Sunday April 22nd, 2018

2015 Cajun Classic Major tournament preview!





37th Annual "Cajun Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


Carencro, LA


July 31- Augus 2


Tournament Preview



2015 Cajun Classic Bracket Link


The Cajun Classic Major will be played this weekend.  36 teams take to the fields on Friday night starting at 6:30 PM eastern time.  The favorites are Fence Brokers/Buzini/Worth out of Arkansas who is ranked 12th in the points and Compound Athletics/Easton ouf of Illinois ranked 15th in the points.  It is going to be scorching hot and there will be plethora of good 'C' teams that will have upsets on their minds in this one.  Teams like Steel, Fat Pats, Goons, Old School, HGC, ProGutter, and others.  

I am not aware of any livestreaming this year.  Hopefully next year we can get one or two extra ipods to ship to tournaments I am unable to make.

Team Breakdown:
36 Teams Overall
 5 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
 1 'A' Team
 4 'B' Teams
13 'C' Teams
20 'D' and 'E' Teams

Big points are on line for the winner who will get 180 which would allow FBI to jump to the coveted #9 spot in points and allow Compound Athletics to move to the #13 spot.


Pelican Park fences are 295-300-295




Weekend Weather



2014 Winners – Buzini/BWW/Miken

2013 Winners – Buzini/BWW/Worth

Past tournament results

2014 Results 
1 MS-A Buzini/BWW/Miken
2 TX-C ASPNation/JOCO/Reset/Easton
3 TX-B Vivid/Worth/Shirt Doctors
4 FL-C Klutch/Docs Softball

2013 Results
1 MS-B Chaps/BWW/Worth/Buzini
2 TX-C Old School/Elite
3 GA-B Head Hunters / oi livingston / mwa
4 MS-C Sportscenter/ms storm/worth


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