Friday April 27th, 2018

2015 USSSA Military Varsity ‘A’ bracket is out!


2015 USSSA Military Varsity 'A' Bracket Link!

Remember the winner gets a berth in the USSSA Major World Series!

This is supposed to be livestreamed starting Thursday.

Still working on livestream details.


4 responses to “2015 USSSA Military Varsity ‘A’ bracket is out!”

  1. Justin says:

    DW the link that we were provided is for the military worlds tournament. It states the streaming will be Thursday-Sunday however as you can tell the Varsity A tournament does not start until Friday morning.

  2. Justin says:

    Maybe they are streaming some of the Over 40 and the COED tournaments that start today. The Varsity A tournament starts tomorrow in the AM should be a great weekend of military ball

  3. GUNNER says:

    Is the stream down? I have yet to see any games.

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