mccomas
5/3/2017 TG/HDLNS Add Dan Feichtner
5/2/2017 Baugh Ford Release Berk Cook
5/2/2017 OC Swats Add Charles Koone
5/2/2017 Premier Release Dan Feichtner
5/2/2017 Rebel Release Matthew Paradise
5/2/2017 Rebel Release Cody Edwards
5/2/2017 TDB Release Anthony Mastrogiovanni
5/1/2017 Bay Area Legends Add Ryan Ramirez
5/1/2017 Pure Sports Release Jermaine Flythe
5/1/2017 Pure Sports Release Frank Longello
5/1/2017 Pure Sports Release Kyle Walden
5/1/2017 Worsham Release Charles Koone
4/29/2017 Racks Release Orlando Cano
4/28/2017 AllOut Release Randy Frederick
4/28/2017 Seminoles Add Michael Cirillo
4/27/2017 Classic Glass Add DJ Hollingsworth
4/27/2017 Newbreed Release DJ Hollingsworth
4/27/2017 Newbreed Add Ryan Parfitt
4/27/2017 Rebel Release Jerimiah Henry
4/27/2017 Rebel Release Brad Marlette
4/27/2017 Rebel Release Branden Blake
4/27/2017 Rebel Add Matthew Paradise
4/27/2017 Rebel Add Cody Edwards
4/26/2017 AllOut Release Troy St Clair
4/26/2017 Maroadi Release Cole Taylor
4/26/2017 Maroadi Add Josh Bolyard
4/26/2017 OA Apparel Release Evan Jarman
4/25/2017 Baugh Ford Release Matt Brooks
4/25/2017 TG Brand Release Alex Cowart
4/25/2017 TG Brand Release Kyle Burkhardt
4/24/2017 Money Release Michael Martinez
4/24/2017 Money Release Michael Cirillo
4/24/2017 Pure Sports Add Michael Verbasco
4/24/2017 Seminoles Release James Delagarza
4/24/2017 Seminoles Release Harley Page
4/23/2017 Killbombers Release Taylor Albrecht
4/23/2017 Killbombers Release Manny Madrigal
4/22/2017 Tradesmen Add Francois Henry
4/22/2017 Tradesmen Add Jason Legault
4/19/2017 OC Swats Add Michael Beery
4/19/2017 Pure Sports Add Brandon Lester
4/19/2017 TDB Add Anthony Mastrogiovanni
4/18/2017 AllOut Add Don Thompson
4/18/2017 AllOut Add Troy St Clair
4/18/2017 AllOut Add Randy Frederick
4/18/2017 AllOut Add Daniel Del Hierro
4/18/2017 Dan Smith Add Freddie Bynum
4/18/2017 Steel Add Donte Lapoint
4/18/2017 Steel Add Craig Rodriguez
4/18/2017 Steel Add Travis Hulbert
4/18/2017 Worsham Release Freddie Bynum
4/18/2017 Worsham Add Josh Biershenk
4/18/2017 Worsham Add Matt York
4/17/2017 Cornerstone Add William Agey
4/17/2017 Cornerstone Add Scott Hartling
4/17/2017 Insidious Release John Glenn
4/16/2017 Nightmare Release Travis Hulbert
4/16/2017 Thunder Add Tyler Garretson
4/14/2017 AllOut Add Tyler Green
4/14/2017 Dan Smith Release Tyler Green
4/14/2017 Rebel Release David Perez
4/14/2017 Rebel Add Brian Tveita
4/14/2017 Rebel Add Brad Marlette
4/14/2017 Rebel Add Branden Blake
4/14/2017 Rebel Add Jeremiah Henry
4/13/2017 Money Add William Sandifer
4/13/2017 Money Add Michael Martinez
4/13/2017 OC Swats Release Mike Dill
4/13/2017 OC Swats Add Robert Blackburn
4/12/2017 TG Brand Add Ryan Mullen
4/11/2017 Backman Add William Moran
4/11/2017 Maroadi Add Zach Ross
4/11/2017 Maroadi Release Erik Curry
4/11/2017 Wileys Release Paul Jackson
4/11/2017 Wileys Add Dennis Guinn
4/11/2017 Wileys Add Alejandro Castellon
4/10/2017 Seminoles Add James Delagarza
4/7/2017 Killbombers Add Robert Brantzeg
4/4/2017 OC Swats Add Chris Waterman
4/1/2017 Killbombers Release Allan Ouellette
4/1/2017 Killbombers Add Michael Melton
3/26/2017 Maroadi Release Chris Nichols
3/26/2017 Maroadi Add Chris Nichols
3/24/2017 OC Swats Add Matthew Adams
3/24/2017 Pure Sports Add Zane Migues
3/24/2017 Pure Sports Add Jermaine Flythe
3/24/2017 Pure Sports Add Andrew Filoteo

6 responses to “Updated 8/8 —> 2017 Conference Roster Moves since start of season”

  1. David Henry says:

    Damn all out dropped Merk after he lead them in the dual in hitting???

  2. Mike Henry says:

    What’s up with Shoppe releasing all those players?

  3. Adam Luther says:

    If those drops are correct how do shoppe even have enough guys to field a team?

  4. Jeff says:

    Nice to see Billy Messina back coaching after being released(?) when Travis Resmondo brought his support to Brett and the Easton guys

  5. Why? says:

    With all the solid talent in the country why would Resmondo pick up Goodman? Seems like they could have anyone they want.

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