Tuesday June 19th, 2018

2016 Steel Athletics / Miken / Powerhouse Sportz team!


2016 Steel Athletics / Miken / Powerhouse Sportz

Bobby Mitchell
Toby Letak
Cedrick Johnson
Ethan Gunn
Cole Campbell
Richard Salazar
Pedro Hernandez
Nick Shay
Matthew Vasquez
Rodney Fail
Donte Lapoint
Mark Cridland
Arthur Ramos
Mark Holsonbaock

April USSSA Houston
May USSSA Euless, Texas
May USSSA Atlanta
June USSSA Tulsa
July USSSA Arkansas
July USSSA Smoky
July USSSA Cajun
August USSSA Michigan
August USSSA 'A' World
September USSSA 'B' World


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