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2016 Conference Roster Moves as of 8/12/2016


Last time I posted roster moves was Friday at noon August 5th so there was still a half day to go before the deadline and lots of moves were requested.  Because I was on the road those moves made after noon on Friday, August 5th were not approved or denied or discussed until the following week. 

There will still be roster moves made.  Injuries and life happens and teams continuing their post season more than Worlds were told weeks ago they could still pick up a player if approved to help with all the trips to Florida.

Roster moves as of 8/12/2016


Date Team   First Name Last Name
8/11/2016 Bad Draw Add Corey Rogerson
8/11/2016 Bad Draw Release Roger Bias
8/10/2016 Eurotech Release Ryan Hassler
8/9/2016 STL Mizuno Release Dustin Fleming
8/8/2016 Nightmare Release TD Thrash
8/5/2016 TM Sports Add Dean Stevens
8/5/2016 TM Sports Add Billy Register
8/5/2016 TM Sports Add Dale Neve
8/5/2016 TM Sports Release Tommy Whisnant
8/5/2016 TM Sports Release Shawn Hale
8/5/2016 TM Sports Release Chris Cooper
8/5/2016 Precision Add Chad Durick
8/5/2016 ASP Venom Add Justin Boman
8/5/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Add Shawn Harkins
8/5/2016 ASP Venom Release Ronnie Nissen
8/5/2016 ASP Venom Add Tommy Harville
8/5/2016 TG Brand Add Jayson Scott
8/5/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Add Daniel Bays
8/5/2016 Steel Pending Everett Williams
8/5/2016 Steel Add Steven Malay
8/5/2016 Steel Add Brian Elliott
8/5/2016 Steel Add Nathan Brock
8/5/2016 Steel Release Aaron Nance
8/5/2016 Steel Release Patrick Williams
8/5/2016 Steel Release Richard Salazar
8/5/2016 3rd Street Release Jayson Scott
8/5/2016 All In Add Steve Bosch
8/5/2016 Team Racks Add Robert Sena
8/5/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Ben Falcone
8/5/2016 OC Swats Release Everett Williams
8/5/2016 OC Swats Release Steven Malay
8/5/2016 All Out Add Brian Brilmyer
8/5/2016 All Out Release Randy Jones
8/4/2016 Scene Add Phillip White
8/4/2016 Team Racks Add Josh Taralson
8/4/2016 Team Racks Add Eric Beattie
8/4/2016 STL Mizuno Release Felix Custodio III
8/3/2016 Olmito Heat Add Keith Allen
8/3/2016 Olmito Heat Add Justin Crouch
8/3/2016 Olmito Heat Release Gilbert Castillo
8/3/2016 Olmito Heat Release Mark Burnias
8/3/2016 Above All Add Robert Prihoda
8/3/2016 Team Racks Add Jason Kreider
8/3/2016 STL Mizuno Add Ronnie Crouch
8/3/2016 ASP Venom Add Matthew Schliewe
8/3/2016 Vivid Add Donald Plaisance
8/3/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Add Kyle Bowers
8/3/2016 Line Drive Sportz Add Jason Bridges
8/3/2016 Precision Add Kyle Cowart
8/3/2016 Precision Release Rob Prihoda
8/3/2016 Precision Release Rick McLaughlin
8/3/2016 Precision Release Anthony Sorrentino
8/3/2016 Precision Release Matt Hill
8/3/2016 Precision Release Devin Reilly
8/3/2016 Shirt Doctors Release Landon Chapman
8/2/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release PJ Garcia
8/2/2016 Shirt Doctors Add William Moran
8/2/2016 Shirt Doctors Add Steven Sipos
8/2/2016 Shirt Doctors Release Jeff Turnbow
8/2/2016 Shirt Doctors Release Tony Flores
8/2/2016 Shirt Doctors Release Jimmie Waters
8/2/2016 JBL/Tailgaters Add Matt Rogers
8/2/2016 Allout Add Tyler Wilschetz
8/2/2016 Allout Add Darren Contreras
8/2/2016 Allout Add Ryan Galiher
8/2/2016 Allout Release Nate Brock
8/2/2016 Allout Release Peter Hypolite
8/2/2016 Allout Release Jonell Rosa
8/1/2016 Line Drive Sportz Release Phillip White
8/1/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Josh Ybarra
8/1/2016 Bay Area Legends Release Tommy Harville
8/1/2016 Bay Area Legends Release Ben Falcone
8/1/2016 TG Brand Add Tony Payne
8/1/2016 Nightmare Add David Trammell
8/1/2016 Stars Release Mario Granados
8/1/2016 Line Drive Sportz Add Matt Vern
8/1/2016 Line Drive Sportz Add Brandon Oneal
7/29/2016 All In Add Gregg Matthews
7/29/2016 All In Release Bill Gottschalk
7/29/2016 All In Release David Paddock
7/29/2016 Precision Add Chris Berry
7/29/2016 Precision Add Devin Reilly
7/29/2016 Precision Add Rob Prihoda
7/29/2016 Precision Add Matt Hill
7/29/2016 Precision Add Rick McLaughlin
7/29/2016 Precision Add Anthony Sorrentino
7/29/2016 Precision Release Jeff Baird
7/29/2016 Precision Release Chris Geron
7/29/2016 Precision Release Mark Holstein
7/29/2016 Precision Release Tristan Reimolds
7/29/2016 Precision Release Tyler Kahlke
7/29/2016 Buffalo  Wings and Rings Add Brad Stillwell
7/27/2016 Nightmare Add Josh Collins
7/27/2016 Semper Add Reginald Myers
7/27/2016 Semper Release Kevin Watkins
7/27/2016 Bad Draw Release Celistino Jacinto
7/27/2016 Xtreme Release Brandon Oneal
7/27/2016 Backman Add Aaron Lewicki
7/27/2016 Backman Release Larry Quartuccio
7/27/2016 Backman Release Tony Quartuccio
7/27/2016 Above All Add Stephen Hower
7/26/2016 OC Swats Release Matthew Doty
7/25/2016 Classic Glass Add Vincent Dailey
7/24/2016 TG Brand Add Todd Fairbanks
7/22/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release David Glass
7/22/2016 Steel Add James Nance
7/22/2016 Steel Add Delmetrius Hornesbuger
7/22/2016 Rebel Release Michael Johnson
7/22/2016 Eurotech Add Scott Meyer
7/21/2016 All Out Add Peter Hypolite
7/21/2016 All Out Add Marlon August
7/15/2016 TG Brand Add Brandon Schaiper
7/15/2016 STL Mizuno Add Jacob Lenk
7/15/2016 STL Mizuno Add Danny Engle
7/15/2016 All In Release Kris Sanchez
7/15/2016 All In Release Dee Hornesbuger
7/15/2016 All In Add Bill Gottschalk
7/15/2016 All In Add David Paddock
7/20/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release Chris Berry
7/20/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release Billy Carson
7/19/2016 Thunder Release Chris Perez
7/19/2016 Vivid Release Jason Bridges
7/19/2016 TG Brand Release Jacob Boggess
7/19/2016 TG Brand Release Nathan Barnes
7/19/2016 TG Brand Release Nick Burrus
7/19/2016 TG Brand Release Andy McCoppin
7/19/2016 TG Brand Release Brandon Schaiper
7/14/2016 Bad Draw Add Justin Taylor
7/14/2016 Rebel Add Michael Johnson
7/14/2016 TG Brand Add Jacob Boggess
7/14/2016 TG Brand Add Nathan Barnes
7/14/2016 TG Brand Add Nick Burrus
7/14/2016 TG Brand Add Andy McCoppin
7/13/2016 TG/Red's Astros Release Ryan Curl
7/13/2016 Team Racks Release Chris Arredondo
7/13/2016 Team Racks Release Oliver Henninger
7/13/2016 Smash It Sports Add Jayson Williams
7/12/2016 Vivid Add Keith Martin
7/12/2016 BHR Add Jacob Runte
7/12/2016 BHR Add Roger  Drake
7/12/2016 ASP Venom Add Jason Wilkins
7/12/2016 ASP Venom Add Aaron Gaedtke
7/12/2016 Combat Release Jason Wilkins
7/12/2016 3rd Street Release Keith Martin
7/12/2016 Vivid Release Jayson Williams
7/12/2016 All In Add Kris Sanchez
7/12/2016 All In Release Gregg Matthews
7/12/2016 STL Mizuno Add David Perez
7/12/2016 STL Mizuno Add Felix Custodio III
7/12/2016 Olmito Heat Release Justin Mark
7/12/2016 Thunder Release Charlie Baumgartner
7/12/2016 TG Release Roger Drake
7/11/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Chais Fuller
7/7/2016 Adiktiv Add Brandon Hooks
7/7/2016 Adiktiv Add Daryl Granger
7/7/2016 Adiktiv Add David Burrus
7/7/2016 Bad Draw Add Josh Collins
7/7/2016 Bad Draw Add Jaime Hernandez
7/7/2016 Olmito Heat Release Jacob Runte
7/7/2016 AllOut Add Randy Jones
7/7/2016 Scene Add Jason Kendrick
7/7/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Add David Glass
7/6/2016 Team Combat Add LC Watson
7/6/2016 OC Swats Add Brandon Loudermilk
7/6/2016 OC Swats Release LC Watson
7/6/2016 Primetime Add Chivas Clark
7/6/2016 Primetime Release Justin Bishop
7/6/2016 Scene Add Dale Brungardt
7/6/2016 Scene Release Chivas Clark
7/6/2016 TG/Red's Astros Add Caleb Jones
7/5/2016 Olmito Heat Add Joshua Sylestine
7/5/2016 Olmito Heat Add Kyle Bullock
7/5/2016 Olmito Heat Add Christopher Jutze
7/5/2016 Olmito Heat Add Hawk Scott
7/5/2016 Olmito Heat Add Robert Waddell
7/5/2016 Olmito Heat Release Will Sandifer
7/5/2016 Precision Add Keith Anderson
7/5/2016 Precision Release Kyle Kannenberg
7/5/2016 Bay Area Legends Release Edward Martin
7/5/2016 Bay Area Legends Release Adam Alva
7/4/2016 JBL/Tailgaters Add Aaron Sandoval
7/1/2016 AllOut Release Rockie Davis
7/1/2016 AllOut Release Daniel Evans
7/1/2016 Slayer Add James Combs
7/1/2016 AllOut Add Nate Brock
6/30/2016 Xtreme Add Brad Lunda
6/29/2016 STL Mizuno Release Brian Tveita
6/29/2016 STL Mizuno Release Beaux Waddell
6/29/2016 All In Release David Mays
6/29/2016 Slayer Add Jared Norman
6/29/2016 All In Add Delmetrius Hornesbuger
6/29/2016 Steel Add Addison Rayford
6/29/2016 Bad Draw Release Chad Durick
6/28/2016 Vivid Release Brian Elliott
6/28/2016 Bad Draw Release Chad Durick
6/27/2016 Slayer Add Trenton Veach
6/27/2016 Slayer Add Brock Johnson
6/27/2016 Slayer Add Bret Ray
6/27/2016 Slayer Add Jeff Porter
6/27/2016 Slayer Add Casey Alexander
6/27/2016 Slayer Add Kyle Bryant
6/27/2016 3rd Street Add Keith Martin
6/27/2016 Team Combat Release Brad Lunda
6/27/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Add Michael Kelly
6/27/2016 Eurotech Add Tyler Mendele
6/25/2016 Above All Release Michael Cirillo
6/24/2016 Olmito Heat Add Colby Hollis
6/24/2016 Olmito Heat Add Geoff Orr
6/24/2016 Olmito Heat Release Brian Goelz
6/23/2016 Buffalo Rings and Wings Add Rick Sills
6/22/2016 Rebel Add Joey Dorton
6/21/2016 Team Racks Add Christian Arredondo
6/17/2016 Bad Draw Release Scott Napierata
6/17/2016 Bad Draw Release Joe Dorton
6/17/2016 Precision Add Alex Burkel
6/17/2016 ASP Venom Release Alex Burkel
6/17/2016 BHR Release Matt Vern
6/16/2016 Precision Add Kyle Kannenberg
6/16/2016 Precision Release Shaun Bridger
6/16/2016 ASP Venom Add Reggie Barker
6/16/2016 ASP Venom Release John Hooks
6/15/2016 Team Racks Add Oliver Henninger
6/15/2016 Team Racks Release Ben Eaton
6/15/2016 Shirt Doctors Release Rafael Negron
6/14/2016 Newbreed Release George Miller
6/14/2016 Vivid Add Thomas Gillilland
6/14/2016 Xtreme Add Dan Skelly
6/14/2016 OC Swats Add Allen Samuel
6/14/2016 OC Swats Add Matthew Doty
6/14/2016 Newbreed Add Trenton Thompson
6/13/2016 Stars Release Jacob Medina
6/13/2016 TG Brand Release TJ Thompson
6/9/2016 BHR Release Todd Boucher
6/8/2016 Nightmare Add Mike Cervantes
6/8/2016 Scene Add Chris Benigno
6/8/2016 Scene Release Mike Cervantes
6/8/2016 ASP Venom Add Daniel Brown
6/8/2016 ASP Venom Add Chadd Ori
6/8/2016 ASP Venom Release Jesse Bogard
6/8/2016 ASP Venom Release Michael Pauly
6/8/2016 ASP Venom Release Daniel Hall
6/8/2016 Stars Add Jacob Medina
6/8/2016 Nightmare Release Brandon Shoemaker
6/8/2016 Nightmare Add Jeremy Guess
6/8/2016 Team Racks Add Ben Eaton
6/8/2016 Xtreme Release John Hopkins
6/7/2016 AllOut Add Sean Derbes
6/7/2016 AllOut Add Daniel Evans
6/7/2016 Classic Glass Add Andre Magallon
6/7/2016 Nightmare Release Andre Magallon
6/6/2016 Line Drive Sportz Add Phillip White
6/6/2016 Smash It Sports Release Dale Brungardt
6/3/2016 OC Swats Add Steven Malay
6/3/2016 OC Swats Add Sam Lopez
6/3/2016 Stars Add Andy Stricker
6/3/2016 Stars Add Mario Granados
6/3/2016 Stars Add John Huffman
6/2/2016 TM Sports Add Kyle Morgan
6/2/2016 Bad Draw Add Brian Massey
6/2/2016 Bad Draw Add Chris Brock
6/2/2016 Bad Draw Release Richard Napierata
6/2/2016 STL Mizuno Release Josh Collins
5/31/2016 BHR Add Todd Boucher
5/31/2016 3rd Street Add Michael Cruea
5/31/2016 Vivid Release Addison Rayford
5/31/2016 Xtreme Add John Hopkins
5/30/2016 Bad Draw Add Robert Blackburn
5/30/2016 Bad Draw Add Roger Bias
5/30/2016 TM Sports Add John Zorich
5/30/2016 Buffalo Rings and Wings Release John Zorich
5/27/2016 Shirt Doctors Add Brad Sheffield
5/27/2016 Buffalo Rings and Wings Add Terry Lindstrom
5/26/2016 Shirt Doctors Add Adam Yunker
5/26/2016 Shirt Doctors Add Scott Martin
5/26/2016 Precision Add Alex Abraham
5/26/2016 Bad Draw Release Tyler Marshburn
5/25/2016 Vivid Release Keith Austin
5/25/2016 Scene Release Keith Martin
5/24/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Add Paul Garcia
5/24/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release Todd Boucher
5/24/2016 Olmito Heat Add Justin Mark
5/24/2016 Olmito Heat Add Perry Hensley
5/24/2016 Olmito Heat Release Steven Malay
5/24/2016 TM Sports Release Robert Blackburn
5/24/2016 Team Adiktiv Release Steven Elliott
5/24/2016 Team Adiktiv Release David Tyler Burrus
5/23/2016 Bay Area Legends Release Edward Martin
5/23/2016 Xtreme Release Thomas Gillilland
5/23/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release Timothy Jackson
5/23/2016 Steel Release John Huffman
5/23/2016 Steel Release Cedric Johnson
5/20/2016 Buffalo Wings and Rings Release Timothy Jackson
5/19/2016 Primetime Add Rashard Brown
5/19/2016 Primetime Add Damian Smith
5/19/2016 Team Adiktiv Add Steven Elliott
5/19/2016 Team Adiktiv Add David Tyler Burrus
5/19/2016 Backman Add Dal Beggs
5/18/2016 SOL Softball Add Jake Bell
5/18/2016 Xtreme Add Thomas Gillilland
5/18/2016 Vivid Release Justin Stuart
5/18/2016 Vivid Release Spencer Foley
5/18/2016 STL Mizuno Add Luke Hickok
5/18/2016 Team Racks Add Frank Yielding
5/17/2016 SOL Softball Add Luke Boyster
5/17/2016 Bad Draw Add Tyler Marshburn
5/17/2016 Above All Add Thomas Bloom
5/17/2016 Above All Release Eric Curry
5/17/2016 Bad Draw Release Chad Folsom
5/17/2016 Rebel Release Kyle Slicker
5/17/2016 Rebel Add Charlie Lenhard
5/17/2016 Olmito Heat Release Charlie Lenhard
5/17/2016 Vivid Add Kevin Johnson
5/17/2016 The Scene Add Erik Kanaby
5/17/2016 Allout Release Erik Kanaby
5/17/2016 Shirt Doctors Add Stephen Wilson
5/17/2016 Bad Draw Add Jason Romero
5/16/2016 Bay Area Legends Release Jason Romero
5/13/2016 Team Combat Add Vito Messina
5/12/2016 Smash It Sports Add Westy Guill
5/12/2016 Primetime Release Westy Guill
5/11/2016 Nightmare Add Brandon Shoemaker
5/10/2016 TG Brand Release Bradley Coomes
5/10/2016 TG Brand Release Nick Burrus
5/10/2016 SOL Softball Release Kenny Leach
5/6/2016 Team Adiktiv Add Tommie Baugh
5/6/2016 Team Adiktiv Add Brad Blankenship
5/6/2016 Team Combat Release Tommie Baugh
5/5/2016 TG Brand Add Bradley Coomes
5/5/2016 TG Brand Add Roger Drake
5/5/2016 Primetime Release Reginald Austin
5/5/2016 Primetime Release Denarra Jackson
5/5/2016 Primetime Add Ronald Grace
5/5/2016 Primetime Add Westy Guill
5/5/2016 Primetime Add Justin Bishop
5/5/2016 Stars Release Josh Charlton
5/4/2016 Classic Glass Add Bryan Nicholson
5/4/2016 Classic Glass Release Cory Nottingham
5/4/2016 Classic Glass Release Vito Messina
5/4/2016 Classic Glass Release Jacob Emil
5/4/2016 Buffalo Rings and Wings Add John Zorich
5/4/2016 TG Brand Add Trenton Thompson
5/4/2016 TG Brand Add Nick Burrus
5/3/2016 AllOut Add Rockie Davis
5/3/2016 AllOut Add Landon Wilkinson
5/2/2016 Vivid Add Isaac Gonzalez
5/2/2016 OC Swats Release Isaac Gonzalez
5/2/2016 BHR Add Chris Terry
5/2/2016 BHR Release Ryan Hege
5/2/2016 STL Mizuno Add Zach Wright
5/2/2016 STL Mizuno Release Walter Rambo
5/2/2016 Semper Release Ike Rivers
5/2/2016 All In Add David Mays
5/2/2016 Semper Add Clayton Shaw
5/2/2016 Semper Add Kenny Turlington
5/2/2016 Semper Add Ty Mingle
4/29/2016 Slayer Release Trey Gillilland
4/29/2016 Slayer Release Clayton Shaw
4/29/2016 Slayer Release John Zorich
4/29/2016 TM Sports Release Zachary Watts
4/28/2016 Vivid Add Brian Elliot
4/26/2016 OC Swats Release Michael Belden
4/27/2016 TM Sports Release Mike Ragan
4/26/2016 Xtreme Add Curtis Cornett
4/26/2016 Above All Add Rhodney Donaldson
4/26/2016 Thunder Add Mike Snyder
4/26/2016 Thunder Add Ryan Snyder
4/26/2016 Thunder Release Joshua Green
4/25/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Carlos Vasquez
4/25/2016 Classic Glass Add Jack Richardson
4/25/2016 Classic Glass Add Jeff Graus
4/25/2016 Classic Glass Release Chris Terry
4/22/2016 STL Mizuno Add Tyler Holloway
4/22/2016 Thunder Add Mike Tamsin
4/21/2016 STL Mizuno Add Beaux Waddell
4/21/2016 STL Mizuno Add Travis Urschel
4/21/2016 STL Mizuno Add Matthew York
4/21/2016 STL Mizuno Add Walter Rambo
4/21/2016 Nightmare Release Reb Smith
4/21/2016 Team Racks Release Alejandro Castellon
4/21/2016 STL Mizuno Add Joshua Smith
4/20/2016 Slayer Add AJ Robertson
4/20/2016 Slayer Add Kyle Morgan
4/19/2016 Precision Release Roberto Pajon
4/19/2016 Precision Release Ricardo Lizcano
4/19/2016 All In Release Josh George
4/19/2016 3rd Street Release Donnie Hammonds
4/19/2016 Above All Release Ryon Rabon
4/17/2016 SOL Softball Add Kenny Leach
4/16/2016 STL Mizuno Add Josh Collins
4/16/2016 STL Mizuno Add Dustin Fleming
4/15/2016 Above All Add Robert Hendren
4/13/2016 TM Sports Add Zachary Watts
4/13/2016 3rd Street Add Donnie Hammonds
4/13/2016 Precision Add Roberto Pajon
4/13/2016 Precision Add Ricardo Lizcano
4/13/2016 The Scene Add Frank Griffin
4/13/2016 The Scene Add George Phillips
4/11/2016 Olmito Heat Release LC Watson
4/11/2016 Olmito Heat Release Everett Williams
4/11/2016 OC Swats Add LC Watson
4/11/2016 OC Swats Add Everett Williams
4/11/2016 TM Sports Release Kevin Hampton
4/11/2016 TM Sports Release Billy Register
4/11/2016 TM Sports Release Dale Neve
4/11/2016 TM Sports Add Seth Hines
4/8/2016 Team Racks Add Alejandro Castellon
4/8/2016 Bad Draw Add Celestino Jacinto
4/7/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Richard Cornu
4/7/2016 Bay Area Legends Add John Brown
4/7/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Brandon Newton
4/7/2016 TM Sports Add Mike Ragan
4/7/2016 Classic Glass Add Jared Hunt
4/6/2016 Team Combat Add Dennis Rulli
4/6/2016 Team Combat Release Frank Yielding
4/5/2016 Vivid Add Chris Larsen
4/3/2016 STL Mizuno Release Brian Spenn
4/1/2016 BHR Add Tyler Driskell
4/1/2016 BHR Add Jason White
3/29/2016 Nightmare Add Joseph Talley
3/28/2016 STL Mizuno Release Sean Richardson
3/27/2016 Buffalo Rings and Wings Add Josh Brown
3/22/2016 Bay Area Legends Add Cal Ford

17 responses to “2016 Conference Roster Moves as of 8/12/2016”

  1. Softball fan... says:

    Thought Classic needed more pop in the lineup? Are these pickups going to help?

  2. Niw says:

    Why in the hell did OC release Issac!?

  3. Player says:

    Why did semper release Ike rivers it was his team he has always ran that team

  4. DW says:

    Semper needed to clear a roster spot to pick up players.

    Ike is still running the team, just not eligible to play

  5. JO8 says:

    Good Pick up by Classic Glass. Bryan Nicholson is a beast!

  6. Mike says:

    Robo released from TM Sports?

  7. JB Backman says:

    I believe it needs to be listed that Larry & Anthony quartuccio have been released from2016 Backman/S&S Louisville Slugger roster . They quit and we released them from our roster!!!!! Thank you JB Backman

  8. wow says:

    So SIS made a move…why not bring back Lopez tho? Good pickup for swats?

  9. Niw says:

    Million dollar question, where’s bubba going?

  10. cs:go says:

    Nice web page you have got in here

  11. Matt says:

    Rick sills back!!!! That is awesome

  12. Kgarrison says:

    Bubba still hasn’t signed somewhere?

  13. Player says:

    Did TM fold I see they released half there team

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