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2016 Columbus B.A.T.S. tournament preview!




4th Annual


"Columbus B.A.T.S" Major


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


May 6-8


Tournament Preview



2016 Columbus Major bracket link




23+ of the top 30 teams in the nation will be in Columbus, Ohio for this weekends Major event and it will be a Major event in the 2016 points battle.  The teams vie for the 1st place prize of 270 Nationwide Conference USSSA points!  The tournament will begin on Friday night at 6 PM eastern time and the main 4 fields will be livestreamed on  The chat room will also be up at  An interesting nugget is that 2015 World Champion Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth will actually be seeded 18th in the 35 team field due to the new rule that was voted on at the National Convention that says teams will be seeded on current 2016 Conference points after the Hall of Fame Dual tournaments and continue for the rest of the season.  So it is possible if both Resmondo and SmashItSports win their respective first round games that the two mega giants could face off at high noon on Saturday in the second round.  In past years teams were seeded off of the previous years point totals until June.  That game makes for an exciting matchup early Saturday but this tournament is loaded with great teams and there will never be a shortage of great matchups.

Here is the team breakdown:
 – 35 Total Teams
 – 30 Are Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams which means 270 points to the winner!
 – The teams are from 17 different states!
 – 4 Major teams
 – 8 'AA' teams 
 – 8 'A' teams
 – 9 'B' teams

There are also 4 'C' teams and The Scene

The 4 main fields at the Lou Berliner Park are baseball fields #14-17 and are of varying fence distances.  These fields although they are baseball fields they play more like the Smoky main field at Sandy Springs Park in that they are high school sized baseball fields and not MLB sized baseball fields.  

Remember to sign up for the pickem!

Of course the chat room will also be up and running all weekend. will livestream 4 fields F14, F15, F16, F17 all weekend starting at 6 PM eastern time on Friday.



Will add Beardsleys picks when I get them.  I (DW) am taking Backman to win.

Oldscout pollsters going with Backman 32% to Resmondo 31%

Note Resmondo has never won Columbus



Weekend Weather



340 Greenlawn Ave, Columbus, Ohio – Central 43223

Approximate Field Dimensions
#14 305-330-350-353-296 
#15 307-359-359-356-312 
#16 295-334-355-359-297 
#17 314-358-359-357-313 

#1 307-307-307-307-307 
#4 305-303-300-300-302 
#5 300-300-300-300-300 



Past Winners


2015 Winner was Laservision/H. Auto/JJ's/Easton

2015 Columbus Major Tournament Report

2014 Winner was Laservision/H. Auto/JJ's/Easton

2014 Columbus Major Tournament Report

Past tournament results

2015 Results
1 NY Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/H.Auto/easton
2 FL Resmondo-specialty tank worth
3 IN Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger
4 WA Team Combat/Baugh Ford/

2014 Results
1 NY Laservision/'s/easton
2 FL Resmondo-specialty tank worth
3 AL Baugh doerflinger nat-pawn/easton
4 IN Backman/Shoppe/Louisville slugger

2013 Results
1 NY-M Laservision/Desertfalls/Boombah/Easton
2 TN-M Shoppe / TYJA / Louisville Slugger
3 MI-A Line Drive Sportz/SSS/Miken
4 IA-A GTL Doerflinger R&M/Easton







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