Tuesday April 24th, 2018

2016 USSSA Columbus Major game videos


These are all the livestream recordings that I have found in the archive.

I set the streams to record for every single game on the main 4 fields but for reasons the programmers still don't know only some show up in the archives.

If anyone watches any of these and sees a great play, email me at dw@softballcenter.com the game and time in the video.

Backman vs Resmondo championship games

Backman vs Resmondo winner's final, also some Vivid vs Smash It Sunday morning

The Scene vs Vivid 5th place game

Xtreme vs Smash It Sports 5th place game

BHR vs Resmondo Friday this video also has Fridays STL vs Newbreed, Thunder vs JBL Tailgaters, and Saturdays TG/Reds vs Buffalo Wings

Above All vs Rebel Friday also has Primetime vs Eurotech, Vivid vs Buffalo Rings, and BHR vs Nager

Past ipod archives here




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  1. Rookie2012 says:

    Is there a way to download the games from the site?

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