Monday January 16th, 2017

Softball on Facebook – March 2015 – in case you missed it :)



Facebook posts from softball players from the month of March 2015!

Things I found interesting in softball, sports, and life.



Softball Legend Craig Elliot passed away unexpectedly



Dewayne Nevitt passed unexpectedly




Steve Barkan inducted into New York Softball Hall of Fame!




The new 4 The Fallen Miken bat is available in April!



Billy Maggard finishes Mighty Mud Dash




Tripp Roth tournament Champions!

Chad Loudon won the Tripp Roth HR Derby in Louisiana



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Check them out!




Newbreed/All American Athletics/Demarini went 6-0 to win the prestigious King of the Northwest tournament which switched to a GSL event this year.  Team Haras was 2nd, Batters Brigade/Snap Fitness was 3rd, and Upper Deck Softball/Worth was 4th. There were 57 teams in the event up in Washington.




Reds Astros/Louisville Slugger wins GSL Spring World

EAP won the GSL Spring 'C' World



Nationwide Conference USSSA in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Tournament Report

Las Vegas Womens Report


4 The Fallen ceremony in Las Vegas! 



A nice picture of the Smoky Mountain Classic I found



Bobby Nifongs Senior team wins



Worshams won the Conference Affiliate in Georgia!





Jason Baxter is on his way back!!


Billy Messinas son Vito is playing with AZM
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Funny pictures from Facebook











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