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2016 16th Annual “Texas Legends” Major tournament preview!




16th Annual 


"Texas Legends"


Conference USSSA!


May 13-15


Tournament Preview


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2016 Texas Legends bracket link


The 16th Annual Texas Legends Major is this coming weekend at the Softball World in Euless, Texas just outside of Dallas.  It features 25 teams from 11 different states with 12 teams from the Nationwide Conference USSSA.  There will be 2 Major teams, 2 'AA' teams, 3 'A' teams, 6 'B' teams, 10 'C' teams, and 2 'D' teams.  

#1 seeded Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger and #4 seeded Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth will be the two heavy favorites with 'AA' powers Vivid from Texas and Team Racks based out of Wyoming fighting for the upset.  There is rain in the forecast and we know last years tournament was washed out on Sunday.

I will have all 4 fields livestreaming at's livestream and the Chat Room will be open from Friday through Sunday to discuss.

If any umpires or CATCHERS read this, please give a score to the ipod camera on your field when possible.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Last weekend in Columbus, Ohio the umpires did a pretty good job of giving score updates and the fans at home were showing their appreciation in the chat room.

Home run fences on all 4 fields in Euless are around 300 down the lines and 310 to center field.

As always get your picks in for the weekly pickem game




DW's picks for the week are 1) Resmondo  2) Backman  3) Team Racks  4) Bay Area Legends

Looking at the bracket there are some interesting areas of the bracket you have the A/B area at the top where Bay Area Legends, Classic Glass, and Steel are.  One team has to come out of there in the top 4 of the winner's bracket.  Then you have the two 'AA' teams Vivid and Team Racks in the 2nd part of the bracket.  Then in the bottom you have Backman vs Resmondo probably in the final 4.  Then you have to look and see where they fall in the loser's bracket.  I decided on Resmondo as I feel they are built better for the 300 foot fields than Backman although obviously Backman seems plenty capable of winning this event.  Unlike Columbus, Resmondo does have a good track record of winning in Texas.  I do hope we get this one in with the strong thunderstorms expected in Texas this weekend.

OldScout pollsters going with the hot hand Backman.

I cannot blame them.



Field Dimensions 300-310-300

1375 W Euless Blvd

Euless, Texas 76040

(817) 267-7867



Weekend Weather



2015 Texas Legends tournament report link

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Past tournament results

2015 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth
2 IL-B Compound Athletics
T-3 IN-M Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger
T-3 AR-B Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth

2014 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth
2 IN-M Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger
3 WA-M Team Combat/
4 TX-B ASPNation/JOCO/Reset/Easton

2013 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth
2 IA-A GTL Doerflinger R&M/Easton
3 FL-A Demarini/Dirty/Xtreme Athletics
4 TX-B

2012 Results
1 VA-A Team 454/Emerald/Worth
2 UT-M Nordkap/desert falls/easton
3 CA-B SBS/CSC/Combat
4 TX-B Team all-out / dabomb / miken 

1 FL-M resmondo-specialty tank / worth
2 WA-A GTL Cartel/DeMarini
3 AR-B fence brokers/gametime supply/worth
4 TX-C team tps/sagnasty/prototype

1 CA-M Dan Smith/Menosse
2 FL-M resmondosport/specialty/phonemaster
3 AR-B fence brokers/gametime supply/worth
4 TX-A Wood Law/Miken

1 FL-M resmondo-specialty tank-worth
2 CA-M dan smith-menosse-benfield-combat
3 TX-A Wood Law/Combat
4 WA-A gtl cartel/stucco/worth/elite

1 FL-M resmondo/specialty tank/worth
2 CA-M dan smith/menosse/benfield/combat
3 ID-A c-town/americanfunding/easton/elite
4 FL-A Suncoast/RBK

1 FL-M Resmondo Softball
2 AR-A Fence Brokers Inc/Worth
3 FL-M bellcorp/belcher/tai/backman
4 AR-B illustrated sportswear/mizuno

1 FL-M Resmondo – KME Softball
2 FL-M bell corp/taylor/belcher/easton
3 TN-A jean shoppe/team mayhem/worth
4 CA-A kme/chaney’s/body glove/pb/easton



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