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2016 ASA Super National tournament preview!




ASA Super National Championship


September 29-30


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


ASA Hall of Fame Complex


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The ASA Super Nationals start at 2:30 PM CENTRAL time on Thursday, September 29th in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium aka OGE Energy Field and field #4 aka Integris field.  All games will be livestreamed and there are 8 teams participating as Swiing Kiingz just dropped out.  The fences on the two fields used for the super are pretty much 300 feet with the Integris left field at just 285 with a high wall.  The tournament gets started with great matchups pretty much every single game.

At 2:30 PM Thursday WC Monsta with the Granados brothers, some of the OC Swats players, and the Monsta Long Haul Bombers take on OC an Iowa 'B' team that always enters the big events in OKC.  Also Team Combat fresh off their 4th place at the Major take on O&S Cattle last years ASA Super winner featuring 9 Resmondo players plus Orlando Castillo from Backman.  At 4:00 PM Thursday we get to see the other 4 teams as H. Auto fresh off their Major victory takes on Powerhouse Sportz which is the Racks team from USSSA.  And the final first round game is perennial ASA power T's 13 with Demars, Schulte, and Laski vs TG/Reds Astros with Jason Matusik.

It is always an interesting tournament with the mix of players and teams coming together for this one event.  One of these years a regular team like a Combat, Reds, or T's 13 will break through and beat the Super teams.  It will be hard not to pick O&S to repeat but this tournament appears wide open and I will refrain from picking as I root for the underdogs!  🙂   H. Auto seems healthy and Baker, Wegman, and Helmer can get on a roll in ASA and put up some big numbers.

The weather looks really good and the teams get 16 Home Runs so the games could go very long unless run rules are met.   


TIMES on the Bracket are CENTRAL!


Link to ASA Super rosters, brackets, live stats, etc

Link to Super bracket

LIVESTREAM LINK for ASA Super Nationals! will have our chat room open to discuss the tournament.



Weekend Weather




2016 Super Rosters

Team Combat – Mens A
Chris Greinert
Billy Maggard Jr.
Jeff McGavin
Zach Messer
Vito Messina
Kyle Pearson
Casey Rogowski
Dennis Rulli
Nick Sansone
Filip Washington
Lloyd (LC) Watson
Brian Zirkle

POWERHOUSE Sportz/Racks/Monsta – Mens A
Kevin Ballard
Sam Christensen
Daniel Kirkwood
Charlie Lenhard
Sonny Pilcher
Nicholas Price
Alexis Ramirez
Brett Rettenmeier
Adam Smylie
Stuart Snell
Tyson Steele
Losson White
Frank Yeilding

Ts 13/DeMarini – Mens A
Matt Alvarado
Shaun Beutner
Joey Bulens
Charlie Casella
Chaun DeMars
Colby Hughes
Keith Laski
Jason Madsen
Jake Mays
Jordan Nuss
Ryan Pennebaker
Mickey Rowland
Reggie Schulte
Steve Schultz
Shannon Smith
Justin Sterling
Josh Taralson
Ben Vazquez

O&S Cattle/Mr D – Mens Super
Richard Buck
Geno Burdick
Orlando Castillo
Andrew Collins
Greg Connell
BJ Fulk
Jeremy Isenhower
Ronald Mack
Lee Payne
Luis Reyna
Daniel Sanchez
Nick Santana

WC Monsta – Mens B
Pilar Amaya
Jason Branch
Timothy Espinoza
Vincent (Chente) Granados
Jared Hunt
David Johnson
Daniel Lopez
Timothy Martinez
Ryan McClanahan
Daniel Mcclement

OC – Mens B
Adam Aceto
Brinn Bell
Spencer Black
Gabe Bower
Josh Dobson
Travis Houseman
Joel Lopez
Courtney McCubbin
Darren Nelson
Eric Reynolds
Matt Schrage
Tanner Unkel
Mike Wieland

TG/Reds Astros – Mens A
Justin Aldora
Brandon Bellamy
Cory Boothe
Ben Cosgrove
Travis Dale
Ryan Disbennett
Steve Edwards
Jon Jamison
Brandon Jonas
Troy Krider
Keith Martin
Jason Matusik
Robert Moore
Chad Mullins
Ryan Noe
Bill Pinkham
Robert Roop
Rocky Staton

H. Auto/SIS/ASP/Easton – Mens Super
Bryson Baker
Kevin Bazat
Paul Berndt
Travis Clark
Patrick Ellwanger
Kevin Filby
Westy Guill
Chris Hansen
Brett Helmer
Scott Kirby
Bill Messina
Kyle Pearson
Brad Reckart
Michael Umscheid
Brian Wegman
Jayson Williams
Buddy Wolf



ASA Hall of Fame Complex
2801 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111


Integris Field #4 (285-300-300) and Field #3 (300-300-300)



Past tournament results

2015 ASA Super Tournament Report

2014 ASA Super Tournament Report

2014 1st – Long Haul/H. Auto/Easton
         2nd – Sonny's
         3rd – Rip City/Demarini

2013 ASA Super Tournament Report

2013 Final Standings:

1st – Hortenbach Auto/Easton: 4-0
2nd – Sonny's Softball Club: 3-2
3rd – Rip City / Iron Hawk / DeMarini: 3-2
4th – Team Combat / Derby Boys: 2-2
5th – Xtreme/Miken: 2-2
6th – Tharaldson/Easton: 2-3
7th – Shoppe/Backman/TYJA/LouisvilleSlugger: 1-3
8th – Whalers / CAGear: 0-3






For 1953-1983 ASA Super National History go here:

 Burlington, NC
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Steele’s Sports, Lima OH
 Rick Scherr, Howards (16-19, .842, 8 HRs, 23 RBIs)
 Rick Scherr, Don Arndt  (11-18, .611, 17 RBIs), Howard’s  and Henry McBeth, Steele’s (14-21, .667, 12 RBIs)    – 8
 Rick Scherr, Howards -.842
 Burlington, NC
 Jerry’s Caterers, Miami, FL
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers (26-37, .703, 12 HRs, 32 RBIs)
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers -12
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers -.703
 Burlington, NC
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
 Rick Scherr, Howards (15-17, .882, 12 HRs, 30 RBIs)
 Craig Elliot, Elite Coatings-14
 Rick Scherr, Howards -.882
 Burlington, NC
 Howard’s/Western Steer, Denver, NC
 Jerry’s Caterers, Miami, FL
 Rick Scherr, Howards (24-31, .775, 20 HRs, 37 RBIs)
 Rick Scherr, Howard’s – 20
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers -.775
 Burlington, NC
 Steele’s Sports, Grafton, OH
 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s (.711, 17 HRs, 32 RBIs)
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s Sports  – 17
 Bruce Meade, Jerry’s Caterers – .815
 Burlington, NC
 Steele’s Sports, Grafton, OH
 Pepsi-Cola, Danville, VA
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s Sports (.703, 17 HRs, 28 RBIs)
 Craig Elliot, Steele’s – 17
 Charles Wright, Steele’s . – .810 (12 HRs)
 Parma, OH
 Steele’s Sports, Grafton, OH
 Budweiser, Youngstown, OH
 Mike Macenko, Steele’s (27-36, .750, 12 HRs, 26 RBIs)
 Scott Virkus, Steele’s – 16 (.667)
 Mike Macenko, Steele’s -.722
 Oklahoma City, OK
 Starpath, Monticello, KY
 Sports Hero’s Athletics, Eagan, MN
 Dave Johnson, Starpath (21-32, .650, 11 HRs, 20 runs scored)
 Dave Johnson, Starpath ; Bruce Baily, John Hanson’s and Bill Blake, Steele’s  (22-26, .846)  – 11
 Kevin Giddens, Lighthouse -.818
 Oklahoma City, OK
 Ritch’s Salvage, Harrisburgh, NC
 Starpath/Kirk’s Glass, Lexington, KY
 Charles Wright, Ritch’s Salvage (31-39, .795, 14 HRs, 24 RBIs)
 Britt Hightower, Ritch’s Salvage (25-39, .641, 33 RBIs)  -16
 Bruce Rains, Starpath/Kirks – .875 (21-24, 12 HRs)
 Oklahoma City, OK
 Steele’s Silver Bullets, Grafton, OH
 Lighthouse/Sunbelt,  Stone Mountain, GA
 Mike Macenko (27-31, .871, 18 HRs, 34 RBIs) and Monty Tucker (23-26, .880, 18 HRs, 26 RBIs),  Steele’s Silver Bullets
 Doug Roberson, Superior/ Apollo –20 (30-41, .732,  35 RBIs)
 Carl Rose, Lighthouse (27-30, 17 HRs, 25 RBIs) & Wes Lord, Budweiser (18-20, 10 HRs, 21 RBIs) – .900
 Little Rock, AK
 Sunbelt/Worth, Centerville, GA
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS,  Windsor Locks, CT
 Steve Craven,  Sunbelt/Worth 14-19, .737, 5 HRs)
 Jim Fuller, Ritch’s-Superior, Jeff Arnold, Williams/Finke, Britt Hightower Danny Williams (.632),  Sunbelt – 8
 Carl Rose, Sunbelt/ Worth -.800 (7 HRs)
 Hendersonville, TN
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Steele’s/Sunbelt, Brooke Park, OH
 Dirk Androff, Ritch’s-Superior (22-28, .786, 10 HRs, 24 RBIs)
 Jimmy Powers, Steele’s  (19-23, .826, 30 RBIs)-11
 Bubba Defer, Worth/Time Out Sports – .867 (13-15, 8 HRs, 15 RBIs)
 Johnson City, TN
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL
 Charles Wright, Ritch’s-Superior (18-22, .818,  13 HRs, 25 RBIs)
 Carl Rose, Williams/Worth – 18 (25-34, .735, 38 RBIs)
 Scott Flood, DJ’s – .850 (17-20, 8 HRs, 20 RBIs)
 Maryville, TN
 Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Hank Garris, Bell Corp  (19-22, .864, 12 HRs, 18 RBIs)
 Dan Schuck, Bell Corp –14 (19-25, .760, 22 RBIs)
 Derek Oliver, Converters -.950 (19-20, 8 HRs, 15 RBIs)
 Waterloo, IA
 Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA
 Ritch’s-Superior/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse/ Worth (15-26, .577, 6 HRs, 19 RBIs)
 Wendell Rickard, Lighthouse and Parrish Barwick,  (10-12, .833, 14 RBIs) Back Porch -6
 Mike Jackson, Riverside/ RAM -.842 (16-19)
 Johnson City, TN
 Ritch’s-Superior/ Tri-Gems/Beloli/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Shen Valley/ Superior/Taylor Brothers/TPS, Bridgewater, VA
 Darrell Bealer, Ritch’s-Superior (25-30, .833, 19 HRs, 32 RBIs)
 Darrell Bealer, Ritch’s,  Tot Powers, Shen Valley (30-34, .882, 36 RBIs) and  Carl Rose, Lighthouse (27-38, .711, 29 RBIs)   -19
 Jeff Wallace, Steele’s Silver Bullets -.909 (30-33, 17 HRs, 28 RBIs)
 Sanford, FL
 Ritch’s-Superior/ Tri-Gems/Beloli/ TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
 Shen Valley/ Taylor Brothers/TPS Bridgewater, VA
 Dewayne Nevitt, Ritch’s-Superior (.632, 20 HRs, 37 RBIs)
 Dewayne Nevitt, Ritch’s –20
 Mike Rodriguez, Sierra – .826 (19-23)
 Sanford, FL
 Lighthouse/Worth, Stone Mountain, GA
 Sunbelt/Dan Smith/ Easton,  Centerville, GA
 Ricky Huggins, Lighthouse  (13-16, .812, 11 HRs, 24 RBIs)
 Carl Rose, Lighthouse – 12 (12-15, .750, 18 RBIs)
 Greg Cannedy, Sierra/TPS – 857  (12-14)
 Sanford, FL
 Team Easton, Burlingame, CA
 Team TPS, Louisville, KY
 Todd Joerling, Team Easton (15-19, .789, 14 RBIs)
 Jeff Wallace, Team TPS (25 RBIs) – 12
 Brett Helmer, Team Easton -.833 (15-18)
 Sanford, FL
 Team TPS, Louisville, KY
 Bell Corp/Easton, Tampa, FL
 Hank Garris, Team TPS (.900, 16 HRs)
 Hank Garris, Team TPS – 16
 Hank Garris, Team TPS – .900   

 Sanford, FL
 Long Haul/Taylor/ Shen Corp/TPS, Albertville, MN
 Hague/Resmondo/ Specialty Tank/TPS, Columbus, OH
 Brad Stiles, Long Haul/TPS (13-14, .929)
 Jeff Wallace, Long Haul/TPS (13-17, .765, 11 RBIs) – 11
 Brad Stiles, Long Haul/ TPS – .929  

 Sanford, FL
 Long Haul/Taylor/ Shen Corp/TPS, Albertville, MN
 Backman/Dan Smith/Menosse/ Easton, San Jose, CA
 Jeff Wallace, Long Haul/TPS (17-19, .865, 14 HRs, 26 RBIs)
 Jeff Wallace, Long Haul – 14
 Jeff Hall, Backman/ Smith/Easton (20-22) – .909 

 Sanford, FL
 Resmondo/Hague/ Taylor/Sunbelt/ Miken, Columbus, OH
 Dan Smith/Backman/ Menosse/Easton, San Jose, CA
 Howie Krause, Resmondo/ Hague (11-16, .688, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs)
 Brett Helmer, Dan Smith/Backman (23 RBIs) – 11
 Bob Woldyk, US Vinyl (12-13, 4 HRs) – .923 

2004 – The ASA Super Class Disbanded, The Major Class was the highest class in 2004 and 2005. Then in 2006, the Major Class was Disbanded and the Class-A Nationals became the highest Classification in ASA in 2006.

1st – Hortenbach Auto/Easton: 4-0
2nd – Sonny's Softball Club: 3-2
3rd – Rip City / Iron Hawk / DeMarini: 3-2
4th – Team Combat / Derby Boys: 2-2
5th – Xtreme/Miken: 2-2
6th – Tharaldson/Easton: 2-3
7th – Shoppe/Backman/TYJA/LouisvilleSlugger: 1-3
8th – Whalers / CAGear: 0-3


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