Sunday April 22nd, 2018

The second Hall of Fame Dual bracket is out!

9 responses to “The second Hall of Fame Dual bracket is out!”

  1. cmorr70 says:

    How big is field 1? I noticed Smash-it would go there for the WB quarter finals on both events.

  2. Stokes05 says:

    Wow. Primetime and semper out the gate. Please Dw get up early and have that game live screen no matter what. Lol

  3. DH25 says:

    gotta love haters that will be watching from HOME….

  4. DH25 says:

    guess you don’t sense the sarcasm from the comment from stokes

  5. Stokes05 says:

    DH25 these two teams have been the front runners to be the BSC champion since there rosters been displayed. Please get out your feelings.

  6. Stokes05 says:

    Congrats to Semper on the win against Primetime. It was everything I though it would be.

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