Sunday May 27th, 2018

2016 Conference Championships pickem game (still a chance to qualify for the Major pickem)


The 2016 'A' World pickem you will pick each game of the winners bracket and the final 4 in the standings:

2016 USSSA Conference Championship bracket!

2016 USSSA Conference Qualifier bracket!

1st round win = 2 points
Semifinal win = 3 points
Winners Champion = 4 points

If you pick a team in the top 4 places exactly right you get 6 points for each

If you pick a team correctly that makes the final 4 but didn't put them in the exact finishing position you get:
1st 4 points
2nd 3 points
3rd 2 points
4th 1 point

If you pick the team that qualifies for the Major correctly out of the Conference Qualifier you get 3 points.

Winner of this pickem gets a berth in the Major World Series pickem game.


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