Friday April 27th, 2018

2016 Tailgaters/JBL/B&E/Worth team!


Tailgaters/JBL/B&E/Worth – OHIO

Tim Sheeler (Tailgaters)
Bill Lewis (Tailgaters)
Chris Miller (Tailgaters)
Chris Hoffer (TG)
Jonathan Dombrowski (Tailgaters)
Matt Miller (VCH)
Ryan Roppel (VCH)
Darren Graham (Tailgaters)
DJ Schreckengost (Tailgaters)
Kenny Balderson (Tailgaters)
Mike Noffsinger (Tailgaters)
Jesse Young (Tailgaters)
Doug Ruble (Tailgaters)
Mike Dzanaj (Tailgaters)
Doug Kosmerl (Tailgaters)
Charles Cunningaham
Jamie Simpson
Mike Fiorelli (One Cut)

Mike Paterak- Sponsor (Tailgaters)
Bill Lewis- Sponsor (JBL)
Jay Elkin- Sponsor (B&E)
Cliff Majni- Coach

2 responses to “2016 Tailgaters/JBL/B&E/Worth team!”

  1. MidWest99 says:

    Class B or A for these guys?

  2. Myles "Chilly-Mac" McPherson says:

    Good luck this season fellas!

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