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Updated 8/14 at 10:54 PM —> 2015 Conference Roster moves since original rosters were turned in

2015 Conference Roster moves since original rosters were turned in.

A note about this list.  The official rosters are online at  This list if you see a mistake, simply email me at and I'll look into it.  This is not an official list of roster moves as I am often on the road and unable to update the list accurately although I try.  And not all moves have been made in the USSSA system, as only one person at USSSA has that responsibility and this isn't her only job.  Also note players are allowed to be picked up twice by the same team only if they did not play with any teams while they were released, OR they were a lower level tryout player with prior permission.

As of 8/14/2015 – hopefully I have all the moves on this list:

Date Team   First Name Last Name
8/14/2015 Precision/Easton/DO Add Ryan Kvasnicka
8/14/2015 Primetime Add Denarra Jackson
8/14/2015 Albicocco Add John Robinson
8/13/2015 Precision Recovery Add Corey Kluth
8/13/2015 Precision Recovery Remove Kyle Bruce
8/13/2015 Worsham Remove Stephen Felix
8/13/2015 Worsham Remove Will  New
8/13/2015 Fence Brokers Add Joe Gordon
8/13/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Scott Short
8/13/2015 Backman Add Aaron Lewicki
8/13/2015 Rebel Sports Add Shaun Fleming
8/13/2015 Rebel Sports Remove Justin Bishop
8/11/2015 Semper Remove Juan Nevarez
8/11/2015 Semper Remove Aaron Neely
8/11/2015 VCH Add Kenny Hare
8/11/2015 Albicocco Add Lou Mongelli
8/11/2015 RSC Remove Matt Paradise
8/11/2015 VCH Add Ross Borkowski
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Jeremy Guillory
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Ryan Ramirez
8/11/2015 Peak Remove Chad Loudon
8/11/2015 Encompass Remove Brian Farrar
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Mark Wiley
8/11/2015 AZM Remove John Doerfler
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Jeff Reno
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Jack Chapman
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Erin Smith
8/11/2015 AZM Remove Paul Schultz
8/10/2015 Peak Remove Todd Pease
8/10/2015 Peak Remove Nate Holcomb
8/10/2015 Peak Remove John Robinson
8/10/2015 Peak Remove Rock Myers
8/10/2015 Above All Landscaping Remove Brad Blankenship
8/9/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Andy Shiltz
8/8/2015 Above All Landscaping Add Josh Fryman
8/8/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Matt Scriven
8/8/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Shaun Moore
8/8/2015 Above All Landscaping Add Brian Garner
8/6/2015 Encompass Add Grant Grimmett
8/6/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Grant Grimmett
8/6/2015 Team Racks Add Johnny Bailey
8/4/2015 Red's Astros Add Kyndrich Doggett
8/4/2015 AZM Add Paul Garcia
8/4/2015 VCH Add Brett Melton
8/4/2015 Albicocco Add Eric Beattie
8/3/2015 Red's Astros Add Michael Cirillo
8/3/2015 AZM Add Kenneth Tracy
8/3/2015 OI Livingston Add Aaron Tennyson
8/3/2015 RSC Remove Tyler Ware
8/3/2015 Fence Brokers Remove Chris Smith
8/3/2015 Fence Brokers Remove BJ Thomas
8/3/2015 Fence Brokers Add Chad Durick
8/3/2015 AZM Add Thomas Gillilland
7/31/2015 Primetime Add Alonzo Fields
7/31/2015 Primetime Add Rhodney Donaldson
7/31/2015 Primetime Add Alzavian Rush
7/31/2015 Primetime Remove Jarvis Riggins
7/31/2015 Primetime Remove Rashard Brown
7/31/2015 CGR/House Money Add Erik Curry
7/31/2015 Team Combat Add Tim Cocco
7/30/2015 Worsham Remove Anthony Shockley
7/30/2015 Peak Remove Drew Pinckley
7/30/2015 Peak Remove Justin Simpson
7/30/2015 Peak Remove Trey Gillilland
7/30/2015 Worsham Remove Kyndrich Doggett
7/30/2015 Peak Remove Tim Hamer
7/30/2015 Peak Add Nate Gessell
7/30/2015 Peak Add Cody Farrell
7/29/2015 Broughton Remove Eric Thompson
7/29/2015 Broughton Remove Eric Beattie
7/29/2015 Broughton Remove Robert Knoblauch
7/29/2015 AZM Add Christian Arredondo
7/29/2015 AZM Add Dustin Schilli
7/29/2015 AZM Add Joshua Buckner
7/29/2015 Nightmare Remove Danny Harrison
7/28/2015 Worsham Remove Paul Garcia
7/28/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Mark Herbster
7/28/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Matt Scriven
7/28/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Clint Fox
7/27/2015 Bear Hollow Add Mike Brown
7/27/2015 Bear Hollow Add Ethan Dillon
7/27/2015 Bear Hollow Add Cody Garrison
7/27/2015 Nightmare Remove Mike Brown
7/27/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Austin Kirkwood
7/27/2015 Compound Athletics Add Ben Dunn
7/27/2015 Compound Athletics Add John  Sullivan
7/27/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Keith Anderson
7/27/2015 Red's Astros Remove John Sullivan
7/26/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Chris Hansen
7/26/2015 Nightmare Add Shawn Wrinkle
7/26/2015 Nightmare Add Argen Dodds
7/26/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Austin Kirkwood
7/24/2015 Peak Add Steve Hower
7/24/2015 Peak Add Stephen Graham
7/24/2015 Peak Remove Jared Norman
7/22/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Mark Herbster
7/22/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Ryan Hege
7/22/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Cody Reynolds
7/21/2015 Encompass Add Richard Black
7/20/2015 Fence Brokers Remove Gavin McCauley
7/20/2015 Red's Astros Remove Ben Dunn
7/20/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Buddy Asher
7/20/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Shawn Rogers
7/20/2015 RSC Remove Jordan Rosenbalm
7/20/2015 AZM Add Ryan Ramirez
7/17/2015 CGR/House Money Add Dave Wilson
7/16/2015 RSC Add Jake Turner
7/16/2015 Albicocco Remove Brian McCants
7/16/2015 RSC Add Phillip Bradbury
7/16/2015 RSC Add Jarrod Buckingham
7/16/2015 RSC Remove Curtis Graffam
7/16/2015 RSC Remove Justin Harrison
7/16/2015 RSC Remove Robert Pitts Jr
7/16/2015 Worsham Add Kyndrich Doggett
7/15/2015 AZM Remove Alfred Taitano
7/15/2015 AZM Remove Jason Romero
7/15/2015 AZM Remove Frank Mesa Jr
7/15/2015 AZM Remove Brandon Gooding
7/15/2015 AZM Remove Josh Carter
7/15/2015 AZM Add Mark Wiley
7/15/2015 AZM Add Charles  Case
7/15/2015 VCH Remove Argen Dodds
7/15/2015 VCH Remove Dave Stewart
7/15/2015 Albicocco Add Sid Stephany
7/14/2015 TG Brand Remove Tyler Kostelic
7/14/2015 TG Brand Remove Dale Dorton
7/14/2015 TG Brand Add Cole Campbell
7/14/2015 Primetime Remove Kyndrich Doggett
7/14/2015 Nightmare Add Danny Harrison
7/14/2015 Bear Hollow Remove Jared Fisk
7/14/2015 Magz Premier Remove Robert McAvoy
7/13/2015 Peak Remove Joe Gordon
7/13/2015 Peak Remove Josh Fryman
7/13/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Preston Spurlin
7/13/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Jeff Thielsen
7/13/2015 Compound Athletics Add John Howard
7/13/2015 Semper Add Anthony Nelson
7/13/2015 Semper Add Bell Pamela
7/13/2015 Bear Hollow Remove Aaron Cupp
7/13/2015 Deluxe Bakery Add Brandon Dooley
7/13/2015 Red's Astros Add Brandon Dillon
7/13/2015 Smash It Sports Remove Brandon Dillon
7/9/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Joshua Rakes
7/9/2015 3rd Street Add David Kessler
7/9/2015 Backman Remove David Kessler
7/8/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Cody Reynolds
7/8/2015 RSC Remove Jarrod Buckingham
7/8/2015 RSC Add Curtis Graffam
7/8/2015 Semper Add Brandon Loudermilk
7/8/2015 Bear Hollow Add Jared Fisk
7/8/2015 RSC Add Robert Pitts Jr
7/8/2015 RSC Remove Clay Norton
7/7/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Josh Buckner
7/7/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Thomas Gillilland
7/7/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Jason LeGault
7/7/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Ryan Stovall
7/7/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add David Tyler Kirkland
7/7/2015 VCH Add Thomas Crump
7/7/2015 OC Swats Remove Jared Hunt
7/7/2015 AZM Add Jason LeGault
7/7/2015 AZM Add Jeremy Guillory
7/7/2015 Rebel Sports Remove Sherrod Sanders
7/7/2015 Rebel Sports Add Clay Norton
7/7/2015 Fence Brokers Add Colby Hughes
7/7/2015 Fence Brokers Add Billy Maggard
7/7/2015 Fence Brokers Remove Matt Pennington
7/7/2015 Fence Brokers Remove Matt Whorton
7/6/2015 Albicocco Add Brian McCants
7/6/2015 AZM Add John Huffman
7/6/2015 AZM Add Jeff Renno
7/6/2015 AZM Add Michael Rauma
7/6/2015 AZM Add Gary Carrillo
7/6/2015 AZM Add Timothy Moore
7/6/2015 OI Livingston Add Larkin Grant
7/6/2015 RSC Remove Cody Wilmot
7/6/2015 RSC Remove Tyler Osterman
7/6/2015 RSC Remove Daryl Ohair
7/6/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Clint Fox
7/6/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Zach Renner
7/6/2015 AZM Add Jack Chapman
7/6/2015 Peak Add Thomas Gillilland
7/6/2015 Steel Remove Ethan Stuckley
7/6/2015 Steel Remove Jonell Rosa
7/6/2015 Steel Remove Darnell Hawkins
7/6/2015 Steel Remove Nathan Brock
7/6/2015 Smash It Sports Add Ryan Parfitt
7/6/2015 RSC Add Greg Riddell
7/6/2015 RSC Add Shawn Harville
7/6/2015 RSC Add Jordan Rosenbalm
7/6/2015 Bear Hollow Add Ethan Stuckley
7/6/2015 AZM Remove Orlando Cano
7/6/2015 AZM Remove Mike Tarwater
7/2/2015 Albicocco Add Justin Mucciarelli
7/2/2015 Peak Remove Jeremy Vaughn
7/2/2015 Peak Add Jare Ray Norman
7/2/2015 Peak Add Drew Pinckley
7/2/2015 Peak Add Justin Simpson
7/2/2015 Nightmare Add Randy Gresham
7/1/2015 GTS Remove Joey Smith
7/1/2015 GTS Remove Chris  Arredondo
7/1/2015 GTS Remove Ryan Barabe
7/1/2015 Albicocco Remove Ryan Parfitt
7/1/2015 Precision Recovery Remove Robert Wagers
6/30/2015 Steel Add Conway Waddy III
6/30/2015 Steel Remove Jacob Runte
6/30/2015 Steel Remove Ethan Dillon
6/30/2015 Steel Add Nathan Brock
6/30/2015 Precision Recovery Add Shannon Arnold
6/30/2015 OC Swats Remove Johnny Bailey
6/29/2015 Above All Landscaping Add Tom Paturzo
6/29/2015 Above All Landscaping Remove Bobby McMinn
6/29/2015 Above All Landscaping Remove Anthony Sorrentino
6/29/2015 Deluxe Bakery Remove Tom Paturzo
6/29/2015 Classic Glass Remove Chris Potts
6/26/2015 CGR/House Money Remove Erik Curry
6/26/2015 RSC Add Tyler Lee Ware
6/25/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Brian Ritez
6/25/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Michael Walker
6/25/2015 OC Swats Add Jared Hunt
6/25/2015 OC Swats Remove Dave Nowak
6/25/2015 3rd Street Add Matt Rogers
6/25/2015 3rd Street Remove Brandon Taylor
6/25/2015 Sportsmanshop Remove Judd Oconnor
6/25/2015 Sportsmanshop Remove Matt Knaus
6/24/2015 Magz Premier Add Carlos Vasquez
6/24/2015 Peak Remove Devin Robinson
6/24/2015 Peak Remove Corey Jones
6/24/2015 Bear Hollow Remove Robert Glaude
6/24/2015 Above All Landscaping Add Ryon Rabon
6/23/2015 AZM Remove LaCurtis Mayes
6/23/2015 AZM Remove Matt Austin
6/23/2015 AZM Remove Brian Knight
6/23/2015 AZM Remove Jon Nelson
6/23/2015 Deluxe Bakery Remove Tony Wargo
6/23/2015 TG Brand Remove Mike Cruea
6/23/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove William Carson   
6/23/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Douglas Murphy
6/22/2015 OC Swats Add Charlie Hinojosa
6/22/2015 OC Swats Add Johnny Bailey
6/22/2015 Xtreme/Miken Add Richard Buck
6/22/2015 Red's Astros Add Phillip White
6/22/2015 Red's Astros Remove Tom Crump
6/22/2015 OC Swats Add Allen Samuel
6/22/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Matt Rogers
6/22/2015 Classic Glass Add Adam Smylie
6/22/2015 Xtreme/Miken Remove Nicholaus Martinez
6/22/2015 OC Swats Remove Carlos Vasquez
6/22/2015 Encompass Remove Jason Madsen
6/22/2015 CGR/House Money Remove Ryon Rabon
6/22/2015 Peak Remove Ricardo Castillo
6/22/2015 TG Brand Add Jeff Payton
6/22/2015 TG Brand Add Danny Evans
6/22/2015 Albicocco Add Mike Ballard
6/22/2015 Newbreed/All American Athletics/ Demarini Remove Jeremy Guillory
6/19/2015 Compound Athletics Add Justin Stuart
6/19/2015 Compound Athletics Add Lyf Nimmo
6/19/2015 Compound Athletics Add Kyle Pearson
6/18/2015 Albicocco Remove Robert Blackburn
6/17/2015 Classic Glass Add John Brown
6/17/2015 Albicocco Remove Phillip White
6/17/2015 Team Racks Add Tyson Steele
6/17/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Matt Knaus
6/17/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Judd Oconnor
6/16/2015 Magz Premier Remove Jared Hunt
6/16/2015 Compound Athletics Remove John Howard
6/16/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Brandon Bartels
6/16/2015 Above All Landscaping Add David Miller
6/15/2015 Rebel Sports Add Trent Sizemore
6/15/2015 Magz Premier Remove Gary Perez
6/15/2015 Magz Premier Add Nathan Newman
6/15/2015 Albicocco Remove Justin Mucciarelli
6/15/2015 Albicocco Remove Chris Hansen
6/15/2015 AZM Remove Cal Ford
6/13/2015 Albicocco Remove TJ Thompson
6/12/2015 Albicocco Add Donald Plaisance
6/10/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Scott Short
6/10/2015 AZM/Easton Add Frank Mesa Jr
6/10/2015 AZM/Easton Add Alfred Taitano
6/10/2015 AZM/Easton Add John Doerfler
6/10/2015 AZM/Easton Remove Adam Smylie
6/10/2015 AZM/Easton Remove Nathan Newman
6/10/2015 Steel Add Jacob Runte
6/10/2015 Steel Add Nicholas Shay
6/10/2015 Backman Add Reggie Schulte
6/10/2015 Peak Add Devin Robinson
6/10/2015 3rd Street Add Brandon Taylor
6/9/2015 Xtreme/Miken Add Nicholaus Martinez
6/8/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Chad Durick
6/8/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Drew Pinckley
6/8/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Chad Munger
6/8/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Dal Beggs
6/8/2015 AZM/Easton Remove Mike Echeverria
6/8/2015 Worsham Remove Dustin Hester
6/8/2015 Worsham Remove Phillip Parrish
6/8/2015 Worsham Add Paul Garcia
6/8/2015 Worsham Add Anthony Shockley
6/8/2015 GTS Add Richard Salazar Jr
6/8/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Alex Boerema
6/8/2015 Compound Athletics Remove Doug Gassman
6/8/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Chad Griffin
6/8/2015 Peak Add Corey Jones
6/8/2015 Worsham Remove Brandon Patzig
6/8/2015 CA Sports Add Johnny Bailey
6/8/2015 CA Sports Add Danny Evans
6/8/2015 CA Sports Add Jeremy Chase
6/8/2015 VCH Remove Alan Skaggs
6/8/2015 VCH Add Ryan Kunz
6/8/2015 Albicocco Remove Tyson Steele
6/5/2015 Peak Remove Anthony Shockley
6/5/2015 Peak Remove PJ Garcia
6/5/2015 Pure Romance Add John Zorich
6/4/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Matt Tveita
6/4/2015 OC Swats Add Mario Granados
6/4/2015 GTS Add Jay Gilbert
6/4/2015 GTS Add Josh Tallent
6/4/2015 Compound Athletics Add Johnathon Williams
6/4/2015 Steel Remove Joshua Sylestine
6/4/2015 Steel Add Ethan Dillon
6/4/2015 Steel Add Ethan Maresh
6/4/2015 GTS Remove Dave Beymer
6/3/2015 Classic Glass Add Vito Messina
6/3/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Chad Griffin
6/3/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Scott Short
6/3/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Trey Branscum
6/2/2015 Peak Remove Kevin Basinger
6/2/2015 Peak Add Ricardo Castillo
6/2/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Josh Fryman
6/2/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Shawn Rogers
6/2/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Robert Asher
6/2/2015 Precision Recovery Add Kenneth Koenig
6/2/2015 RSC Add Matthew York
6/2/2015 AZM Remove Vito Messina
6/2/2015 Backman Add Scott Sunderland
6/2/2015 Backman Add Matt Crawford
6/2/2015 Backman Add Dustin Roberts
6/1/2015 Peak Add Chad Loudon
6/1/2015 Peak Remove Jake Stock
6/1/2015 CA Sports Remove Matt Crawford
6/1/2015 CA Sports Remove Dustin Roberts
6/1/2015 Broughton Add Joel Ramos
6/1/2015 Broughton Add Evan Jarman
6/1/2015 Broughton Add Vernand Morency
6/1/2015 Peak Remove John Zorich
6/1/2015 Peak Add Jeremy Vaugh
5/29/2015 Xtreme/Miken Add Joe Skyles
5/28/2015 Encompass Add Jared Krasselt
5/28/2015 Encompass Add Jason Madsen
5/27/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Chad Griffin
5/27/2015 3rd Street Add Jason Matusik
5/27/2015 Toe2Toe Remove Adam Strain
5/27/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Chad Griffin
5/26/2015 Xtreme/Miken Remove Berk Cook
5/26/2015 Peak Remove Brandon Newman
5/26/2015 Peak Remove Nate Gessell
5/26/2015 Peak Add John Zorich
5/26/2015 Peak Add Todd Pease
5/26/2015 Peak Add Nathan Holcomb
5/21/2015 Toe2Toe Remove John Huffman
5/21/2015 Team Racks Remove Dan Bean
5/21/2015 Albicocco Add Denny Crine
5/20/2015 Semper Add Kevin Watkins
5/20/2015 VCH Remove Marcus Thornton
5/20/2015 VCH Add Alan Skaggs
5/20/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Sal Formosa
5/20/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Jon Oram
5/20/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Richard Adams
5/20/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Dean Stevens
5/20/2015 Albicocco Add Robert Blackburn
5/20/2015 Albicocco Add Chris Hansen
5/20/2015 Albicocco Remove Lou Mongelli
5/20/2015 Albicocco Remove Mike Ballard
5/20/2015 Albicocco Remove Chad Loudon
5/20/2015 Worsham Add Ian Sidebottom
5/20/2015 Semper Add Clayton Shaw
5/20/2015 4 The Fallen Remove All Players
5/19/2015 4 The Fallen Remove Nick Utley
5/19/2015 Peak Remove Kevin Watkins
5/19/2015 Newbreed/All American Athletics/ Demarini Add Nick Utley
5/14/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Michael Cirillo
5/14/2015 K&G/Slayer Remove Adam Paridaen
5/14/2015 3rd Street Remove Jason Matusik
5/14/2015 Xtreme/Miken Add Berk Cook
5/13/2015 Peak Add Chanc Gomez
5/13/2015 Peak Add Anthony Shockley
5/13/2015 Peak Add Brandon Newman
5/13/2015 Magz Premier Add Robert McAvoy
5/13/2015 Magz Premier Add Gary Perez
5/13/2015 Magz Premier Add Luis Gonzalez
5/12/2015 VCH Add Marcus Thornton
5/8/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Christian Pack
5/8/2015 Sportsmanshop Change Allen Weldon
5/7/2015 Team Racks Add Reuben A Miller
5/7/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Joshua Smith
5/7/2015 Worsham Add Scott Napierata
5/6/2015 RSC Add Cody Wilmot
5/6/2015 Midwest Hearing Remove Billy Vance
5/6/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Mark Corey
5/6/2015 Toe2Toe Remove Josh Tallent
5/6/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Richard Ferrall Adams
5/6/2015 Magz Premier Remove Anthony Carnt
5/6/2015 Magz Premier Remove Robert Enriquez
5/6/2015 Magz Premier Remove Jason Grissom
5/6/2015 Compound Athletics Add Keith Anderson
5/5/2015 TG Brand Add Tyler Kostelic
5/5/2015 TG Brand Remove Adam Sorrell
5/5/2015 Toe2Toe Remove Aaron Saucedo
5/5/2015 3rd Street Add Adam Sorrell
5/5/2015 3rd Street Add Brian Lakes
5/5/2015 OC Swats Add Paul Winner
5/5/2015 Worsham Remove Shaul Illidge
5/5/2015 Classic Glass Remove Marcus Thornton
5/5/2015 Team Combat Add Frank Yeilding
5/4/2015 Classic Glass Remove Paul Winner
5/4/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Lee Bellefontaine
5/4/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Steven Estes
5/3/2015 Pure Romance Remove Brian Lakes
5/1/2015 Peak Add Beau Polvorosa
5/1/2015 Semper Remove Will Read
5/1/2015 Semper Remove Rick Bivens
4/30/2015 Sportsmanshop Add Whole Roster
4/30/2015 CA Sports Remove Brett Melton
4/29/2015 K&G/Slayer Add William Carson III
4/29/2015 OC Swats Add Jon Gibbens
4/29/2015 Worsham Remove Jodi Hodo
4/29/2015 Worsham Remove Vinny Dima
4/29/2015 Worsham Add Steven Felix
4/28/2015 AZM Remove Richard Salazar Jr
4/28/2015 Midwest Hearing Add Billy Vance
4/27/2015 Peak Add John Robinson
4/27/2015 Peak Add Mike Reyes
4/27/2015 Albicocco Add Chad Louden
4/26/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Josh Bowen
4/26/2015 Steel Remove Mark Dennis
4/24/2015 Bear Hollow Remove Derrick Jones
4/24/2015 Steel Add Jonell Rosa
4/24/2015 Steel Add Peter Hernandez
4/24/2015 GTS Add Christian Arredondo
4/24/2015 GTS Add Tony Salas
4/23/2015 Classic Glass Add Anthony Wood
4/23/2015 Classic Glass Add Justin Thayer
4/22/2015 Rebel Sports Remove Alejandro Castellon
4/22/2015 Rebel Sports Add Mychael Evans
4/22/2015 Newbreed/All American Athletics/ Demarini Remove Brian Atchison
4/22/2015 Newbreed/All American Athletics/ Demarini Remove Charles  Garmon
4/22/2015 Peak Remove Anthony Shockley
4/22/2015 Peak Remove Justin Thayer
4/22/2015 Peak Remove Daniel Dunn
4/22/2015 Peak Remove Jordan Baker
4/21/2015 Toe2Toe Remove Nate Newman
4/21/2015 AZM Add Nate Newman
4/21/2015 Rebel Sports Add Daniel Steingraber
4/20/2015 AZM Add Matt Austin
4/20/2015 AZM Add Michael Tarwater
4/20/2015 AZM Add Orlando Cano
4/20/2015 Bear Hollow Add Brent Lacy
4/20/2015 Bear Hollow Add Matt Snyder
4/15/2015 Peak Remove Chanc Gomez
4/15/2015 Peak Add Jordan Baker
4/15/2015 Precision/Easton/DO Add Ton Baird
4/14/2015 AZM Remove Justin Thayer
4/14/2015 Peak Add Justin Thayer
4/14/2015 Peak Add Daniel Dunn
4/14/2015 Peak Remove Bryan Lang
4/14/2015 3rd Street Add Jason Matusik
4/14/2015 Broughton Add Tpobackus Williams
4/13/2015 Toe2Toe Remove Jeffery Crouse
4/13/2015 Xtreme/Miken Add Shannon Smith
4/9/2015 Peak Add Ryan Ramirez
4/9/2015 Rebel Sports Add Shannan Greene
4/9/2015 Rebel Sports Add Alejandro Castellon
4/9/2015 Rebel Sports Remove Ryan Rogowski
4/8/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Michael Cirillo
4/8/2015 Broughton Add John Dutch
4/8/2015 Broughton Add Adam Rockoff
4/8/2015 Broughton Add Matt Bunn
4/8/2015 Broughton Add Robert Knoblauch
4/8/2015 Toe2Toe Remove Jason LeGault
4/8/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Jason LeGault
4/8/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Brandon Bartels
4/8/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Billy Dennis
4/8/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Kyle Morgan
4/8/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Cody Pack
4/8/2015 K&G/Slayer Add Adam Paridaen
4/7/2015 Big Ten Add James Runkle
4/7/2015 Rebel Sports Rename Michael Husted
4/7/2015 CA Sports Add Kevin Cooper
4/7/2015 Magz Premier Add Faustino Delgado
4/3/2015 4 The Fallen Add Keith Patton
3/31/2015 Peak Add Dan Norquist
3/27/2015 Above All Landscaping Remove Richie Smith
3/27/2015 Above All Landscaping Add Willie Allen
3/26/2015 CGR/House Money Add Patrick Riporti
3/26/2015 CGR/House Money Add Ryan Rabon
3/26/2015 CGR/House Money Add Matt Mills
3/25/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Kevin Johnson
3/25/2015 OC Swats Add Jay Hill
3/25/2015 Magz Premier Add Anthony Carnt
3/25/2015 Magz Premier Add Javier Lizarraga
3/24/2015 Bear Hollow Ranch Remove Trey Gilliland
3/24/2015 Peak Add Rock Myers
3/23/2015 AZM/Easton Remove Faustino Delgado
3/23/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Remove Robert Knoblauch
3/23/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Trey Gilliland
3/23/2015 Combat/Northwest Athletics Add Jason Kendrick
3/20/2015 Newbreed/All American Athletics/ Demarini Add Brian Atchison
3/20/2015 Newbreed/All American Athletics/ Demarini Add Charles  Garmon
3/20/2015 Xtreme/Miken Add Jason Higgins

16 responses to “Updated 8/14 at 10:54 PM —> 2015 Conference Roster moves since original rosters were turned in”

  1. Big Poppa says:

    Maybe I overlooked it but I don’t see where Racks removed Buck and Scene picked him up. Is it not a done deal?

  2. Matt says:

    Softball center

  3. Nas says:

    DW what in the hell is going on with scene?? They are losing everyone

  4. Nas says:

    What’s the over/under on Larson finding a new team before the end of the year since parfitt is now with smash it

  5. howard vernon says:

    are conference rosters ever frozen or always open?

  6. WestCoastIsTheBestCoast says:

    GTS/Bues is an example. You posted weeks ago on old scout they cut 4 or 5 guys to get reclassified, don’t see that here.

    • DW says:

      Excellent observation. GTS was initially denied by the Conference classification committee to go to 'C'. The regional director pushed and made the reclassification and the roster changes. So the changes did not go through me and thus I did not add them to the spreadsheet but I will now for completeness sake. Thanks

      I think they dropped Barabe, Arredondo, and Joey Smith.

  7. Chan says:

    what happened with Brandon Dillion n smash it?

  8. Matt york says:

    DW can I get a free agent interview done with u. Thx

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