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2015 ASA ‘B’ National tournament preview!





ASA 'B' National Championship


September 11-13, 2015


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


ASA Hall of Fame Complex


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2015 ASA 'B' Bracket


2015 ASA 'B' Live Box Scores, Rosters, Team Lists, and Livestream Links


The annual ASA 'B' National kicks off Saturday, September 12th at 9 AM at the ASA Hall of Fame Stadium and Complex.  There are 13 teams which are pretty evenly matched.  T's 13 is your favorite with teams like Fence Brokers, C-Town/GTS, ASPNation, and Above All Landscaping as teams that could make a run.  VCH, All Army, All Air Force, last years ASA 'C' champs JBL Tailgaters, and teams from Michigan, Connecticut, and Minnesota are all teams we don't know a lot about but could be dark horses to win a few upsets.  The weather is looking good and the livestream, live box scores, rosters and bracket link is here.  Last year OI Livingston beat T's 13 in the final.  T's will be very strong in this tournament.  Rosters are listed at the bottom of this article.  This will be my first ASA 'B' since the early 2000's when I went to Lakeland, Florida.

Since I wrote this a couple of people have asked me about Monsta.  I really have no idea who they are but it looks like if they are as good as everyone says then they could easily get to the final 4 and once you get there anyone has a shot.

The chat room will also be open and I may put up another camera at some point to cover one of the back fields.




ASA Hall of Fame Complex
2801 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73111


Field #4 (285-300-300) and Field #3 (300-300-300)

Field #2 (300-295-290)







Weather looks really good


ASA 'B' Rosters:


Ts 13/DeMarini – Mens B
Matt Alvarado
Justin Bonnette
Joey Bulens
Charlie Casella
Chaun DeMars
Scott Dunaway
Jason Madsen
Ryan Pennebaker
Brett Rettenmeier
Mickey Rowland
Matt Schrage
Reggie Schulte
Steve Schultz
Nick Shaw
Josh Taralson
Ben Vazquez

Fence Brokers Inc/Worth/Buzini Sports – Mens B
Jason Beard
Tim Bowser
Jason Bridges
Michael Cervantes
Alex Henry
Colby Hughes
Zach Keene
Billy Maggard Jr.
Jacob Mays
Brian McBryde
Bobby McGhee
Joey Powell
Justin Stuart
Adam Ussery
Chris Walker
Steve Whaley
Mike Wilson

Above All Landscaping – Mens B
Billy Aker
Willie Allen
Joe Benanti
Brad Blankenship
Jesse Campanelli
Mike Dill
Anthony Elrod
Jeff Graus
Jason Hoynowski
Brian Kildea
Chris Kirian
David Miller
Chris Montenegro
Clint Murray
Tom Paturzo
Ryon Rabon
Chris Stamper
Jerry Vitale

BBS/Mr. Ds/Rip City – Mens B
Aaron Babcock
Shaun Beutner
Sam Cada
Tim Gerlesberger
Grant Grimmett
Chad Hook
Tony Mueller
Darren Nelson
Ryan Parker
Shannon Roepke
Andy Shiltz
Shannon Smith
Jeremy Whaley
Losson White
Johnathon Williams Utility/KV Weld – Mens B
Tim Barnes
Brian Bohanon
Sean Boldt
Cole Campbell
Daniel Evans
Trey Gothard
Michael Martinez
Lyf Nimmo
Michael Ortiz
Chris Potts
Addison Rayford
James Sparrow
Michael Stephany
Ethan Stuckly
Adam Tennyson
Marcus Thornton
Matt Vern
Cooper Vittitow

C-Town/GTS/Beus Excavation/Action Garage Door – Mens B
Stan Beus
Brad Carleson
Jon Gastineau
Rick Cornu
Jeff Flood
Corey Gilbert
Ryan Goodman
David Halcomb
Beau Hamilton
Chris Hoshaw
Mitch Johnson
Rusty Kawachi
Pat Paschal
Cole Patterson
Tim Pemberton
Michael Powers
Brandon Traylor
Nick Utley

West Coast Monsta – Mens B
Gary Carrillo
Chad Erickson
John Eshleman
John Gilmore
Brandon Gooding
Timothy Martinez
Robert Mcavoy
Daniel Mcclement
Alex Mugica
John Ramirez
Jason Romero

All American Restoration/Combat – Mens B
Travis Auld
Matt Bailey
Kiel Bistodeau
Kyle Charboneau
Jake Gallery
Chad Johnson
Marvin Johnson
Brandon Krause
Casey Lund
Eric OConnell
Ryan OConnell
Nick Peterson
Ryan Preese
Jeff Semling
Ben Smith
Jeff Thompson
Dave Trushenski

VCH/Worth – Mens B
Taylor Albrecht
Bryan Daniel
Spencer Foley
Isaac Gonzalez
Kenneth Hare
Jon Kilburn
Joshua Kirsten
Ryan Kunz
Charles Newell
Ryan Roppel
Dennis Shrum
Jesse Solomon

All Army – Mens B
Jeramy Aponte
Cody Deese
Thomas Fuss
Gabriel Gonzales
Derrick Hernandez
John Keene
Jedon Matthews
David Moore
Daniel Olvera
Eric Querry Ft.
James Segrue Ft.
Eric Sessom
Kenneth Turlington
Vernon Walton
Marshall Woods

Budweiser/Promolink – Mens B
Ryan Aaserud
Jeff Barnes
Shawn Bauer
Joe Cornell
Paul Edmunds
Ryan Hempel
Andrew Johnson
Bob Kauffmann
James Kauffmann
Bob Mechtel
Nate Meyers
Cory Neugebauer
Judd OConnor
Adam Peterson
Kyle Smith
Shawn Thielbar
Brad Worm
Brandon Worm
Jesse Worm

Great Lakes Belt – Mens B
Jeremy Bloor
Eric Brege
Austin Bregge
Jon Byrd
Jason Chickas
Jordan Elliott
Jon Gagne
David Gregoire
Mike Kann
Kyle Knope
John Kurdy
Robert Kurdy
Scott McMahon
Caleb Norris
Michael Padovani
Kenneth Pierce
Ryan Snyder
Justin Valenti
Jason Weiland

Nightmare/Miken – Mens B
Cory Briggs
Josh Charlton
Bob Ellis
Rodney Fail
Nolan Fogle
Lynell Mcleod
Scott Morrison
Reb Smith
Clay Smitherman II
Terrin Thrash
Mathew Vazquez
Shannon Waldrop
Shawn Wrinkle

JBL/Tailgaters/B&E – Mens B
Kenny Balderson
Ryan Curl
Jonathan Dombrowski
Michael Dzanaj
James Elkin
Darren Graham
Christopher Hoffer
Rodney Hush
Doug Kosmerl
Bill Lewis
Eric Marshall
Chris Miller
Michael Noffsinger
Doug Ruble
Don Schreckengost
Tim Sheeler
Jesse Young







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  1. Monsta says:

    Who is talking about how good Monsta is? They went 1-2 last weekend in the C last weekend. Geez!

  2. 00 says:

    It’s Not the same team that played C last weekend.

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