Thursday April 26th, 2018

2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA Points Scenarios (Unofficial)


2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA 

Points Scenarios going into Last Chance Major!


Thank you to the player Dan Kirkwood that sent in these possible point scenarios for the Conference and for his hard work on this and to Don Cooper for the original idea to create a points scenarios spread sheet.  I spent about an hour this morning mulling over the sheet and verifying the math involved and feel comfortable displaying it here.

As we head into the last regular season Major where points can be earned lets recap.  Backman will win the regular season Conference Championship and I don't believe they can lose the #1 seed because the most points that Resmondo can gain at the Conference Championships is 80 points.  Congratulations to Backman on their first ever regular season championship and for the #1 seed at the USSSA Major World Series which of course means home team in their games!  Smash It Sports can still get 3rd place in the final standings.  The race for 14, 15, 16 is up for grabs.  Who will play their way in?  AllOut and Vivid will gain points with a 17th or higher finish.  Line Drive can do some damage with every spot they get 9th or higher.  Everyone above JBL/Tailgaters who is 12th should be safely in the top 16 and JBL and Xtreme are in a pretty good spot but could sweat it out if all the teams below them win their first couple games.  So the real battle is between TM Sports, Line Drive, Vivid, Nightmare, Allout, and Bay Area Legends!

This is unofficial of course.  If you see a mistake please email me and I will fix immediately.

If a field on the spreadsheet is left empty it means the team is not playing that event. 

Green means the team can improve their score.

Red means that finish will not improve the teams score.

Power Rating is a teams in class strength.  1st tie breaker is higher classification.  2nd tie breaker is in class Power Rating.


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  1. Sims44 says:

    Any idea how many total teams (including non conference teams) will be in Michigan?

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