Sunday April 22nd, 2018

2016 Free Agent list! Updated 2/17/2016

This list is the same as theoldscout list.   

If you don't see your name on this list please email me at to be added.

P   Lloyd Watson TX M Backman
MI 2B Josh Buckner MO A Combat/NWA
CF   Caezar Camarillo CA A OC Swats
IF OF Kyndrich Doggett FL A Reds Astros
OF 2B Francois Henry Canada A Combat NWA
P   Kevin Johnson GA A Combat NWA
P   Shawn Jones FL A OI Livingston
IF   Chris Arredondo CA B GTS
OF   Marshall Cody FL B Military
OF IF Marquis Blake FL B Semper
P   John Brown CA B Classic Glass  
RF LF/2B Kelly Davis AR B Bear Hollow
P   PJ Garcia CO B AZM
3B 1B/2B Robert Gauden Canada B Team Canada
P   Jeff Graus MI B Above All Landscaping
OF   Westy Guill CA B OC Swats 559-970-4893
1B 2B,3B,P Jay Hill CA B OC Swats
3B 1B John Huffman CA B AZM
1B   Shaul Illidge Aruba C Worsham
P MI/2B Cedric Johnson TX B Nightmare
1B OF Bryan Lang AZ B AZM
CF OF Kyle Morgan   B KG Slayer
1B OF Chris McCreery GA B Above All 2014
OF   Cody Pack TN B KG Slayer
P 1B/C/EH Pat Paschal NW B GTS  
1B any Todd Pease VA B Peak
CF OF Matt Rogers IN B 3rd Street
P   Jake Rushing FL B OI Livingston
1B OF/C Nicholas Scarborough NY ? Team Farras Nomad
MI   Ken Tracy AZ/CA B AZM / 4TF  
P 1B Corie Waldrep TX B Nightmare
CF SS Noah Wethington IL B Nightmare
P IF Jeremy Whaley IA B BBS
1B   Steve Zemanek OH B VCH
CF MI Garrett Baxley TX C? ?
MI OF Joshua Bergeron TX ? ?
P   Jeff Bobyack TN
IF   Alejandro Castellon FL C S2S REM
DH 1B/C Jeffrey Chenier TX C
1B OF Brook Crawford OH C MJ Lowe
2B IF Jeff Crouse Canada ? ? Interview coming soon
IF/OF 3B Leroy Dozal CA C SDI
1B C Todd Erickson FL
SS IF Nate Gessell CO C Peak
OF/IF   Delmetrius Hornesbuger VA C Worsham 501-541-5120
C/EH   Jason Kirby IL C Precision Recovery
P   Corey Kluth WI C Chi-Town
1B 3B Tim Lemponen SC C
MI OF Devin Luckett KY C Free Agent Page coming soon!
2B P, 1B Keith Lynn IN C Bloomington Moose
IF OF Tyler Martin MS C Free Agent Page coming soon!
    Scott McDermott TN C H&H/CTS  
MI   Sean Moore NM C Rip City
IF OF Jose Mouriz FL C/D SDA  
1B/3B C/EH Archie Pemberton IN C Bloomington Moose
1B 3B Sherod Sanders OH C
CF UT Brian Spenn IN C SFS/Wildman  
1B C/EH Eric Wolfe NM C GHK
SS 2B Matthew York KY C RSC
SS   Gabriel Arias NJ   Ads/Unique Image
SS IF Elvin Caban CT D Country Paintworks
1B/P 2B Abdul Gaines FL D Parts Plus
IF OF Billy Maki MA
3B P Donte Miles NC D Fleetmaster
P IF/OF Corey Miller AZ   Myautojack
P MI Will New SC   Worsham
P OF Jason Wagenblast NM D/E
    Chance Smith  

6 responses to “2016 Free Agent list! Updated 2/17/2016”

  1. will new says:

    Still available. Looking for a new home this coming season.

  2. Free Agent team from CA/ AZ says:

    11 guys on here from CA / AZ, all but 1 rated above C. Pay your own way, play a West Coast schedule.

  3. Delmetrius Hornesbuger says:

    I’m a utility player looking for a conference team

  4. York says:

    Still available and looking for a team for the 2016 season

  5. Leroy Dozal says:

    Give me a shot, will make you famous! Still very active and available to travel; I am a school teacher and have lots of free-time, been playing C or higher for over 20 yrs. In great shape, currently play 40 major plus with Prestiege out of NorCal and play primarily LF (5man defense) and back-up 3rd/2nd if’s I was known as a 2nd/3bagger..played these in college.

  6. Matthew York says:

    Still available and looking for a conference team. Thank you. Hope to hear from someone soon. Call or text 716-679-6619

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