Monday March 27th, 2017

2016 D2E Atlanta Major tournament preview!


"Peach State" Major


Conference USSSA!


May 28-29


Tournament Preview



2016 Atlanta bracket link



The annual "Peach State" Shootout this year is at Al Bishop Park again this Saturday and Sunday.  Al Bishop has 5 – 300 foot fenced fields and the weather should be warm and sunny and the top teams should be The Scene, Precision, and OC Swats.  There are 26 teams fighting it out and 9 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams fighting it out for 192 points.  The weather looks good and it should be warmer so it will be interesting to see how those Dudley Classic M's that seem harder this year fly?   Last year remember it was the 'D' team D2E/K-Pow that upset four conference teams to finish in 2nd place behind Xtreme/Miken and this tournament has a history of upsets.  Teams like OC Swats that seem to play better against higher classed teams will have to take all opponents seriously to have a chance.

There will only be one livestream camera that I sent to Atlanta and will hopefully be set up by the directors there and should be online around 10 AM Saturday morning.  Remember this is a Saturday/Sunday tournament, no games on Friday.   

Team Breakdown:
26 Teams Overall
9 Conference USSSA Teams
3 'AA' Teams
4 'A' Teams
4 'B' Teams
6 'C' Teams
9 'D/E' Teams 


Livestreaming and Chat Room!

The chat room will also be up and running all weekend. will livestream Field #4 only




I (DW) will do the picks this week.  In the top half OC Swats has to travel well, and Precision who may be a little shorthanded has to deal with Above All Landscaping who is due for some success in Atlanta.  Tough picks.  Also hearing GPO picked up some good conference players for the weekend.  The top of the bracket is a crap shoot.  Lets go with Precision over OC Swats but your guess is as good as mine.  In the bottom half of the bracket lets go with the Scene over Buffalo Wings but D2E/K-Pow has a nice spot in the bracket to make another run.

Final 4 lets go with 1) Scene  2) OC Swats  3) Precision  4) Steel

Going to be a long day on Saturday though and we know a few of these top teams have stamina problems.  🙂

Above All, GPO, Southern Mayhem, D2E, Advantage, HGC, and Primetime playing on their home turf are all capable of pulling off a top 4 but I think the win comes from the top 4 I listed.

OldScout poll results



Al Bishop fields has 5 symmetrical 300 foot fields

1082 Al Bishop Dr Marietta, Georgia 30008




Weekend Weather



Past Winners!


2015 Winner – Xtreme/Miken

2015 Atlanta Tournament Report


2014 Winner – Albicocco/The Scene/Easton

2014 Atlanta tournament report link

2012 Winner – Demarini/Dirty

2012 Atlanta tournament report link


2013 Atlanta tournament report link

2011 Atlanta tournament report link


Past tournament results

2015 Results
1 MN-A Xtreme/Miken
2 GA-D D2E Sports/K-Pow
3 MN-B Encompass/Eurotech/Easton/CA
4 GA-B Primetime/Easton

2014 Results
1 NY-A Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
2 GA-B OI Livingston/Scotts Lawncare/MWA/Worth
3 AL-A Baugh Doerflinger National Pawn/Easton
4 NJ-B  Above All Landscaping/GWS

2013 Results
1 AL-A Baugh Ford/mojo/louisville slugger
2 GA-B Team Adiktiv/dynasty/d2e/ls/TYJA
3 GA-B Head Hunters / oi livingston / mwa
4 GA-C Eagle Paint

2012 Results
1 FL-A demarini/dirty/3n2/atwldesigns
3 NY-A TYJA – Suncoast Reebok
4 GA-B

2011 Results
1 VA-A Team 454 Emerald/Worth
2 GA-B
3 CT-A Darkside/TYJA/Easton
4 FL-B Wiley's/Supreme/Combat

2010 Results
2 MI-A sinister/line drive/sss/worth/mojo
3 WA-A northwest combat/ cj financial
4 TN-A jean shoppe-easton-down2earthsports

2009 Results
1 FL-A T&R Stucco/Worth
2 TN-A jeanshoppe/chaneys/easton/sports55
3 VA-A taylormade / titan / pas / mizuno
4 FL-A suncoast/quick roofing/reebok

2008 Results
1 ID-A c-town/americanfunding/easton/elite
2 VA-B taylormade/floyd environmental/mizu
3 FL-A T&R Stucco
4 MD-A ABS/Easton




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